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Business |  Industry |  14.02.20

Moscow Industrial Export Grew by a Third

The Moscow authorities stated that the export volume of Moscow industrial products grew by almost a third and amounted to about $ 28 billion. Moscow exports are more than 43 per cent of the total volume of goods and services, of which one fifth is non-resource non-energy exports.   According to Vladimir Efimov, deputy mayor of

Business |  Industry |  09.02.20

Basic Equipment Installed at Omsk New Primary Oil Refining Complex

Omsk Oil Refinery completed the installation of the main equipment at the new complex of primary oil refining. This project is one of the key projects of the second stage of the Omsk Oil Refinery development program, which Gazprom Neft has been continuing since 2008. After the launch of the new complex, the overall environmental impact

Business |  Industry |  04.02.20

Russian Scientists Turn Waste Water Into Useful Alcohols

Researchers from the Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis of the Russian Academy of Sciences have developed a method by which useful alcohols and ethers can be extracted from effluents from petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, reports Tsargrad.  “This is relevant for our country, which occupies a leading position in the extraction of natural gas — alcohols and

Business |  Industry |  28.01.20

Incredible Rise of Russian Agriculture Recognized in Germany

Russian agriculture experiences an incredible rise in the last few years, reports Der Tagesspiegel. According to the German publication, Russian authorities improved the situation of the agricultural sector due to restrictions on the import of products from Europe.  It is noted that in 2014, Russia’s self-sufficiency in pork was 83 per cent. To date, the

Business |  Industry |  27.01.20

Reconstruction of 4 Underwater Gas Pipelines in 2020

In 2020, four Moscow underwater gas pipelines were reconstructed, they are Danilovsky, Novodevichy, Khimkinsky and Tushinsky, reports VM.RU. According to Petr Biryukov, deputy mayor of Moscow on Housing and Communal Services, it is necessary to improve the security of the city’s gas distribution network.  During the works on pipelines, consumers will not be disconnected from

Business |  Industry |  19.01.20

World’s Largest Flax Processing Plant to Be Built in Rostov Region

The largest flax processing plant in the world is expected to be built in the Rostov Region, reports Rostov Government website. The agreement on this was signed by the Governor Vasily Golubev and the chairman of the board of directors of ASVA Christian M. Vandeputte. “This will be the largest production that will solve important

Business |  Industry |  08.01.20

Industrial Centers to Monitor Emissions

In 12 large industrial cities, an information system for monitoring air quality will be created in 2020.  An experiment on emission quotas based on summary calculations will be held in the city districts of Bratsk, Krasnoyarsk, Lipetsk, Magnitogorsk, Mednogorsk, Nizhny Tagil, Novokuznetsk, Norilsk, Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Cherepovets and Chita. “It’s necessary to manage the quality of

Business |  Industry |  28.12.19

Three New Plants to be Opened in Novosibirsk Region

The Government of the Novosibirsk Region supported the development of three investment projects: the construction of a bitumen production complex, industrial buildings for the production of geophysical equipment, a plant for products and profiles made using cold stamping or bending.  The investment project announced by Sibirskaya Neft LLC for the development of a bitumen production

Business |  Industry |  26.12.19

Rosatom Ready to Launch First Wind Farm

Russian state nuclear energy agency Rosatom announced that it is ready to launch the first wind farm of 13 turbines in the region of Adygea. “The construction of the Adygea wind power station with a total capacity of 150 megawatts has been completed and is ready to produce first electricity,” the company said on Twitter.

Videos |  Industry |  17.12.19

KAMAZ Released Video about New “Truck of Future” [Video]

The Kama Automobile Plant published a video on the Youtube channel that demonstrated the capabilities of the “truck of the future” – KamAZ-54907 Continent.  According to the manufacturer, the novelty that appeared in honour of the centennial anniversary of the plant is a main hybrid tractor designed for one driver and providing an increased level

Business |  Industry |  10.12.19

Arctic Logistics Center in Labytnangi to Enter Service in 2020

A new logistics center will enter service in Labytnangi, northern Ural, in 2020. It will be a transport hub connecting the Yamalo-Nenets’ railway line and port. “The logistics center will also have facilities to produce construction materials, which will be of high demand in the development of remote deposits — so that materials are brought

Business |  Industry |  09.12.19

Farm for Growing Diamonds to be Launched in Pskov Region

High-tech industries have come to the Pskov region. According to regional broadcasting OTR TV-channel, a diamond farm will soon start operating in the region.   Investments in the project will amount to 600 million rubles, the initial task is to get 900 million profit. The production of artificial diamonds should begin next year. Single-crystal plates, which