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Business |  Economics |  20.02.20

Ruble Growth After Weakening Was Announced by Experts

Experts announced the return of the ruble’s growth after a slight weakening due to the introduction of new sanctions, writes According to the report, the dollar failed to reach the mark of 64 rubles, and the euro did not reach the figure of 69 rubles.  Earlier were introduced restrictive measures against one of the

Business |  Economics |  16.02.20

Forbes Named New Russian Dollar Billionaire

The state of a native of Russia, the founder of the fintech startup Revolt Nikolay Storonsky, will soon exceed $ 1.6 billion, reports Forbes magazine.  The business of Storonsky completed the next round of attracting investments, according to which the company’s valuation will be increased to 6 billion dollars. Officially, the current results should be

Business |  Economics |  13.02.20

Sberbank Shares to Be Transferred to NWF

Sberbank shares are transferred to the National Wealth Fund (NWF). Its income from the bank’s dividends will be significantly higher than from other investments of the fund, reports RIA News with reference to the head of Sberbank Herman Gref.  “It is very important that we are transferred to the NWF. Investors saw the long-term interests

Business |  Economics |  11.02.20

Almost 90 Thousand Patents Acquired by Moscow Entrepreneurs

In 2019, Moscow entrepreneurs have acquired nearly 90 thousand patents. The city budget received 5.94 billion rubles from the patent tax system for the previous year, reports the official website of Moscow Mayor.  According to Denis Tikhonov, head of the Moscow department of economic policy, retail trade is the most demanded industry for the patent

Business |  Economics |  03.02.20

Otkritie Bank Issued Almost 1 Trillion Rubles of Corporate Loans

At the end of 2019, Otkritie Bank tripled the volume of loans issued to corporate clients from 300 to 938 billion rubles. At the same time, the growth of corporate lending in the country as a whole in the market amounted to less than 5%.  Otkritie Bank’s corporate loan portfolio before accruing reserves at the

Business |  Technology |  02.02.20

VTB – First Banking Leader Launching Car Marketplace

On the website of VTB bank customers are presented with a catalogue that brings together more than 16 thousand new cars of 47 brands. Everybody can book a car, apply for a car loan, and then purchase a car at a dealership.  All cars presented on the website are available for sale at car dealerships. The

Business |  Economics |  23.01.20

New Kings of Russian Real Estate

Forbes magazine published a rating of “Kings of Russian Real Estate 2020”, that is the list of Russia’s largest rentier. It included 30 companies whose real estate allows them to earn the highest rental income.  The leader of the rating has been unchanged for many years. The first place got the “Kiyevskaya Square” of the

Business |  Economics |  11.01.20

Dollar and Euro Fell to Minimum of Last Two Years

The Central Bank established the euro exchange rate for the weekend and Monday – 68.045 rubles, and the dollar – 61.26 rubles. Such data are provided on January 10 on the official website of the Central Bank. The dollar during trading on the stock exchange fell to a minimum of two years. The dollar exchange

Business |  Economics |  04.01.20

Moscow Exchange Index Set First Record in 2020

The Moscow Exchange index on the first day of trading in 2020 once again updated the historical maximum – 3086.09 points. By the end of trading on Friday, the index grew by 1% – up to 3076.37 points, while the RTS index increased by 0.99%, up to 1564.18 points, reports TASS.  The dollar/ruble exchange rate