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Business |  Technology |  08.01.21

Russia to Introduce System for Hazardous Industries Remote Monitoring

Organizations operating hazardous production facilities will be able to voluntarily participate in an experiment to implement a remote security system in 2021, TASS reports.  The essence of the experiment is to transfer all the mandatory documentation that is maintained by the organization from paper to electronic form and fill it out directly in the personal

Business |  Industry |  25.12.20

BMW Told About New Cars for Russia 2021

The BMW representatives in Russia spoke about the new products that will appear on the country’s market in 2021. Among them are the BMW M3 sedan and the new generation M4 coupe. Already in spring 2021, Russian dealers expect a new BMW M4 in rear-wheel-drive version, and in July 2021 the all-wheel-drive M3 and M4

Insight |  Industry |  14.12.20

Novosibirsk Region Increased Road Repairs Quality

A multistage system of control and quality of road construction has been introduced in the Novosibirsk region, reports. The Minister of Transport and Roads of the region, Anatoly Kostylevsky, shared the results of the “Safe and High-Quality Roads” national project implementation in 2020.  It is noted that the main technology used on regional highways

Business |  Industry |  09.12.20

Nizhnekamsk Investors to Provide Citizens With 500 New Jobs

The catalogue of investment projects in Nizhnekamsk has been replenished with five projects, thanks to which about 500 jobs will be created. The total investment will amount to more than 2 billion rubles, according to the press service of the mayor’s office.  At a meeting of the Investment Council of Tatarstan, a presentation of the

Business |  Industry |  31.10.20

Russian First Wine Park to Be Open in Yalta

Russian first wine park, under construction in the Big Yalta region, will be opened in the spring of 2021, TASS reports with reference to the general manager of the Mriya Resort, on the territory of which the park will be located, Samvel Sarukhanyan.   The project is designed primarily to reveal the wine identity of Russia

Business |  Industry |  20.10.20

Experts Named Cargo Turnover in St. Petersburg Port

The cargo turnover of the Big Port of St. Petersburg in January-September 2020 decreased by 2 per cent compared to the same indicators of the last year, PRIME reports. Including transshipment of oil products increased by 16 per cent and container cargo decreased by 4 per cent.   The Big Port of St. Petersburg is the

Business |  Industry |  17.10.20

Planting Vineyards in Stavropol to Double in 2020

Farmers will plant almost 180 hectares of new vineyards in the Stavropol Territory in 2020, while on average, about 100 hectares of vineyards are planted in the region annually, TASS reports. This year, 83.9 million rubles have been allocated for planting and maintenance work in 27 vineyards in terms of co-financing.  It is specified that

Business |  Industry |  15.10.20

Tatarstan Leased Agricultural Machinery for Almost 3 Billion Rubles

Rosagroleasing summed up the results of agricultural machinery supplies to the regions of Russia and identified the top 10 regions in which machinery was most actively purchased last year through the company’s preferential programmes, KazanFirst reports.  It is stated that the farmers of Tatarstan were in the first place. They purchased 839 units of equipment

Business |  Industry |  14.10.20

Russia Saved Second Place in World’s Oil Production Rating

In September, the Russian Federation retained second place in the world in oil production, according to the information of the October report of OPEC and the Energy Information Administration of the US Department of Energy, TASS reports.  According to statistics, the United States is still in first place with the production of an average of

Business |  Industry |  09.10.20

Arms Production Showed Growth in Nizhny Novgorod

In the Nizhny Novgorod region, an increase in the production of weapons and ammunition was recorded, NewsNN reports with reference to the regional Ministry of Industry. In total, more than 70 enterprises create such products in the region. For the current year, the volume of shipped products amounted to 48.7 billion rubles.  It is noted

Business |  Industry |  05.10.20

South Urals Agrarians Purchased New Equipment

The harvesting campaign has been completed in the fields, and Chelyabinsk farmers are already preparing the ground for next year. For this, they work 12 hours a day, cheltv reports.   “More and more consumers choose the 2375 tractor for its reliability, productivity, the ability to work in all types of fieldwork, as well as on

Business |  Industry |  29.09.20

Russia Harvested Second Largest Crop in History

In Russia, the wheat harvest by mid-September of this year was the second in its history after a record of 2017, according to the official website of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture. At present, grain and leguminous crops have been threshed from 42.1 million hectares or 87.7 per cent of the sown area, 121 million