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Business |  Economics |  31.03.20

Chukotka Doctors Have Highest Salaries in Russia

In 2019, the average salary of doctors in Russia amounted to 80.7 thousand rubles, which is 7.6 per cent more than in 2018, RT reports with reference to the data from the Federal State Statistics Service.  The Chukotka Autonomous Okrug (191.4 thousand rubles) became the leader in the salary of doctors. The second place was

Business |  Economics |  30.03.20

MTS Mobile Operator Reset Traffic Cost to Cultural Online Platforms

Since March 26, the largest Russian mobile operator MTS has reset the cost of Internet traffic to popular educational resources on culture and art, RIA News reports.  The company notes that in particular, it is Netology, Arzamas, Coursera, GeekBrains, Synchronize, the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, the Hermitage Academy, and the Mobile Art Theatre. Until

Business |  Economics |  30.03.20

Families With Children to Receive Social Benefits from Government

By order of the President of Russia, from April 1, families entitled to receive maternal capital should receive 5 thousand rubles for each child up to three years.  From June 1, the Government, with the participation of the regions, should begin monthly payments for children of 3-7 years old to families whose income does not

Business |  Economics |  27.03.20

Russian Government Gained Rights to Fix Medicine Prices

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, signed a law giving the government the right to fix prices for medicines and medical devices in case of a threat of spreading an infectious disease, the official portal of legal information reports.  It is noted that the Cabinet will be able to set the maximum possible retail prices for drugs

Business |  Economics |  26.03.20

Small Businesses Use Zero-Interest Lending

The government is considering launching a small business lending programme through Sberbank and VTB with subsidized rates up to 0% and without collateral.  The First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Andrey Belousov, said that these days officials are preparing a programme for financing small businesses on special conditions. Sberbank and VTB

Business |  Economics |  24.03.20

Moscow Mayor’s Office to Provide Businesses With Tax and Rental Deferrals

On March 24, at a meeting of the praesidium of the Moscow government, it was decided to approve anti-crisis measures to support Moscow business.  Moscow authorities decided to extend the deadline for paying advance payments for the first quarter of the year on corporate property tax and land tax. This preference will affect catering, tourism,

Business |  Economics |  24.03.20

My Tax App Let Self-Employed Make Pension Contributions

Self-employed citizens can now pay future pension contributions using the My Tax mobile application, the press service of the Pension Fund of Russia reports.  The application allows self-employed people to register with the pension fund as policyholders. This is necessary to pay voluntary contributions. Previously, the self-employed had to submit an application for registration and

Business |  Economics |  23.03.20

Ministry of Finance Defers Payments of Regions Debts

The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Mishustin, instructed the Ministry of Finance to take measures to defer payments of the regions for debts, TASS reports.  Mishustin said that this measure is one of the “obvious” ones regarding the regulation of financial markets. According to him, it is also necessary to carefully work out

Business |  Economics |  21.03.20

Unemployment Rate Drops to 4.6% in Russia

Unemployment in Russia in February  2020 fell to 4.6 per cent, the Prime Economic Information Agency reports with reference to the Federal Statistics Service (Rosstat).  According to preliminary information, in February 2020, 3.4 million people aged 15 years and older were classified as unemployed. At the same time, 0.7 million people were registered as unemployed

Business |  Economics |  21.03.20

Average Salary of Russians Increased by 9%

The average salary of Russians amounted to 46.6 thousand rubles. Compared with the same period last year, it grew by 9.1 per cent, VM.RU reports with reference to the Russian Statistics Service (Rosstat) data.  The growth of real wages in January 2020 in Russia slowed down to 6.5 per cent in annual terms from 6.9

Business |  Economics |  21.03.20

American Media Explained Stability of Russian Economy

The sanctions introduced against the Russian Federation made it possible to ensure the stability of its economy to crisis situations, The New York Times reports.  According to the publication, the country was ready for events such as the coronavirus pandemic and a sharp drop in oil prices. Russia entered into the crisis with significant reserves.