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Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  01.04.20

Russian Singer Helped Mother to Change Clothing Style

Russian singer, Sergey Lazarev, decided to surprise his mother and took her to the fashion TV-programme, where the experts, Alexander Vasilyev and Evelina Khromtchenko, changed her style.  View this post on Instagram Сегодня мы с моей мамой побывали в гостях у программы «Модный приговор», где под чутким руководством стилистов 1 канала, мы ее преобразили и

Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  29.03.20

Young Mothers Showed Photos Before and After Childbirth

Scientists say that after childbirth, not only woman’s consciousness changes but also her facial features, reports. Eyebrows rise from a different angle, and the look seems deeper, the nose is sharpened, the corners of the lips drop, and the oval of the face becomes clearer.  In addition, the changes relate to the voice, which

Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  29.03.20

Modern Glasses: Fashion Trends 2020 from Optical Stylist

Anastasia Blagochevskaya told about the most relevant trends of the modern optical industry, VN.RU reports. Modern fashion has become quite smart. Earlier, a frame or a certain colour was popular, but now it’s fashionable to see well first of all.  According to the expert, a rim is a kind of a carnival mask. The shape

Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  20.03.20

Miss Yekaterinburg Takes Part in Turkish Beauty Contest

First Vice-Miss Russia Yekaterinburg, Arina Verina, will participate in the Miss Aura international beauty contest, which will be held in Antalya in May, reports.  View this post on Instagram в связи со сложившимися обстоятельствами, посоветую вам посмотреть интересные фильмы😉)) 📎зелёная книга 📎мальчик в полосатой пижаме 📎достать ножи 📎остров проклятых 📎дневник памяти 📎исчезнувшая 📎отель мумбаи

Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  13.03.20

Niletto Singer Entered Catwalk of Fashion Week in Yekaterinburg

On March 12, on the second day of Fashion Week in Yekaterinburg, a singer Niletto appeared on the catwalk as a model, reports. Yanis Tsanidis showed the collection of his own brand Hoxx, created in collaboration with the Yekaterinburg graffiti artist Denis Blago. After the fashion show, guests took pictures with Niletto. Among visitors

Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  08.03.20

Young Model Presents Fashion Collection on Yekaterinburg Railway

Zoya Kukushkina, a young model and designer, will present her collection on the Children’s Railway. The girl will arrive in Yekaterinburg for Fashion Week, which will be held from March 11 to 16, reports. The project partner, Sverdlovsk Railway, prepared a gift for visitors of the event. On March 14, at 1 pm, on

Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  22.02.20

Traffic Police Officers Congratulated Men on Defender of Fatherland Day

In the Sverdlovsk Region, on the eve of the Defender of the Fatherland Day, female traffic police congratulated men after ordinary inspection procedure, reports.  When the drivers were stopped, police officers checked their documents, license plate with the one that was written in the registration certificate, and asked if there were any fines. After

Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  17.02.20

Most Beautiful Policewoman to Be Chosen Online

Novosibirsk residents can vote for the best policewoman online on the website of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs, reports VN.RU. The final will be held on the eve of International Women’s Day. The top 10 most beautiful girls in uniform is already determined. Among the 35 employees of the internal affairs bodies, 10 beauties have

Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  08.02.20

Elderly Lady from Novosibirsk Became Star of Fashion TV Show

The issue of the TV-program “Rogov in the City” was filmed in Novosibirsk. The famous stylist, Rogov, transformed the girl Tatyana, who dreams of becoming a TV presenter.  Alexander Rogov is a stylist from Voronezh, the host of the makeover show “Rogov in the City”, in which he teaches women to look stylish. After the

Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  06.02.20

Head of American Vogue Coming to Russia

The conference in Moscow is the reason for the visit to Russia by Anna Wintour, Vogue US editor-in-chief, art director (US) and global content consultant Condé Nast. The event is planned to be held in April.  Guests of the event will learn more about digital tools, innovations and marketing technologies of the company. The information

Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  08.01.20

Steel Muscles: Samara Men with Perfect Body

Samara Regional Website shared Instagram-Pages of several city residents, who take good care of their bodies.  Sergey Romanov heads the construction and design company Interstroy. He has a romantic image and the title of Mr Universe 2017. View this post on Instagram Всё, улетаю в Японию, изучать Бусидо….🥋🤺 #Японии #бусидо #самураи #катана #меч #warrior #samurai #warriors

Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  06.01.20

Russian Famous Supermodel Having Vacation in Omsk Village

Russian top model Vlada Roslyakova decided to visit her grandparents, who live in Kamchatka village, the Omsk region.  Vlada explained that getting to the village even if it rains a little bit or snows, is almost impossible. She also told about other difficulties of life in remote villages. In particular, that for any needs of