Bomb Holiday: Jet New Year in Samara

In “Galileo Wonderland Park” tame sparklers and turn lead into gold! Embark on an exciting journey with the whole family with a bright quest and dive into the world of magical chemical reactions.  

Picture: Park Official Website

The guests will first go to the “Laboratory of Miracles.” Here, the scientific Snow Maiden and Father Frost will tell you about the secrets of magical chemical reactions. You will tame a sparkler, turn lead into gold, and even test liquid nitrogen.

A fascinating quest with a task from Father Frost will lead guests to the hall with exhibits. Several dozen interactive exhibits will explain New Year’s miracles and help you immerse yourself in a real fairy tale. Having completed the task of Father Frost, each participant in the program will receive a gift.

Limited number of seats! Hurry up to book a convenient date and time. For those who want to come to the program as a group, it is possible to choose a particular date and time.

Ticket price: adult – 750 rubles, children – 750 rubles. This ticket includes a program with a visit to the park and laboratory, a gift.

Schedule: daily from 10:00 to 20:00.

Age restriction: 6+

Ru-Main, 01.12.2019 

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