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Insight |  Trading |  23.01.21

Secondary Housing Demand Increased by 81% in Novosibirsk

In Novosibirsk, the demand for secondary housing increased by 81% over the year, while the supply rose by 68%; the average price per square metre increased by 5%. More than a third of home buyers preferred two-room flats, reports.  As for the structure of demand for different types of secondary residential real estate, 38%

Business |  Industry |  22.01.21

Meat and Milk Production Volumes Increased in Nizhny Novgorod Region

In the Nizhny Novgorod region, the production of meat and milk has increased, according to the Minister of Agriculture and Food Resources Nikolay Denisov, the regional government portal reports.  It is specified that last year, farms produced 574.3 thousand tonnes of milk, which is 4.2 per cent higher than in 2019. The meat was produced,

Business |  Technology |  22.01.21

First Su-57 Fighter Aircraft Entered Southern Military District

The Komsomolsk-on-Amur aircraft plant handed over to the Russian Armed Forces the first of the planned batch of the Su-57 fighters.  The Su-57, developed by ‘Sukhoi’ company, is said to be the most advanced Russian military aircraft built on the latest platform. It is a fifth-generation multipurpose fighter designed to destroy all types of enemy

Business |  Technology |  21.01.21

Automatic Lockers Appeared at Kazan Railway Station

A new generation of automated storage rooms appeared at the Kazan railway station. Now a passenger, depending on the size of his baggage, can choose the most suitable compartment out of 220 available (standard, medium, or large – 60, 90, or 180 cm in height, respectively), KazanFirst reports.   It is noted that modern technology allows

Business |  Industry |  21.01.21

Don Scientists Invented Medicinal Sausage

Scientists at the Don State Agrarian University invented sausage with medicinal properties. To achieve this result, the associate professors, Olga Voitenko and Yuri Nasirov, added Jujube fruit, also known as Chinese date, to the classic recipe of boiled sausage, 1rnd reports.   It is noted that the fruits of Jujube have already been used in Chinese

Business |  Economics |  21.01.21

VTB Issued Over 5 Billion Rubles on State Support Mortgage

The Russian VTB bank provided residents of the Rostov region with 3 thousand soft loans under the “Mortgage With State Support 2020” programme, in the amount of 5.7 billion rubles. In the country as a whole, VTB’s clients have issued over 64,000 concessional loans under the state programme for more than 200 billion rubles, which

Business |  Technology |  21.01.21

Russians Test Latest Devices for Explosive Objects Searching

The sappers of the International Mine Action Centre of the Russian Armed Forces are currently testing devices for searching for explosive objects based on new principles of operation, TASS reports with reference to the Head of the centre Vladimir Sidorenko. “Together with the Central Research and Testing Institute of Engineering Troops and Industrial Enterprises, the

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Moscow Sold 11% More Real Estate in 2020

Over 1.8 thousand real estate objects were sold at auction in Moscow for 2020, which is 11per cent more than in 2019, as reported on the official website of the mayor of the city. In total, in 2020, 930 objects were sold, 743 were leased, and 139 land plots were sold. The most popular among

Business |  Trading |  21.01.21

Experts Counted Russian Self-Employed Average Cheque

According to the YooKassa online payment service, the biggest increase in the average cheque in 2020 was among those who provide advertising and promotion services (3.1 times increase compared to 2019, 805 rubles), TASS reports. It is specified that in 2020 most often customers paid to self-employed for goods for home and garden (3,687 rubles

Business |  Trading |  20.01.21

Experts Named Top Sales on Russian Car Market 2020

Over the last year, residents of Russia purchased about 1.5 million new cars, according to experts of the AUTOSTAT analytical agency.   It is noted that most of the country’s residents bought LADA cars (314 thousand units, or 21.5 per cent of the total). The second place was taken by KIA (201 thousand cars), and the

Business |  Industry |  19.01.21

Russian Officials Calculated Russian Cars Localization Level

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia has calculated the level of localization of all models of passenger cars produced in the country in 2020, Vedomosti reports. This data is needed to control the fulfilment of the terms of the “industrial assembly” and special investment contracts.    The degree of localization implies the share

Business |  Economics |  19.01.21

Almost 43,000 Users Joined Moscow Supplier Portal

About 43,000 new users joined the supplier portal in 2020. During this time, new services have appeared on the site, many processes have been automated, and round-the-clock user support has been organized. Thanks to innovations, the increase in newcomers has exceeded 20 per cent, according to the official website of the Moscow Mayor.   It is

Insight |  Technology |  18.01.21

First Electronic Land Auction Took Place in Moscow

According to the results of the first land auction held in Moscow in an online format, a 0.73-hectare plot in the west of the city was leased for 5.5 million rubles a year, according to the official website of the Moscow Mayor.  According to the Deputy Mayor of Moscow, Vladimir Efimov, auctions for the lease