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Business |  Technology |  02.09.21

Russia Starts Testing Underwater Drones Able to Hunt Down Enemy Submarines 

Underwater drones for searching and escorting enemy submarines out of Russian waters have already been designed and manufactured, and are currently undergoing tests, RT reports with reference to the ‘Rubin’ St. Petersburg Design Bureau.    It is reminded that the Vityaz-D was the first autonomous vehicle to dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench,

Business |  Technology |  02.09.21

Hermitage Started Selling NFT on Binance Marketplace

The State Hermitage Museum has launched the sale of its digital works from a limited collection using NFT technology, the portal of financial information reports with reference to the Binance blockchain ecosystem marketplace.   “The State Hermitage Museum and Binance NFT, the marketplace of the leading international blockchain ecosystem Binance, announce the start of sales of

Business |  Technology |  31.08.21

Russia Works on Developing Combat Exoskeletons 

The combat exoskeleton technology typically consists of a wearable machine powered by electric motors that dramatically augment soldiers’ strength by amplifying the power of their limb movements. According to the Industrial Director of Rostec State Corporation’s division for armament, Bekhan Ozdoev, Russian engineers have already created the first prototype of such a combat exoskeleton equipped

Technology |  31.08.21

Yandex Launched New Food Delivery Service in Paris

The Russian tech giant Yandex has launched an express food delivery service in Paris under the Yango Deli brand, as demand for online delivery services remains strong after years of Covid-related restrictions, RT reports. Thus, Paris became the first European capital Yandex is cooperating with after launching the same service in Tel Aviv, Israel, in

Technology |  26.08.21

First Time: Russian Air Defence Complex to Be Integrated Into Foreign Ship

The Head of the Russian state intermediary company for the export and import of final products, technologies, and services for military purposes (Rosoboronexport), Alexander Mikheev, announced that the Russian air defence system will be integrated into a foreign ship for the first time, RIA Novosti reports.   It is noted that Rosoboronexport signed a contract at

Business |  Technology |  25.08.21

Russia to Expand Navy With New Warships

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has revealed that the country’s shipyards have begun work on half a dozen new vessels for its growing navy. He also stated that Moscow is now planning to renew its armed forces with innovative hardware, RT reports.   Speaking as part of the Army 2021 International Forum on Monday, August 23, Vladimir

Technology |  25.08.21

NASA Head Hopes to Keep Cooperating With Russia

Russia is planning to stop using the ISS by 2028 and create a national space station instead given the risks posed by ISS’ worn-out equipment. The Administrator of NASA, Bill Nelson, expressed his hope for the continuation of the cooperation between the United States and Russia on the International Space Station (ISS) beyond 2030, Sputnik

Business |  Technology |  25.08.21

Russian Specialists Announced Readiness to Fight Any Western Hypersonic Missile

The General Designer of the Russian Aerospace Defence Concern ‘Almaz-Antey’, Pavel Sozinov, said in an interview with RIA Novosti that the topic of developing “super-missiles” abroad does not create problems for his specialists because Russians are “able to do everything”.   It is reminded that Trump, as president of the United States, reported on the development

Business |  Technology |  24.08.21

Russian Scientists to Develop Software Detecting Cancer by Smell 

Russian specialists have started developing software that will allow doctors to detect cancer by the smell of a person, reports with reference to the representatives of the ‘Artezio’ company.  It is noted that the software needs to be properly integrated into medical solutions so that a doctor gets a more understandable picture for himself