Capoeira and Korean Rhythms: Samara Drums Show Invites Dance Fans

On Sunday, November 24, an unusual musical performance will take place in the capital of the Samara region.

The show “Drums of Samara” will be held in the concert and theatre complex “Dirizhabl”. It is based in the building of the former Commercial Club on Kuibyshev Street.

City officials announced that there will appear representatives of various musical directions on the stage. Among them are “ASHE Drums”, “Sambara” concert ensemble, “Sabatage” funk drums, Abadá-Capoeira Samara Brazilian martial art school, “Yulle” Korean drums.

Before the audience, artists from the dance groups “Brooklyn” and “Ta-Is” will perform. The program starts at 18:00. Free admission.

All summer, these musicians performed on the promenade and other outdoor venues of the city.

Ru-Main, 23.11.2019

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