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Insight |  Technology |  19.11.20

Major Investor to Start Transport Revival in Taganrog

The ‘Sinara Urban Transport Solutions’ company intends to reboot the public transport system in Taganrog. The agreement was signed at the “Transport of Russia 2020” forum by the government of the Rostov region and the company’s management.  “These are new trams that meet modern environmental requirements, low-floor, comfortable for passengers, new trolleybuses, or electric buses.

Business |  Technology |  18.11.20

New Neural Network Trained to Assess Customer Activity in Stores

A master’s student of the St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University has developed an intelligent system that analyzes the movement of customers in stores. The programme can be used to determine popular products among various social groups, as well as assess the effectiveness of personnel, advertising, and promotions for goods, TASS reports.  It is expected that the

Business |  Technology |  18.11.20

Built-In Lift Disinfection System Developed in Moscow

The Shcherbinsky Lift-Building Plant has tested a new cab disinfection system which will soon be launched into mass production, according to the head of the Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy Alexander Prokhorov. In the period from January to September 2020, Moscow enterprises have already produced 12.7 thousand lifts, which is more than a

Videos |  Technology |  18.11.20

Automatic Pill Dispenser Developed at Novosibirsk University [Video]

The automatic dispenser of pills for people suffering from forgetfulness was developed by a student of the Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU). The device allows setting up a schedule for taking medicines and avoid their repeated use.   According to the creator of the device, a fourth-year student Vladimir Shperling, the prototype of the dispenser

Business |  Technology |  17.11.20

Nizhny Novgorod Got 125 Traffic Lights Controlled by GSM Modems

The equipping of traffic light objects with new devices began last year and now they can be controlled remotely using a computer. Thanks to GSM modems, road workers can monitor the traffic lights online and react quickly in case of a malfunction, the press service of the city administration reports.   According to the leading engineer

Business |  Technology |  17.11.20

Smart Counters to Be Installed in Chelyabinsk Region

Instead of mechanical counters, new smart ones will appear in the Chelyabinsk region soon. By the end of the year, it is planned to transfer more than 15,000 houses to modern equipment, chelTV reports. The smart system saves up to 30 per cent of a valuable resource and significantly eases the process of using the

Business |  Technology |  15.11.20

New Computer Tomographs to Appear in Samara and Togliatti Hospitals

The new tomographs were purchased at their own expense by three investor companies under a public-private partnership programme. The devices will serve patients with mild coronavirus or pneumonia and also those who are undergoing outpatient treatment, tolyatty reports.    It is specified that there are 55 CT scanners in the Samara region now. The cost

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Over 50,000 Entrepreneurs Installed VTB Mobile Accounting

In the seven months since its launch, the Tsifra (“Figure”) mobile application has become one of the most popular VTB bank’s remote tools for medium and small businesses, om1 reports. The number of downloads of the application has already exceeded 56,000.    It is noted that the application was launched in March 2020. The service

Business |  Technology |  13.11.20

Robots to Help Doctors Treat Coronavirus Patients

In hospitals, where they work with patients with COVID-19, doctors can begin to use robots developed by the specialists of the NTI Competence Centre on the basis of Innopolis University, PRIME reports. The new approach will reduce the risk of infection for doctors and nurses.  It is noted that the new AEROS (Anti-Epidemic Robotic System)

Business |  Technology |  13.11.20

Russian Experts Named Most Unusual Space Developments

A device for cleaning near-earth space from debris, a method for inspecting spacecraft in low-earth orbits, and a group launch device for satellites have become the most unusual inventions in space in 2020, PRIME reports with reference to the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent).   A patent for a device for cleaning near-earth space from

Business |  Technology |  12.11.20

Over 1.5 Million Remote ECGs Done by Moscow Ambulance Since 2018

For two years, digital technologies have allowed Moscow ambulance doctors to transmit an electrocardiogram for decryption over a wireless communication channel, which helps specialists significantly save time, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports.   “In a fraction of a second, the electrocardiogram is sent to the server of the cardiology console via a wireless

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Most Russians Support Training Retirees Work With Gadgets

The Romir holding survey involved 1,500 respondents aged 18 to 60 years and older, living in all types of cities and rural areas, in all federal districts of the Russian Federation. According to the results of the survey, 60 per cent of Russians believe that the possibility of training pensioners to work with gadgets should