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Business |  Industry |  31.03.22

Forbes Published Rating of Russia’s Largest Landowners

According to the Fobes rating, “Agrocomplex” named after N. I. Tkachev took the first place in the ranking of the largest landowners in Russia, as well as last year.  It is noted that the value of land owned by the largest landowners increased over the year from 617.3 billion rubles to 933 billion rubles, their

Business |  Industry |  02.03.22

AvtoVAZ Stopped Assembling LADA in Ukraine

The Russian company AvtoVAZ has stopped the production and supply of car kits for the Zaporozhye Automobile Plant (ZAZ). This was reported today, on March 2.  It is noted that the main obstacle to the further presence of Lada in the Ukrainian market may be political reasons. As of mid-2021, there were 39 LADA dealerships

Videos |  Industry |  22.02.22

AvtoVAZ Showed New Lada Vesta [Video]

AvtoVAZ has officially launched mass production of the updated Lada Vesta at the plant’s facilities in Izhevsk. Contrary to expectations, the model received the NG prefix to the name, which stands for a “new generation” title, because in AvtoVAZ itself, the new model is positioned not as restyling but as the next generation of Vesta. 

Business |  Industry |  13.12.21

Russian Restaurants to Process Waste Into Fertilizers

The Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation will submit proposals to the government on the use of organic waste in the agro-industrial complex. This includes food from restaurants and expired products from stores to create secondary resources (fertilizers).  According to UN experts, 17 per cent of food

Business |  Industry |  03.12.21

OPEC+ Decided to Save Current Level of Oil Production Growth Rate

The OPEC+ alliance members did not change the conditions for oil production growth for January 2022, despite the decline in barrel quotations from $85 to below $70 per barrel due to the appearance of a new strain of the omicron coronavirus.  “There are a lot of uncertainties around the new COVID-19 strain, so OPEC+ will

Business |  Industry |  23.11.21

Russia to Launch World’s Heaviest Transport Helicopter Mass Production

The permission for the mass production of the world’s heaviest Mi-26T2V military transport helicopter will be obtained by the yearend, according to the CEO of the Russian Helicopters manufacturing company Andrei Boginsky.   “We are now at the final stage of getting the O1 designation for the helicopter’s baseline configuration and there are a few flights

Business |  Industry |  18.11.21

Russian Nuclear Icebreaker ‘Siberia’ Went on Sea Trials

The new universal nuclear icebreaker “Siberia” went on sea trials, according to the press service of the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg where the vessel was built.   Первый серийный универсальный атомный ледокол проекта 22220 «Сибирь» покинул достроечную набережную Балтийского завода и взял курс на Финский залив, где приступит к выполнению программы заводских ходовых испытаний

Business |  Industry |  02.11.21

Russian Experts Named Best Chocolate Waffles in the Country

Russian quality supervision specialists (Roskachestvo) checked 20 brands of chocolate waffles of Russian (17), Austrian, and Kazakh production. According to the data provided by the experts, all the samples examined are safe and do not contain heavy metals, yeast, and GMOs.    The research has shown that waffles are a safe product, as they do

Business |  Industry |  19.10.21

Russia to Break Record in Non-Primary Non-Energy Exports 2021  

Russia’s non-primary non-energy exports will reach a record $180 billion by the end of 2021, and in the first nine months of this year, it has already amounted to $135 billion, according to the Head of the Russian Export Center (REC) Veronika Nikishina at the Eurasian Women’s Forum.  “According to the REC, for 9 months