Cambodia Approved Russian Coronavirus Vaccines

Russian vaccines against the coronavirus, “Sputnik V” and “Sputnik Lite”, have been approved in Cambodia. Thus, the country has become already the 71st state in which the use of the Russian vaccine has been approved. As specified, the registration took place under the accelerated procedure called “the emergency use authorization”.  

It is reminded that Sputnik V was developed by specialists of the Gamaleya Centre and registered in August 2020 when it became the first COVID-19 vaccine in Russia and the world. The total population of all countries that have approved Sputnik V today is 4 billion people or more than 50 per cent of the world’s population. In turn, Sputnik Lite is registered in more than 15 countries and in 30 countries it is undergoing the registration process.

According to the number of state approvals by state regulators, the vaccine ranks second in the world. Data on the use of Sputnik V during vaccination in Argentina, Serbia, Hungary, Bahrain, Mexico and other countries demonstrate that it has become one of the safest and most effective vaccines against COVID-19.

Ru-Main, 01.11.2021
Source: Izvestia 

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