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Business |  Technology |  27.09.20

New Skoda Octavia Reached Rostov

L-Motors LLC, the official dealer of Skoda in Rostov-on-Don, announced the start of accepting orders for the new Skoda Octavia. Its fourth-generation features significantly richer equipment, 1rnd reports.     It is specified that the most popular model of the Czech brand in the world will be offered on the Russian market with petrol engines ranging

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Muscovites Won WorldSkills Russia Championship

The Moscow national team took the first-team place at the national WorldSkills Russia championship. Moscow Mayor, Sergey Sobyanin, announced this yesterday on his VK-Page. According to him, Muscovites took 123 gold, 47 silver, and 13 bronze medals.  WorldSkills is a world-wide popular movement, a competition in professional skill, where people have to complete practical tasks.

Business |  Technology |  23.09.20

Universal Natural Antibiotic Discovered in Russia

The researchers from Tyumen State University, together with representatives of a number of other Russian research institutes, have discovered a natural antibiotic with a universal effect. Among other things, it will help fight tumor formations, according to the article in the Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology journal.   It is noted that the peptide emericillipsin A was

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Moscow Projects to Be Presented at Artificial Intelligence Conference

The annual conference “Digital Industry of Industrial Russia 2020” was opened in Nizhny Novgorod today. The conference will last three days, during which the Moscow authorities will present the practices of using artificial intelligence. In total, in the capital of Russia, there are about 400 companies developing AI solutions, the results of which can be

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Russian Post Launched Marketplace in Mobile Application

Russian Post is launching beta testing of a product showcase in a mobile application. The partner on the project will be the online store with an assortment of 2 million goods. The beta testing is available for no more than 15% of mobile app users on iOS and Android for now. Within a month,

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Roscosmos Approved New Rocket Creation by Private Company

In Russia, for the first time, a private company was allowed to develop a rocket commissioned by Roscosmos, according to the document published on the procurement website. It is planned to spend 407 million rubles on the preliminary design of the apparatus.  It is specified that the Amur two-stage medium-class missile will have a reusable

Insight |  Technology |  18.09.20

Thermal Imager Installed at Chelyabinsk Medical University

CCTV cameras with a built-in thermometer were installed at the entrance to the Chelyabinsk medical university. The system measures the temperature of a body and recognizes the faces of those who enter the institution. The whole procedure takes just a few seconds.   It is specified that thermal imagers are video cameras with thermal imaging optics,

Business |  Technology |  18.09.20

Unmanned Tractor to Be Assembled in Urals

Chelyabinsk children are assembling an unmanned tractor. One demonstration and educational model, also on a caterpillar track like a tractor, is already available in the children’s scientific laboratory (Quantorium).  It is noted that children themselves have already assembled a model of a tractor and call it an ant for its permeability and endurance. Young developers

Business |  Technology |  18.09.20

Mental Disorder by Voice is Diagnosed by Novosibirsk Scientists

The NSTU scientists have developed a special application that allows you to diagnose resonators and determine the psycho-emotional state of a person. The system will help to calculate any deviations in the state of health and even a person’s tendency to crime. In the future, voice diagnostic devices may appear as a smartphone application.   Such

Insight |  Technology |  17.09.20

More Than 10 Modern Air Pollution Control Stations Installed in Moscow

Thirteen automatic air pollution control stations have been installed in Moscow, each of which has modern equipment to control the content of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and dioxide, the amount of hydrocarbon compounds, and hydrogen sulfide.  According to the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Housing and Communal Services and Improvement, Petr Biryukov, the renewed stations

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Russian Quality Experts Named Perfect Smartphone for Blogger

The Federal Quality Control Service (Roskachestvo) experts, together with colleagues from the International Consumer Research and Testing (ICRT) and the International Assembly of Consumer Testing Organizations, continued a large-scale study of smartphones and tested 14 new models of gadgets. The tests involved the brands Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, XiaomiRedmi, Oppo, and Alcatel, which were checked

Business |  Technology |  16.09.20

First Smallpox Drug Tests Began in Russia

The scientific centre Vector began clinical tests of the first domestic chemotherapy drug against smallpox NIOCH-14, Rospotrebnadzor reports. The tests will take 174 days and involve 90 volunteers aged 18 to 50 years.  It is noted that Russia does not yet have a single medicine of its own against smallpox and other orthopoxvirus diseases. At

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Rostelecom Launched New Smart Speaker Sales in Omsk

The speaker system supports the control of the digital video service Wink and Smart Home, reports. The “capsule” will answer questions, set an alarm at the right time, tell about the weather, play guessing games and quizzes with children, or read a fairy tale.  It is noted that the device can play music from