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Business |  Economics |  06.08.20

Russian Regions to Receive Almost 100 Billion Rubles for Schoolchildren Meal

About 100 billion rubles will be allocated to organize free hot meals for Russian schoolchildren, which is stated in the draft government decree approving subsidies from the federal budget for catering in primary grades in 2020-2022, TASS reported.  According to the document, as of July 15, in 58 regions of the Russian Federation, all educational

Business |  Technology |  06.08.20

Moscow Registry Offices Employees Undergo VR Training

More than 120 employees of the Moscow registry offices will rehearse their speeches on VR simulators, the Moscow Mayor’s official website reported.  Virtual reality technologies teach leading wedding ceremonies to read the emotions of newlyweds and guests. In the registry office, they train with the help of the simulators to understand facial expressions, speech, and

Business |  Industry |  06.08.20

Omsk Industrial Enterprises Recorded Profit During Crisis

In the first five months of this year, the businesses in the Omsk region recorded profits. The positive financial result amounted to 19.6 billion rubles, which is only 2.6% less than in the same period last year, om1 reported with reference to the city statistics service (Omskstat).     It is noted that two thirds of

Fun |  Funny Russia |  06.08.20

Banknotes With Ideal Numbers to Be Sold in Urals

An unusual lot appeared on a site for free ads in Chelyabinsk. Several residents of the region put up rare banknotes for several million rubles at once, reports.  The first banknote is a five-thousandth bill with an unusual number “7774777”. For the bill with an almost ideal number, the price is 7,774,777 rubles. The

Insight |  Technology |  05.08.20

Over 150 Smart Stops to Be Installed in Yekaterinburg

New bus stops will hide city residents from the wind and tell when a bus will come. The installation of a smart control system takes place due to the receipt of the federal grant,  It is noted that stops should be assembled next year. These are those that are not blown by the wind

Business |  Economics |  05.08.20

Russian Bank Received International Award for Business Cards

Russian ‘Otkrytie’ bank received the prestigious international ‘Visa of the Global Service Quality Performance Award’ in the category “Best Indicator for the Number of Approved Business Card Transactions”, the bank’s press service reported.   The awards are presented annually to the best card-issuing banks and processing companies based on their performance during the year and achievements

Business |  Economics |  04.08.20

Russians Cut Expenses by August

The research holding Romir conducted a study and announced that from July 27 to August 2 the average check in Russia decreased by 2.7 % and stopped at 573 rubles. Compared to the same week last year, the average check showed an increase of 6.5% or 35 rubles.  Comparing the current value of the weekly

Business |  Technology |  03.08.20

First Russian Electric Car Production to Be Launched in 2020

The Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Denis Manturov, noted that the serial production of the first Russian electric car Zetta will start before the end of this year, TASS reported.   Zetta is the first Russian electric car to be mass-produced in Togliatti. It is a compact three-door electric vehicle with a

Business |  Economics |  03.08.20

State-Funded Drugs Amount for Beneficiaries Increased in Russia

The amount of state-funded drugs for privileged categories of citizens was increased to 886.4 rubles per month, according to the decree of the Russian government. Now, beneficiaries have the right to free medicines, medical devices, and medical food paid for from the state treasury.  It is noted that the cost of implementing this measure will

Business |  Economics |  02.08.20

Omsk Residents Keep Billions Rubles on Deposits 

The Omsk Statistics Service (Omskstat) has counted the investments of the city residents. In total, the townspeople have 221.7 billion rubles in credit institutions. These are deposits in Russian and foreign currency, om1 reported.   It is noted that on average, every resident of the region, including children and the elderly, keeps 115,000 rubles. Half of

Business |  Trading |  02.08.20

Top High-Demand Products on Russian Market

In July 2020, the volume of Russian spending reached the level of 2019 and consumer spending became more stable, which was evidenced by a new study on the analytical portal SberIndex, om1 reported.   It is noted that Russians began to spend more on cars (5.5% compared to last year). In the category “Auto Parts

Business |  Economics |  01.08.20

Cryptocurrency Payments Banned in Russia

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, signed a law that prohibits the use of cryptocurrencies in Russia to pay for goods and services. In addition, definitions were given to the concepts of “digital financial assets” (DFA) and “digital currency”, the official portal of legal information reported.   It is noted that digital currency can be accepted as a