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Business |  Technology |  01.04.20

Over 20 Moscow Houses Dismantled Using Smart Demolition Technology

In Moscow, 21 residential buildings were dismantled under a renovation programme. On the site of demolition, it is planned to build modern houses, as well as landscaping, equipping playgrounds and recreation areas, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports. It was said that smart demolition technology was used everywhere, which included several stages. The whole

Business |  Technology |  30.03.20

All-Russian Digital Dictation Launched Online

The All-Russian digital dictation will be held online from March 28 to April 11. The action will be the most ambitious test of knowledge of information technology in Russia, RIA News reports.  The digital dictation will be divided into four blocks. The first block is devoted to the basics of computer literacy, the second, to

Business |  Technology |  30.03.20

Russian Students Invented Mobile Air Disinfectant

Students of Moscow State Technological University (STANKIN) have developed a new antibacterial device for treating indoor air, the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia reported.   Due to the high need for solving the epidemic situation, university students in a short time developed a new model of a mobile ultraviolet irradiator-air recirculator designed to

Business |  Technology |  30.03.20

Russian Schoolchildren Seek Solutions to Combat COVID-19

Russian schoolchildren and students will be engaged in the search and development of new technological solutions to combat the spread of coronavirus as part of an online hackathon, RIA News reports.   The online hackathon will be held on April 18-19, 2020. Representatives of different fields can apply for participation in the hackathon, including programmers,

Business |  Technology |  24.03.20

Russian Schoolchildren Have Chance to Get Computers During Quarantine

Needy Russian students were offered to provide the necessary equipment for the duration of distance learning, RT reports, citing a corresponding letter sent to the Russian Ministry of Education.  It was proposed to give those schoolchildren who need the necessary equipment for the learning process (routers and laptops). To receive the equipment, parents would need

Business |  Technology |  23.03.20

Moscow Entrepreneurs Report Problems Through Online Service

In Moscow, there was launched an online service, which helps entrepreneurs to get all the necessary information in case of problems, said the deputy mayor of Moscow for economic policy and property Vladimir Efimov.  The new website gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to report on difficulties and receive information on the current economic situation. It is

Business |  Technology |  22.03.20

Russian Grocery Stores Opened Biometric Payment

Russian grocery stores have begun testing the payment system for goods using the Unified Biometric System, Izvestia reported.  Biometric acquiring can be implemented by the middle of this year. Holders of bank cards connected to the Unified Biometric System will be able to pay for goods by looking at the camera at the checkout counter.

Business |  Technology |  22.03.20

Russia Put Into Orbit 34 OneWeb Satellites

The head of the state corporation Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, said that the Russian rocket launched British satellites OneWeb into low Earth orbit.  Rogozin wrote on his Twitter page that the goal was successfully achieved. The Russian Soyuz-2.1b with the Fregat-M booster block and 34 satellites launched on March 21 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. The launch

Business |  Technology |  22.03.20

Charity Funds Accept Donations by QR Code

CloudPayments service allows charities to accept donations using a QR code. On special digital screens at Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo airports, the company posted a QR code that leads to a donation transfer form, VM.RU reports.  A user can make a transfer using bank cards, as well as through Apple Pay and Google Pay. For those

Business |  Technology |  22.03.20

Moon Map for Astronauts Landing to Be Created in Russia

The Russian orbiter Luna-26 will create a three-dimensional map of the Moon to select the landing site for the first astronauts. This was told by the director of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Anatoliy Petrukovich, RIA News reports.  For the first time, using stereo photography, they will create a topographic

Business |  Technology |  20.03.20

Urals Residents Monitor Apartments Online

Video surveillance of apartments is becoming an increasingly popular service, chelTV reports. According to statistics, among those who connect video surveillance at home, there are 49% women and 51% men.  The image from the cameras installed in apartments is transmitted in real-time directly to a smartphone and stored in cloud storage. It can be viewed

Business |  Technology |  19.03.20

Russian Scientists Invented Thermometer Connected to Smartphone

A sticker thermometer capable of remotely transmitting body temperature data to a smartphone was created by Russian scientists, RIA News reports. The thermometer will be presented in September 2020, told the head of the HealthNet infrastructure centre of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) Maria Galyamova.  The device consists of two parts, namely a medical thermometer

Business |  Technology |  19.03.20

New Warning Sign to Appear Soon on Russian Roads

A new sign will appear in the traffic rules. It will warn drivers about the cameras for photo and video recording violations, the government services website reports.  To date, only a sign with a video camera warning, which is usually hung under the sign of speed limits, warns about the cameras. At the same time,