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Business |  Economics |  20.02.20

Ruble Growth After Weakening Was Announced by Experts

Experts announced the return of the ruble’s growth after a slight weakening due to the introduction of new sanctions, writes According to the report, the dollar failed to reach the mark of 64 rubles, and the euro did not reach the figure of 69 rubles.  Earlier were introduced restrictive measures against one of the

Business |  Technology |  20.02.20

Russian Scientists Developed Profitable Waste Management Strategy

Scientists at Tomsk Polytechnic University developed a strategy for the joint utilization of industrial and municipal wastes by burning them as part of composite fuel, which will help to save more money than using traditional coal, RIA News reports. The results of the study are published in the journal Energies.   Composite fuel is a modern

Business |  Technology |  20.02.20

All Villages of Kaliningrad Region Provided With Internet

All villages of the Kaliningrad region with a population of 250 to 500 people got access to the Internet under the federal project “Eliminating the Digital Inequality”, RIA News reports.  According to the project, the company provides small towns with free wireless Internet access at a speed of at least 10 Mbps. It is possible

Business |  Technology |  19.02.20

Moscow Industrial Park Won Russian Robotics Championship

The team of the children’s industrial park Mosgormash took first place at the All-Russian Robotics Championship, reports Moscow Mayor official website with reference to the press service of the Moscow department of entrepreneurship and innovative development. It is expected that from 5 to 7 million rubles can be spent on their project.   Young engineers presented

Business |  Technology |  18.02.20

Industrial Park to Be Opened in Taganrog

A technology park on the basis of two bankrupt factories is planned to be opened in Taganrog. The buildings of Crystal and TagAZ are being prepared, said German Lopatkin, head of the Ministry of Information of the Rostov Region, reports According to Lopatkin, the governor gave an order to work out the issue of

Fun |  Events |  18.02.20

Robot Festival in Southern Urals

In Magnitogorsk, 85 smart mechanisms arrived at the robots festival. Most of all children like “live” robots, which look and act like a human, reports   The humanoid Vitaly is able not only to answer any questions by finding the necessary information on the Internet but even to flirt. The highlight of this festival is

Business |  Technology |  17.02.20

Indian Astronauts Learn Russian to Work With ‘Soyuz’ Spacecraft

At the Cosmonaut Training Center, 4 Indian astronauts learn Russian to work with the equipment of the Soyuz spacecraft and also eat in the flight canteen along with all the flight crew, reports RT.   According to the head of the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, Pavel Vlasov, astronauts from India are undergoing space training under

Business |  Economics |  16.02.20

Forbes Named New Russian Dollar Billionaire

The state of a native of Russia, the founder of the fintech startup Revolt Nikolay Storonsky, will soon exceed $ 1.6 billion, reports Forbes magazine.  The business of Storonsky completed the next round of attracting investments, according to which the company’s valuation will be increased to 6 billion dollars. Officially, the current results should be

Business |  Technology |  16.02.20

Preinstallation of Russian Software Starts With Search Engines

Search engines and navigators will be the first ones in the mandatory pre-installation of Russian software on all smartphones. This follows from the draft decree of the Russian government.  The preinstallation of Russian software on gadgets will begin on July 1, 2020. It is noted that a year later Russian messengers, social networks, antiviruses, applications

Business |  Industry |  14.02.20

Moscow Industrial Export Grew by a Third

The Moscow authorities stated that the export volume of Moscow industrial products grew by almost a third and amounted to about $ 28 billion. Moscow exports are more than 43 per cent of the total volume of goods and services, of which one fifth is non-resource non-energy exports.   According to Vladimir Efimov, deputy mayor of

Business |  Technology |  14.02.20

Bank Cards from Environmentally Friendly Material

VTB Bank decided to abandon plastic in the production of bank cards. This was reported by RIA News with reference to the press service of the financial institution.  “Instead, it will use environmentally friendly biomaterial that is easy to process and does not pollute the environment,” said Anatoly Pechatnikov, VTB Deputy President and Chairman of