Briton Wrote Song About Yuri Gagarin [Video]

The songwriter, Julian Plested, from Britain wrote a song dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the flight of the first man into space. He recorded the song “Yuri” with his group under the pseudonym Julz, RIA News reports.  

“My mother and I were very delighted with the development of the Soviet space programme. I remember how she told me, as a child, about the first satellite launched into space, as well as about Laika, the dog that opened the way to the stars, after which it became possible to think about human space flight,” Julian said.

The man recalls that three months after Yuri returned to Earth, he came to London for a parade. To pay tribute to the hero, a huge crowd gathered there. As a teenager, Julian began composing and singing songs with a guitar. But after an injury to his right hand, he had to leave music for several decades.

After he returned to the parental home six years ago to take care of his father, the man began to think about his songs. The song about Gagarin was written after Julian’s internship in the Soviet Union in the 70s. Two years after Yuri’s flight into space, the first woman flew there too. She was Valentina Tereshkova, so the last part of the song is dedicated to her.

Together with the “Cosmic 5” group of musicians the talented Briton recorded a song. Recently, they completed work on a video recording, including historical footage with Yuri Gagarin and own photographs of the author and the musicians.

Ru-Main, 12.04.2021 

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