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Business |  Technology |  29.05.20

New Test Created by Russian Scientists Determines COVID-19 Stage

Specialists of the Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology named after N. F. Gamaleya have developed a new test system that allows determining the stage of the COVID-19, TASS reports.   This test reveals specific human immunity which makes it possible to determine the stage of the disease and select potential plasma donors from among those who have already been

Business |  Trading |  28.05.20

Standard Income from Garden Products Sale Established in Tatarstan

The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan determined the standard of net income from the sale of products received from a private subsidiary farm starting from 100 square metres of land, KazanFirst reports.  The standard of net income from conducting personal subsidiary plots is calculated in monetary terms at the prices of the

Business |  Trading |  28.05.20

Statistics: Russians Started Buy More After Work Resumption

The VTB Bank and the fiscal data operator First OFD analyzed the dynamics of the number of purchases and the average check in Russia after the end of the period of non-working days. According to the results of the study, during the period of the weakening of the self-isolation regime in a number of Russian

Business |  Economics |  28.05.20

Over 10 Billion Rubles for Customer Support Allocated by VTB Bank in Rostov

The VTB Bank in the Rostov region approved a credit vacation for 4.7 thousand individual borrowers by more than 3.1 billion rubles. Small and medium-sized enterprises affected by the COVID-19 pandemic provided with 7.2 billion rubles of credit assistance. The total amount of support amounted to 10.3 billion rubles, 1rnd reports.  It is noted that

Business |  Technology |  27.05.20

Russian Army Received 750 Modernized Weapons

Since the beginning of the year, the Armed Forces of Russia have received over 750 samples of the latest and modernized weapons, including 58 aircraft and helicopters, RIA FAN reports with reference to the Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu. In 2020, Russian troops received over 40 armored combat vehicles, about 500 multi-purpose vehicles, and

Business |  Economics |  27.05.20

Forbes Estimates Russian Billionaires Revenue Growth During Pandemic

The aggregate fortune of dollar billionaires of the Russian Federation grew by $62 billion against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, Forbes reports.  As specified, total revenue amounted to 454 billion dollars. In particular, the total fortune of the 5 richest Russians increased by $22.6 billion since March 18, amounting to almost 110 billion. The

Business |  Economics |  27.05.20

Federal Statistics Service Noted Real Wages Growth in Russia

The growth of real accrued salaries in March 2020 accelerated to 5.9 per cent in annual terms, according to the data provided by the Federal Statistics Service (Rosstat), TASS reports. It is noted that in the first quarter of the year, real salaries in Russia grew by 6.2 per cent in annual terms. The average

Business |  Economics |  26.05.20

Russian Central Bank Spoke About Stability of Country Economy

The First Deputy Head of the Central Bank of Russia, Ksenia Yudaeva, the situation in Russia against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic turned out to be more stable than in other states, VM.RU reports with reference to RIA News.   “The situation in our country in many respects looks somewhat more stable than in similar

Business |  Economics |  26.05.20

Russians Announced Cash Cushion Size for Comfortable Life

The Russians estimated the size of the necessary cash cushion in case of problems with money. According to a survey of Sberbank, the average of the corresponding amount reaches 350 thousand rubles, Izvestia reports. It is noted that 41 per cent of respondents, most of whom have low and medium incomes, think that a decent

Business |  Economics |  25.05.20

Russian Independent Trade Unions Suggested Supporting Remote Workers

The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia has developed amendments to the Labour Code, which provide compensation for the costs of people who work remotely, Izvestia reported.  According to the amendments, between an employee and an employer, the types of expenses to be reimbursed for remote work should be prescribed, for example, payments for

Business |  Trading |  24.05.20

Russians Buy Used Electric Vehicles More Often in 2020

In Russia, the market for electric vehicles with mileage in April grew by 5 per cent compared to the same period last year, the Autostat analytical agency reports.  Experts stated that in the first 4 months of this year, the market for used electric vehicles showed an increase of 33 per cent (1,174 cars) compared

Business |  Industry |  23.05.20

25 Billion Rubles Allocated by Russian Government to Auto Industry

Russian Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustin, signed a decree on the allocation of 25 billion rubles to support automotive enterprises, the official website of the cabinet stated. It is reported that 25 billion rubles were allocated for various support measures for Russian automakers suffering losses because of the spread of the coronavirus infection. It is noted

Business |  Music |  23.05.20

Alisa Voice Assistant Conducted Radio Broadcast

Since May 22, the voice assistant Alisa has been broadcasting at a frequency of 87.9 FM, on Like FM radio. With the help of the voice assistant, people can learn the weather forecast, music news, and Alisa’s own thoughts, the radio VK-Group reports.   “The idea came during the period of self-isolation. When everyone is forced