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Fun |  Funny Russia |  06.08.20

Banknotes With Ideal Numbers to Be Sold in Urals

An unusual lot appeared on a site for free ads in Chelyabinsk. Several residents of the region put up rare banknotes for several million rubles at once, reports.  The first banknote is a five-thousandth bill with an unusual number “7774777”. For the bill with an almost ideal number, the price is 7,774,777 rubles. The

Business |  Trading |  02.08.20

Top High-Demand Products on Russian Market

In July 2020, the volume of Russian spending reached the level of 2019 and consumer spending became more stable, which was evidenced by a new study on the analytical portal SberIndex, om1 reported.   It is noted that Russians began to spend more on cars (5.5% compared to last year). In the category “Auto Parts

Business |  Trading |  27.07.20

Russian Analysts Told How Coronavirus Influenced Consumption Patterns

A specialized aggregator Catery has launched the delivery of corporate meals. About 20 companies from Moscow and the Moscow region have already joined the work, including well-known chain cafes. There is also a competition on the market, since large restaurants, food delivery services, as well as owners of vending machines are interested in this segment,

Business |  Trading |  27.07.20

New TV Plant for Over 2 Billion Rubles to Appear in Chelny

The construction of a plant for the production of smart TVs and a warehouse for finished products of the Haier company in Naberezhnye Chelny will be completed in the second quarter of 2021. The volume of investments in the project is almost 2.2 billion rubles, KazanFirst reported.  “The TV plant and finished product warehouse will

Business |  Trading |  26.07.20

Motorcycles and Scooters Sales Sharply Increased in Novosibirsk

Russian experts note that 43% of the country residents plan to use public transport less often for security reasons and after the withdrawal of the self-isolation regime. This stimulates the demand for individual vehicles, the most affordable of which are motorcycles and scooters, the demand for which in Novosibirsk grew by 64% compared to the

Business |  Trading |  24.07.20

Analysts Named Most Popular Export Destinations in Moscow

From April 2020 city entrepreneurs can order personal analytical studies of foreign markets for free in the Moscow Export Centre (MEC). Entrepreneurs can analyze up to 5 foreign markets and choose the best directions for export. The analysts have already found out which directions for export are of interest to Moscow entrepreneurs, the official website

Business |  Trading |  22.07.20

Moscow Companies Increased Air Disinfection Systems Export

The economic department of the Moscow government announced that since the beginning of the 2020 year the volume of industrial exports of the city companies to Israel has grown almost sevenfold, to Mexico threefold, and to Vietnam by 2.5 times, VM.RU reports. Among the products in demand are mechanical and communication equipment.   The General Director

Business |  Trading |  21.07.20

Specialists Studied Most Frequently Credit Purchased Cars in Russia

Every fifth car bought on credit in Russia in the first half of 2020 was of domestic production, and another 18 per cent were cars of Korean brands, RIA News reports with reference to the financial marketplace Unicom 24.   Thus, motorists in Russia often buy domestically produced vehicles on credit (20 per cent). In particular,

Business |  Trading |  10.07.20

Quality Experts Noted Change in Russians’ Alcohol Preferences

Russian quality control (Roskachestvo) experts have launched the preparation of an analytical report on the state of the wine market in the country.  For the report, the experts used the data from retail chains, the Federal Customs Service, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Federal Alcohol Regulation, and the Roskachestvo Consumer Behaviour Assessment Centre. During the

Business |  Trading |  09.07.20

Russians Started Buying More Meat This Year

For the period from May to June 2020, Russians bought pork and beef more often than in the same period in 2019, NSN reported with reference to the data provided by the fiscal data operator (Platform OFD).   According to the data provided, over the reporting period of this year, the number of purchases of pork

Business |  Trading |  25.06.20

Infiniti Cars to Remain in Russia After Leaving European Market

The Infiniti car brand has decided to focus on markets where the brand can count on maximum efficiency and profitability. That is why it was decided to leave the European region and focus on promotion in Russia, North America, China, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region, Autostat reports.  It is noted that the Infiniti

Business |  Trading |  21.06.20

Experts Note Competition Growth for Premises Purchase in Moscow

In Moscow, the competition among the participants of land and property trading has substantially increased. This indicates the effectiveness of measures taken to support city business, the Moscow Mayor’s official website reported.  According to the Deputy Mayor of Moscow on Economic Policy, Property, and Land Relations, Vladimir Efimov, the diversified economy of Moscow and measures