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Business |  Trading |  24.02.21

Russian Experts Counted Commercial Vehicles Purchased in 2020

As part of the preparation of the next release of the marketing report “Commercial Vehicle Market in Russia. Results of 2020, Trends and Prospects”, the experts of the AUTOSTAT analytical agency established how much of such equipment was purchased in Russia per year.   Thus, according to the agency, last year the volume of the Russian

Business |  Industry |  23.02.21

Kalashnikov Concern Entered Top 3 Russian Employers in Industrial Sector

According to the ‘HeadHunter’ recruitment service, the Kalashnikov group of companies is one of the three best Russian employers representing industrial production, the press service of the company reports. In the overall rating of the largest companies, Kalashnikov took 24th place.  It is noted that the final score consisted of three criteria, namely the assessment

Business |  Technology |  23.02.21

Russian Experts Named Top Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Interest in active noise cancelling (ANC) headphones is growing quickly in Russia. In 2020, a lot of new devices were released and the offer among TWS headsets increased sharply, RIA News reports.  According to the experts, the Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones for 29,990 rubles were recognized as the best ones. This series of headphones is considered

Business |  Technology |  22.02.21

Russian Newest Sniper Rifle Undergoes State Tests

The newest Chukavin sniper rifle (SVCh) developed by the ‘Kalashnikov’ group of companies which is a part of the “Rostec” state corporation, is being currently tested as part of the “Reaper” programme, TASS reports.   It is noted that at present, the rifle created within the framework of the “Reaper” programme has been modified taking into

Business |  Economics |  22.02.21

Russian Financial Experts Calculated ‘Safety Cushion’ Optimal Size

By conventional standards, the safety cushion should be between three and six-monthly household expenses. It is this amount that will be needed to maintain a habitual lifestyle after dismissal and while looking for a new job, Prime reports.  The founder and CEO of the “Dengi Vpered” (“Money First”) fintech company, Pavel Guzhikov, considers it reasonable to

Business |  Trading |  22.02.21

Mazda Entered TOP 10 Leaders on Russian Market

Russian ‘Mazda’ dealers sold 2,153 vehicles in January 2021 which is 13 per cent more than a year earlier, AUTOSTAT reports. As a result, Mazda ranked ninth in terms of sales among all automakers in Russia, and the brand’s market share was 2.3 per cent in comparison to 1.9 per cent a year earlier.  

Business |  Trading |  22.02.21

Toyota RAV4 Became Brand Bestseller in Russia

Russian dealers of Toyota sold 5,333 vehicles in January 2021. As a result, Toyota ranked seventh in sales among all car manufacturers in Russia, AUTOSTAT reports with reference to the Association of European Businesses (AEB).  It is specified that Toyota’s bestseller in January 2021 became the RAV4 crossover, with 2,321 sales. It is mentioned that

Business |  Economics |  22.02.21

‘Sber’ Recognized Best Bank in 2020

The “Sber” Russian bank won the “Bank of the Year” award, the main nomination of the portal which is being awarded already for the 14th time. The jury noted the transformation of Sberbank into Sber, the launch of high-tech products on the market, and the improvement in the quality of customer service.   “At the

Business |  Trading |  22.02.21

LADA Increased Sales in 2021

In January 2021, 21,857 LADA passenger cars and light commercial vehicles were sold in Russia, which is 0.3 per cent more than in January 2020, the press service of the car manufacturer reports.  Traditionally, the most popular among buyers were LADA Granta and LADA Vesta, of which 7,720 and 6,347 cars were sold, respectively. Also,

Business |  Industry |  22.02.21

Russia Started Producing New Kia Picanto

The “Avtotor” Kaliningrad plant has begun production of the KIA Picanto updated compact hatchback which will go on sale from March 5, 2021, the press service of the enterprise reports.  It is noted that the updated KIA Picanto will be available in five trim levels, including the new Style trim level and the GT Line

Business |  Technology |  21.02.21

MegaFon Accelerates 5G Internet in International Roaming

The ‘MegaFon‘ Russian telecommunications company tested the capabilities of the international 5G roaming network, increasing the speed of mobile data transmission to 1.1 Gbps during the tests. The result was recorded in Helsinki using the Speedtest app on a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G smartphone.   “The result is five times higher than the speed

Business |  Trading |  21.02.21

Gifts Sales Statistics in Novosibirsk

In 2021, the most popular present for February 23 were socks, underpants, and shaving foams. Thus, sales of shaving foam in the Novosibirsk region increased by almost 300 per cent, sales of socks increased by 121 per cent, sales of panties by 69 per cent, and shaving foam by 289 per cent, reports.   

Business |  Trading |  21.02.21

New LADA to Appear on Russian Car Market

AVTOVAZ began accepting pre-orders for the new LADA Largus which includes three models: a passenger station wagon (from 690.9 thousand rubles in a 5-seater version and from 817.9 thousand rubles in a 7-seater version), Cross-version (from 865.9 thousand rubles in a 5-seater version) and a van (from 685.9 thousand rubles), according to the press service