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Insight |  Technology |  06.01.23

Russian Schools and Colleges Must Use Only State Information Systems Since 2023

Schools and colleges of the Russian Federation from January 1, 2023, should use only state information systems in the educational process, according to the press service of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.   “Since January 1, organizations of basic general and secondary vocational education are required to use exclusively state information systems within

Business |  Technology |  04.01.23

Russian Scientists Developed Navigator for Blind People

One of the Russian centers of IT developments, the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, last year released several interesting startup projects, as said by the Director of the Business Incubator of the Financial University Anton Losev.  “This year we can celebrate two startups. One of them is a navigator for the

Business |  Technology |  26.12.22

First Module of Russian Orbital Station Hits High Readiness Level

The Scientific and Energy Module (NEM), which is considered by experts as the first module of the promising Russian Orbital Station (ROS), is now in a high degree of readiness, according to the Executive Director of Roscosmos for manned programmes Sergey Krikalev.  “The module is in a high degree of readiness at RSC Energia, and

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Russian Strategic Aviation to Receive New Hypersonic Weapons

Russian strategic aircraft will receive new cruise hypersonic missiles, as announced by the commander of long-range aviation Sergey Kobylash. According to him, in 2023, upgraded aircraft will be delivered to long-range aviation departments. “In order to increase the combat capabilities of long-range aviation, the deep modernization of the main types of our combat aircraft continues

Business |  Technology |  23.12.22

Russia Testing New and Modernized Submarines

On the territory of the Admiralty Shipyards enterprise in St. Petersburg, a solemn ceremony of launching the new diesel-electric submarine “Velikiye Luki” of Project 677 “Lada” was held. Also, the “Tambov” nuclear submarine of the project 671RTMK “Pike” of the Northern Fleet went to sea for testing after being repaired and modernized.  “Today, on December

Business |  Technology |  22.11.22

First Time: Drone ‘Barraging Kamikaze’ Presented in Russia

The drone “Barraging Kamikaze”, which will receive the F-1 hand grenade drop system, was first presented at the Aeronet-2035 exhibition. This was announced by the head of the Laboratory of External Piloting and operation of unmanned Aircraft of the Research Institute of Computing Complexes Vitaly Dolgov.  “Hexacopter ‘Barraging Kamikaze’ is a small-range device, up to

Business |  Technology |  18.11.22

First Test Lada Vesta NG Assembled at AvtoVAZ

A test assembly of the first Lada Vesta NG car was carried out at the first assembly line of the AvtoVAZ car manufacturer. This was announced on Friday, November 18, by the company’s press service.  It is clarified that the correctness of the transferred equipment, technologies, as well as the readiness of the necessary processes

Business |  Technology |  18.11.22

Russians Creating System for Preventing Drone Collision

Russian engineers are developing the first domestic system that will prevent collisions of drones with other aircraft.  The new system is designed for civilian drones with a take-off weight of over 30 kg. The core of the system is a small-sized radar station that “observes” the situation by emitting electromagnetic pulses and receiving reflected signals

Business |  Technology |  18.11.22

Russian Railways and Gazprom to Become First Quantum Phone Buyers

According to the developer, Russian Railways and Gazprom will be able to introduce the first quantum phones in 2023. A system worth several million rubles allows a user to increase the security of negotiations.   A quantum phone is generally referred to as a server or workstation with a quantum key generation and distribution system installed

Business |  Technology |  17.11.22

Russian Internet Satellite to Be Launched Into Orbit in 2024

The private Russian space company SR Space plans to launch its first spacecraft of the multi-satellite low-orbit broadband Internet access system SR NET in 2024.  “It is assumed that SR NET will become the Russian analogue of the Starlink satellite system in the future. The first launch of the SR NET spacecraft is planned in

Business |  Technology |  28.10.22

Dmitry Medvedev Congratulated Elon Musk for Twitter Ownership

The Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, addressed the new Head of Twitter, Elon Musk, on October 28.  Good luck @elonmusk in overcoming political bias and ideological dictatorship on Twitter. And quit 👋 that Starlink in Ukraine business — Dmitry Medvedev (@MedvedevRussiaE) October 28, 2022 On October 25, Bloomberg,

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Almaz-Antey Started Quadrocopters Serial Production

Russian aerospace defense concern “Almaz-Antey” has started serial production of quadrocopters. By the end of the year, about 1,000 drones will be produced at a price “significantly lower than foreign analogues,” as the company’s press service reported.   JSC Concern VKO “Almaz-Antey” is a Russian state-owned company in the arms industry, a result of a merger