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Fun |  Celebrities |  09.08.20

Unknown Poem by Joseph Brodsky Found in St. Petersburg

The manuscript with an unknown poem by a Russian-American poet, Joseph Brodsky, was found at home by the translator from St. Petersburg Anatoly Naiman, the Arzamas magazine reported.  It is noted that the poem was written 30 years ago. It was entitled “Fast-Shrift”, which refers to German “Festschrift”, which means “written on a special occasion”,

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Russian Celebrities Showed Quarantine Life [Video]

Russian TV presenter, Anastasia Ivleeva, showed how her husband, hip hop artist Allj, “goes” to the grocery store.  View this post on Instagram за продуктами наверно поехал #кормилец A post shared by НАСТЯ ИВЛЕЕВА (@_agentgirl_) on Aug 7, 2020 at 3:58am PDT Now the celebrities are in quarantine due to the coronavirus, which was recently

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Forbes Compiled Richest Russian Celebrities Rating

Russian singer, Sergei Shnurov, became the star with the highest earnings for this year (about $8.8 million). Other singers, Egor Kreed and Dima Bilan, took the second and third places respectively, with the earnings between $6.9 million and $6.8 million.   The top 5 also included the rapper Vasily Vakulenko, aka Basta ($6.6 million), the singers

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Film Studio Announced Russian Film Premiere Date

The film “Tsoi” will be released on the Day of the Russian Cinema which will be celebrated on August 27, RIA News reported. The film’s director, Aleksei Uchitel, noted that he personally knew the famous musician, Viktor Tsoi, and communicated a lot with the artist’s family circle.  Viktor Tsoi died in a car accident on

Fun |  Celebrities |  15.07.20

Russian Singer Alsou Showed Perfect Body Shape

Russian singer, Alsou, posted photos in a black dress on her Instagram-Page and showed her slim figure and perfect body shapes.  View this post on Instagram Глазами дочери📸 A post shared by ALSOU (@alsou_a) on Jul 14, 2020 at 5:42am PDT “Through the daughter’s eyes,” the singer wrote on the post. So, the singer revealed

Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  12.07.20

Russian Singer Posted New Beach Shot

Russian singer, a former soloist of the music group ‘VIA Gra’, Anna Sedokova, published a beautiful photo from the beach on her Instagram-Page.    View this post on Instagram ​ Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy. Benjamin Franklin💋 A post shared by ANNA SEDOKOVA (@annasedokova) on Jul

Videos |  Sports |  11.07.20

Russian Ballerina Showed Gym Training [Video]

Russian ballerina, Anastasia Volochkova, posted a video on her Instagram-Page to show her followers how the ballerina’s training differs from the exercises of the others in the gym.  View this post on Instagram Каждый использует тренажеры по своему💃😂 #анастасияволочкова #волочкова #балет #россия #я #любовь #радость #цветы #счастье #мы #солнце #лето #спорт #enjoy #театр #выходные #love

Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  10.07.20

Omsk Supermodel Received Marriage Proposal in New York

A famous model from Omsk, Vlada Roslyakova, is going to get married. This information shared on Instagram one of her friends who took part in the organisation of a proposal surprise. The boyfriend of the model is the president of the “Russian Youth in America” organisation Igor Kochan.  View this post on Instagram Congratulations @vladaroslyakova &

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Russian Naked Singer Published on New Esquire Cover

On the new Esquire magazine cover appeared the naked leader of the Russian music band ‘Kino’ Viktor Tsoi. It is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the death of a famous musician, the official Instagram-Page of the magazine reports.  The issue gathered the interviews with those who influenced Viktor, organized his concerts, listened to his

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Russian Actress Posted Photo from Bathroom

Russian actress, Kristina Asmus, shared her photos from the bathroom. In the caption for the pictures on her Instagram-Page, she explained that this was the only time in her life when she was photographed naked on a phone.  View this post on Instagram Это был единственный раз в моей жизни, когда я фотографировала себя голой

Fun |  Celebrities |  02.07.20

Russian Singer Told About Best Fans Presents

Russian singer, Nyusha, spoke about the most memorable presents from her fans, the PeopleTalk YouTube-Channel reports. She said that she has always been especially touched by the books presented by her fans. “Not so long ago, they gave me a thick magazine. It was very touching, because there the information was collected, a photo for

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Russian Singer Revealed Her Weight to Subscribers

Russian singer, Polina Gagarina, stood on the scales in the doctor’s office and published a video of the procedure on her Instagram-Page.  “We are going to be weighed. No one weighs as much as I do,” Gagarina said. Polina showed that her weight is 50.7 kg. She is 33 now and she admitted that she

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Russian Singer Became Prototype of New Eurovision Film Character [Video]

Netflix made a film about the Eurovision international music contest. One of the roles was played by the 37-year-old British actor, Dan Stevens, who said that it is a Russian singer, Filipp Kirkorov, who helped him transform into a film character.   View this post on Instagram Вчера посмотрел новинку от @netflixfilm Eurovision Song Contest. The