Career or Love: Russians Placed Priorities

The experts of the job search service found out what Russian residents will choose, career or love. According to the results of the study, almost half of the respondents (49 per cent) have a positive attitude towards love affairs at work, and the majority of the country’s residents (60 per cent) are confident that they can find a compromise between work and love.   

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At the same time, 44 per cent of respondents specified that love affair at work should not interfere with work duties, 51 per cent negatively assess such relationships, 30 per cent noted that at work people only need to do their own business, and 21 per cent indicated the negative consequences of relationships in the work team. If there is a choice, 30per cent of the respondents will choose work and only 10 per cent will stay in relations (30 per cent of girls and 13 per cent of men chose work).

The main problem of having an affair with a colleague, according to residents of Russia, is that domestic conflicts will affect the work process, and vice versa (50 per cent). The study participants also indicated that they are not so afraid of conflicts with their bosses (20 per cent) or dismissal (15 per cent) due to relationships in the workplace, as the gossip of colleagues (43 per cent), while 12 per cent of respondents believe that love affair at work is not dangerous in any way.

Ru-Main, 20.02.2021 

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