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Insight |  Economics |  19.06.21

Russians Named Desired Wage Level for 2021

Russians on average would like to earn 131.6 thousand rubles a month, RIA Novosti reports citing a study conducted by the job search service. In particular, the desired salary for the male part of the population is 144.3 thousand rubles a month and women would like to receive about 107 thousand rubles a month.  

Business |  Industry |  19.06.21

Orenburg Factories Shipped Products Worth 800 Billion Rubles

At the end of last year, the enterprises of the Orenburg region shipped products worth 800 billion rubles, as reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the Head of the Region Denis Pasler.  “Last year, regional enterprises shipped products worth 814 billion rubles, for four months of this year, products have been shipped by 377

Business |  Industry |  19.06.21

Tambov Agricultural Startups to Receive 69 Million Rubles Support

In the Tambov region, over the two years of the Agrostartup project, the amount of support for small businesses has exceeded 131 million rubles and this year the amount will be almost 69 million rubles, RIA Novosti reports, citing the words of the Head of the Tambov regional administration Alexander Nikitin.  The Agrostartup project is

Insight |  Technology |  18.06.21

Russians Not Ready to Replace Regular Cars With Electric Ones

By the end of 2021, it is planned to install 115 chargers for electric cars in Moscow parking lots, and by 2030, 150 thousand charging stations will be built in Russia. In this regard, the specialists of the SuperJob job search service interviewed 1,600 representatives of the economically active population of Russia about their attitude

Business |  Technology |  18.06.21

Russian Defence Ministry to Receive New Armoured Vehicles

In July 2021, the Russian troops will receive the first batch of the latest armoured escort vehicles ‘Naparnik’, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the head of the military representative office Vladimir Kuimov.  According to the chief designer of Russia’s largest specialized plant for the manufacture of automotive and armoured vehicles “Remdizel”, Igor Zarakhovich, the

Business |  Technology |  18.06.21

New Survey: Russians Don’t Trust Robotic Doctors

On June 20, Russians traditionally celebrate Medical Worker Day. Specialists of the Romir research holding time one of their studies for this holiday. Together with the international community of research companies GlobalNR, the experts studied the opinion of citizens of the world’s leading countries on the issue of robotization of the medical profession.  Experts found

Business |  Trading |  17.06.21

Diesel Fuel Exchange Price Broke Historical Record in Russia

The cost of diesel fuel at the St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange has grown to its maximum value since 2018, RIA Novosti reports. At the end of the trading session on June 15, this type of fuel was sold at 52,615 rubles per tonne (the price increased by 0.28 per cent); since the beginning of

Business |  Trading |  16.06.21

Russia Received Rights to Supply Dairy Products to Singapore

Russian enterprises have received the right to supply dairy products to Singapore, TASS reports with reference to the press service of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor).   “The Rosselkhoznadzor and the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) have approved a veterinary certificate for the export of processed milk and dairy products from the Russian

Business |  Trading |  16.06.21

Moscow Region Took 1st Place in Russia in Meat Export

The Moscow region has risen to first place in the Russian rating of the largest exporters of meat and offal selling meat products for more than $45 million, RIA Novosti reports.  It is specified that in physical terms, the export of meat products increased and amounted to 19.24 thousand tonnes. Compared to the same period

Business |  Technology |  16.06.21

Russia Helped China in Lunar Programme Implementation

Russia has supplied China with technologies that have contributed to the implementation of its lunar programme, as announced today, on June 16, by the Head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin, TASS reports.   “Few people know that the very lunar apparatus that China launched, it generally exists thanks to Russian supplies of the so-called RTG – this

Business |  Technology |  15.06.21

Russia to Launch About 300 Civil Satellites

Russia is going to launch about 300 civil spacecraft by 2030 to provide global communications and the Internet of things, as stated in the presentation by the First Deputy General Director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Space Communications, Alexander Ganin, presented at the International Navigation Forum in Moscow, TASS reports.  It is planned that

Business |  Economics |  15.06.21

Experts Named Top Russian Regions in Terms of Family Welfare

At the end of 2020, the rating of Russian regions in terms of the welfare of families (calculated based on the potential balance of funds of an average family with 1-2 children after minimum expenses) is headed by the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, where 105,428 rubles remain in a family.  Next in the ranking go the

Business |  Economics |  15.06.21

Russian Card Overtook International Payment Systems in Population Coverage

The Russian payment system “Mir” in terms of population coverage has overtaken the cards of international payment systems, according to the data provided in the materials of the Centre for Research in Financial Technologies and Digital Economy of the Skolkovo Business School, RIA Novosti reports.  Thus, 42 per cent of respondents named the Mir card