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Business |  Technology |  09.07.20

Temperature Measuring Metal Detectors to Appear in Russia

Metal detectors capable of measuring body temperature will appear in Russia soon, Rostec reported. The developer of the device will be the Avtomatika concern in cooperation with Shvabe. It is noted that the multifunctional system is designed to increase the safety of educational institutions, healthcare, and cultural institutions, various organizations and departments, as well as

Business |  Technology |  09.07.20

Russian Quality Experts Tested New Smartphones Up to 20,000 Rubles

The quality control experts (Roskachestvo) conducted a survey, in which smartphone users expressed their attitude to the choice of gadgets. According to the results of the survey, 42.6 per cent of respondents postponed the purchase of new smartphones, while another 25 per cent began to choose gadgets for the best value for money. So, the

Business |  Technology |  09.07.20

Third Anti-Coronavirus Drug Approved in Russia

The Russian Ministry of Health approved Coronavir, the third domestic drug from COVID-19 with the international nonproprietary name favipiravir. The first drug, Avifavir, and the second one, Areplivir, were approved in May and June, respectively, RIA News reports. A new drug from coronavirus can be used only in a hospital setting. It is noted that

Business |  Technology |  05.07.20

Luna-25 Spacecraft to Be Fully Tested in 2021

The Luna-25 spacecraft, which is expected to be launched to the orbit next year, will be manufactured and will complete tests in the summer of 2021, TASS reported.   In October 2021, Roscosmos plans to send the Luna-25 automatic station to the Moon, which will be the first domestic spacecraft in modern Russia on the Earth’s

Business |  Technology |  03.07.20

Russian Quality Experts Advise Avoid Laptop Overheating

The Russian Quality Control (Roskachestvo) experts gave a piece of advice on how to protect a laptop from overheating which can be caused by the extremely hot weather.  It is noted that in the heat, not only faulty laptops are exposed to overheating, but also those that work well. There are several signs your device

Business |  Technology |  01.07.20

Own Internet Connection to Appear on Russian ISS Segment

The Russian segment of the International Space Station will receive independent broadband Internet by the end of the year, TASS reported.  Currently, to communicate with the ISS, the American TDRS system is used, the data in which are transmitted using satellites of the same name located in geostationary orbit. According to the cosmonaut Alexander Skvortsov,

Business |  Technology |  28.06.20

Novosibirsk Doctors Kill Coronavirus With Infrared Rays

Novosibirsk doctors are introducing methods for treating coronavirus, with which they previously treated patients with other diseases, VN.RU reports. This method of therapy was used before to treat cancer, tuberculosis, and other diseases.  An oncologist, professor Sergei Nikonov, said that some of his colleagues contracted the coronavirus, against which bilateral pneumonia has developed in them.

Business |  Trip Advisory |  28.06.20

Russian Cosmonaut Told About Tourist Trips Into Space

The Hero of Russia, cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov, told that a space tourist will be able to admire the views of the Earth, take pictures and conduct experiments in space, RIA News reports.  The RSC Energia announced the signing of a contract with the Space Adventures company for the flight of 2 tourists on the Soyuz spaceship

Business |  Technology |  27.06.20

Russian Government to Conduct Experiment on Digital Education Introduction

Fourteen subjects of the Russian Federation will become pilot regions for the introduction of digital education. These are Altai Territory, the Astrakhan, Kaliningrad, Kaluga, Kemerovo, Moscow, Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Perm, Sakhalin, Tyumen, and Chelyabinsk regions, as well as Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, RG reports with reference to the government official website.  It is noted that

Insight |  Technology |  26.06.20

Smart Lighting System to Appear in 4 Rostov Region Cities

The largest provider of digital services in Russia (Rostelecom) will install energy-efficient lighting systems using digital control in 4 cities of the Rostov Region. These are Aksay, Volgodonsk, Kamensk-Shakhtinsk, and Krasny Sulin. The existing street lights will be replaced with new LED ones and combined with an automated outdoor lighting control system.   The system will

Business |  Technology |  23.06.20

Russian Scientists Created New Type Cancer Test

Russian biologists from Perm State National Research University developed a test system for the diagnosis of prostate cancer using carbon nanoparticles, RIA News reports with reference to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia.   On the surface of the carbon particles, there are recognition elements that can form bonds with the target. The

Business |  Technology |  20.06.20

Russian School Graduates Apply to University Online

The service “Admission to University Online” was launched for Russian school graduates, TASS reports with reference to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. It is noted that the first ones in the country to apply to universities in a remote format are the residents of the Far Eastern Federal District.