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Business |  Technology |  21.10.21

Russian Cyber Protection Specialists Created Anti-Drone System

Specialists of the Kaspersky Lab, a Russian well-known manufacturer of computer protection programmes, have created the “Kaspersky Antidrone” system for detecting and combating drones, as was announced by the system developer, Vladimir Turov, at the ‘Interpolitech-2021’ International Exhibition.   “The system includes radar detection, radio frequency detection and visual identification using a neural network. It is

Business |  Technology |  20.10.21

Russian Scientists Created New Material for Anti-Radiation Protection

Scientists of the South Ural State University have proposed an alternative material for protection against radiation. According to them, on the basis of the new material, it is possible to make glasses for use in industries where radioactive radiation is used. The study is published in the Optical Materials journal.   While radiation therapy helps much

Business |  Technology |  19.10.21

Autonomous Group of Robots Was Tested in Russia

In Russia, ground tests of the Marker combat robots operated in an autonomous group without human participants were conducted, as reported by the RIA Novosti source in the country’s military-industrial complex. Robots solved the tasks of distributing targets in a group, reaching optimal firing positions, independently reacting to operational changes in the combat situation and

Business |  Technology |  18.10.21

Russian Banks to Start Connecting ‘Mir’ Cards to Google Pay

Starting from October 26 Russian national payment system “Mir” will provide issuing banks with the opportunity to connect Mir cards to the Google Pay payment system. Thus, VTB, PSB, DOM.RF, Renaissance Credit, Home Credit and Post Bank intended to support this integration.   “About 70 per cent of customers use phones with the Android operating system,

Insight |  Technology |  15.10.21

Muscovites Do Not Consider QR Codes in Public Places Necessary

QR codes for visiting theatres, cinemas, swimming pools, and fitness clubs will be introduced in the Leningrad region, but very few Muscovites consider it necessary to introduce such restrictions in the Russian capital.  The majority of Moscow residents (59 per cent) are against the introduction of QR codes for visiting cultural and sports institutions of

Business |  Technology |  14.10.21

Russians Found New Approach to Artificial Intelligence Development

A new approach to the development of artificial intelligence (AI) was proposed by scientists of Tyumen State University. According to specialists, with the help of the new model, AI will be “insured” from errors and capable of abstract thinking.   Robots and AI systems used nowadays derive their answers statistically based on an array of analyzed

Business |  Technology |  12.10.21

Russian Rocket Decorated With Khokhloma Painting

Russian state space corporation (Roscosmos) has applied to the Soyuz-2.1a carrier rocket, which will launch the Progress MS-18 transport cargo ship into orbit patterns of the Khokhloma decorative painting in honour of the 800th anniversary of Nizhny Novgorod from where the handicraft originated.  In connection with the celebration of the 800th anniversary of Nizhny Novgorod

Business |  Technology |  12.10.21

New Russian Drug Helps Fight COVID-19 Easily and With No Complications

The uniqueness of the Russian new medicine created to combat the cytokine storm caused by COVID-19 lies in its absolute safety for people of different age groups, as stated in an interview with RT by the Director of the Scientific Centre for Biomedical Technologies of the FMBA of Russia Vladislav Karkishchenko.   In May 2021, the

Videos |  Technology |  08.10.21

New Russian Robot Started to Protect Vostochny Cosmodrome [Video]

The “Marker” robotic platform developed by the Russian company “ANDROID Technology” and the Foundation for Advanced Research, has been put to the protection of the Vostochny cosmodrome. This was announced on October 7 by the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, in his Telegram channel.    The head clarified that technologies such as autonomous patrolling of

Business |  Technology |  08.10.21

Russian Scientists Created Device for Remote Destruction of Viruses

At the “Microelectronics-2021” forum held in Alushta on October 4, the “TOR” device was presented, which, as stated by its creators, is capable of issuing a ‘wave antidote’ for electromagnetic suppression of the virus, forcing it to stop multiplying, even though just a year ago this device was an air disinfector.  Russian Deputy Minister of