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Business |  Economics |  15.01.21

Demand for Seaside Resorts Showed Increase in Russia

The demand for the largest sea resorts abroad on New Year’s holidays has grown in Russia amid restrictions on travel to other countries, according to the press service of the VTB bank with reference to the statistics of transactions with the bank’s clients’ cards.   It is noted that in Egypt the volume of Russian spending

Business |  Economics |  15.01.21

Russian Minor Entrepreneurs Offered Taxes Refund

Stanislav Kudzh, the rector of the Russian Technological University MIREA, came up with an initiative to reimburse the taxes paid by underage entrepreneurs which they can spend on education, RT reports.  “We ask you to consider the possibility of a full refund of taxes paid by underage entrepreneurs (self-employed and individual entrepreneurs) for receiving state-accredited

Business |  Economics |  15.01.21

Experts Analysed Novosibirsk Residents’ Working Dreams

At the end of 2020, job-seeking activity in Novosibirsk increased by 62%, and salary offers amounted to 35,000 rubles, reports. Most often, candidates try to find a job in the areas of “Civil Service, NGOs” (+77% of requests compared to 2019), “Household Staff” (+63%), and “Housing and Communal Services, Operation” (+59%).   It is noted

Business |  Economics |  13.01.21

Russians Increased Online Spending on New Year’s Entertainment

Russian spending on entertainment and travel around the country on New Year’s holidays exceeded 22.5 billion rubles, which is 500 million rubles more than last year, according to the statistics of VTB’s Acquiring Business from January 1 to January 8, 2021, 1rnd reports.   It is noted that the volume of online purchases by main categories

Business |  Economics |  13.01.21

Russian Experts Analysed Insurance Market Development in 2021

According to the forecasts of the All-Russian Union of Insurers, in 2021 the market will continue to develop evenly, based on the structure of the insurance portfolio over the past three years. The expected increase in total fees could be from 5% to 10%. Life insurance, compulsory motor third-party liability insurance, accident insurance, voluntary medical

Business |  Economics |  12.01.21

Business Representatives Praised Moscow Economic Climate

In December 2020, the Romir research holding conducted a survey among representatives of the expert community on the business climate and measures taken to support business in Moscow. The study involved 100 local experts, including representatives of the small and medium-sized business segment, experts in the field of economics, as well as representatives of federal

Business |  Economics |  12.01.21

Russian Business Promotes Decrease in Loans Interest Rate

Russian business associations consider it possible to further reduce the interest rate on loans for small and medium-sized businesses and self-employed, based on priority sectors or changes in the key rate of the Bank of Russia, TASS reports.  According to the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, in 2020, as part of the programme for issuing

Business |  Economics |  11.01.21

Experts Named Highest Paid Jobs in Russia 2021

The experts of the job search service studied the database of vacancies and made the January 2021 rating of the highest paid offers in Moscow. According to the results of the study, one of the highest salaries was offered to a dental ceramic technician (up to 250,000 rubles a month).  Also, a Frontend developer

Business |  Economics |  11.01.21

Russians Shared Dreams About Perfect Salary

The experts of the job search service conducted a survey among 3,000 Russians over 18 years old from all regions of the country and found out what salary they would like to receive in 2021.  According to the results of the study, on average, respondents would like to receive 158,000 rubles every month. It

Business |  Economics |  09.01.21

Experts Set Living Wage in Russia 2021

The size of the subsistence minimum in 2021 in Russia will be 11,653 rubles, according to the decree signed by the Prime Minister of the country Mikhail Mishustin.    Thus, according to the document, the subsistence minimum per capita will be 11,653 rubles, for the working-age population it will be 12,702 rubles, for children it will

Insight |  Economics |  08.01.21

Moscow Authorities Determined Main Directions for Creative Economy Development

Moscow authorities have determined four main areas of support for creative industries in 2021. These spheres include about 113 thousand local companies and individual entrepreneurs, providing jobs for about half a million Muscovites.  According to the official website of the Moscow Mayor, the main areas of support for the creative economy include the creation of

Business |  Economics |  07.01.21

Experts Counted Omsk Citizens’ Average Salary

The city administration of Omsk has summed up the results of the socio-economic development of the city for the first 9 months of 2020. In the period from January to September, the average per capita income amounted to almost 25 thousand rubles a month, om1 reports.   At the same time, real wages, taking into account

Insight |  Economics |  05.01.21

Social Contract Helps Russian Families Become Self-Sufficient

Russian Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustin, signed a decree according to which, from 2021, families in need will be able to use the funds of the social contract for the development of personal subsidiary plots, the press service of the Russian Cabinet of Ministers reports.  A social contract is a special contract that is concluded between