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Fun |  Events |  01.04.20

Tests and Quests for Students Held on Mathematician Day

The Moscow Electronic School (MES) organized a selection of quests and tasks for Moscow schoolchildren for Mathematics Day, which is celebrated traditionally on April 1, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports.   Students on self-isolation practice solving tasks in the “Logical Tasks” section, cope with 20 tasks according to proverbs and sayings with numbers

Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  01.04.20

Russian Singer Helped Mother to Change Clothing Style

Russian singer, Sergey Lazarev, decided to surprise his mother and took her to the fashion TV-programme, where the experts, Alexander Vasilyev and Evelina Khromtchenko, changed her style.  View this post on Instagram Сегодня мы с моей мамой побывали в гостях у программы «Модный приговор», где под чутким руководством стилистов 1 канала, мы ее преобразили и

Videos |  Music |  01.04.20

Russian Blogger Supports Anti-Coronavirus Campaign With Songs [Video]

A blogger, Johnny Z, posted videos on his YouTube channel, which are covers on the well-known Russian songs. He changed the texts to a self-isolation issue and called his songs the musical series “Anticorona”. He changed the song of Vladimir Vysotsky “Morning Gymnastics” and told how people wake up at 10 am, eat dinner, and

Fun |  Sports |  01.04.20

New Uniform of Russian National Football Team Appeared on Web

In general, the form retained the basic design and resembles the one in which the players were selected for the European Championship, VM.RU reports with reference to the portal of football uniforms.  Photos appeared on the web that supposedly depicts a new uniform for the Russian national football team. The photo shows that colour stripes

Fun |  Events |  31.03.20

Economics University Students Participate in E-Sports Competitions

On March 30, representatives of the G. V. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics announced that selection of students for sports teams in various cyber disciplines had begun, VM.RU reports.  All competitions are planned to be held in an online format. The first matches are planned to be organized in April 2020. Any student can apply

Videos |  Music |  31.03.20

China Fights Against Coronavirus With Russian Song [Video]

The Russian song “I Want to Live So Much” by the Rozhdestvo group has become an unofficial anthem for the fight against coronavirus infection in China.  Chinese citizens understand the meaning of the text, as it has been repeatedly translated into Chinese and is broadcast with subtitles on the country’s resources. The translation in some

Fun |  Sports |  31.03.20

Student Chess Tournament to Be Held in Moscow Online

On March 30, a series of online chess tournaments for schoolchildren began in Moscow. Children of the 2006 year of birth and younger can take part in competitions, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports.  The organizers of the competition are the Center for Patriotic Education and School Sports. In each age category, there

Fun |  Sports |  30.03.20

Scientist Told How Many Calories Burn During House Cleaning

It turns out that regular cleaning at home is equal to visiting a gym. For example, if you manually wash the floors in a three-room apartment, you can immediately burn 400 calories, reports chelTV.  If you vacuum the floors, it can burn 94 calories. Dancing in the process of cleaning will bring even more benefits

Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  29.03.20

Young Mothers Showed Photos Before and After Childbirth

Scientists say that after childbirth, not only woman’s consciousness changes but also her facial features, reports. Eyebrows rise from a different angle, and the look seems deeper, the nose is sharpened, the corners of the lips drop, and the oval of the face becomes clearer.  In addition, the changes relate to the voice, which

Videos |  Funny Russia |  29.03.20

Russian Bear Relaxing in Self-Isolation [Video]

The Omsk bear, Foma, stole hearts of the Omsk residents with his amazing ability to relax during self-isolation.  View this post on Instagram Когда вокруг коронавирус, а ты — медведь Фома из Большеречья 😁 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #ngs55 #ngsnews #ngsomsk #omsk #news #newsomsk #Омск A post shared by НГС.ОМСК (@ngs_omsk) on Mar 24, 2020 at 1:10am PDT

Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  29.03.20

Modern Glasses: Fashion Trends 2020 from Optical Stylist

Anastasia Blagochevskaya told about the most relevant trends of the modern optical industry, VN.RU reports. Modern fashion has become quite smart. Earlier, a frame or a certain colour was popular, but now it’s fashionable to see well first of all.  According to the expert, a rim is a kind of a carnival mask. The shape

Videos |  Celebrities |  29.03.20

‘Little Big’ Music Band Support Russians During Quarantine [Video]

The head of the music band “Little Big”, Iliya Prusikin, posted a video for the song “I’m ok” on his Instagram-Page.  View this post on Instagram Little Big – I’m ok (quarantine version) @littlebigband feat. @sibrininv @bimkalu A post shared by Ilia Prusikin / Илья Прусикин (@iliyaprusikin) on Mar 25, 2020 at 8:49am PDT “Quarantine

Videos |  Funny Russia |  28.03.20

Dancer from Russian Band for Eurovision Surprised Subscribers With New Dance [Video]

Dmitry Krasilov decided to cheer up the Russians. He posted on his Instagram-Page a new dance to the song of Yulianna Karaulova.  View this post on Instagram Лёгкие градусы! @yulianna_karaulova спасибо за классный трек! #танцы #новыйтрек #градусы #ЮлианаКараулова #легкиеградусы #меняуносятподдипхаусы A post shared by Dima Krasilov (@dimakrasilove) on Mar 26, 2020 at 11:42pm PDT Dancer’s