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Fun |  Celebrities |  16.04.21

Russian Journalists Named Best Source of Cultures Dialogue

The Romir research holding, in partnership with the “The Commonwealth of Journalists” Mediacongress, conducted a study to identify those media, programmes, and personalities of Russia which over the past year have made the greatest contribution to the development of the dialogue of cultures.  It is specified that the results of a global survey of journalists

Videos |  Celebrities |  12.04.21

Russian Creativity: How Would Gagarin’s Instagram Look Like? [Video]

60 years ago, Yuri Gagarin became the first cosmonaut of the planet Earth. Today, Russians say hello from the alternative 1961 and imagine what would be if people had smartphones and social networks that time.  In the video, its creators show how Yuri Gagarin’s Instagram account could look like, in what manner he could behave

Fun |  Celebrities |  02.04.21

Vladimir Putin Keeps Leadership in Top Attractive Men in Russia

Specialists of the SuperJob job search service surveyed 1,000 residents from all districts of Russia to find out who is the most attractive man in the country for them. According to the results of the study, Russians still consider the country’s President Vladimir Putin the best man.   Today, Vladimir Putin is considered the most attractive

Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  25.03.21

Russian Video Blogger Celebrated Birthday With Playboy Photoshoot

Russian TV presenter and blogger, Anastasia Ivleeva, completely undressed for the cover of Playboy magazine and posted the pictures on her Instagram page.  “For my wonderful 30 years, I also made myself a gift! Meet the cover of Playboy,” Nastya signed the photo. This is already not the first time Anastasia has collaborated with Playboy.

Videos |  Music |  17.03.21

Alfa-Bank Hired Russian Rapper Morgenshtern [Video]

Alfa-Bank hired Russian rapper, Alisher Morgenshtern, creating especially for him the position of Director for Work With Youth, RBC reports with reference to the bank’s press service.    Today Morgenshtern celebrates his birthday, he is now 23. To date, his YouTube channel has 9.28 million subscribers. After he was hired, he released a commercial for

Fun |  Celebrities |  04.03.21

Finnish Actor Learns Lightness From Russians

The most famous Finnish actor in Russia, Ville Haapasalo, spoke about Russia and the distinctive features of the Russian national character, FAN reports. Ville has been in business for a long time, opening eight companies over the past few years. He also takes part in international projects that were supposed to start this year but

Fun |  Celebrities |  29.01.21

Experts Found Out Whom Russian Drivers Trust

The experts from the Romir research holding have compiled the Affinity Index of the influencers who are most trusted by Russian owners of foreign cars and domestic cars. According to the results of the study, Russians who own domestic cars trust the actor Konstantin Khabensky, and those who drive foreign cars trust the comedian Maxim

Fun |  Sports |  22.01.21

Zagitova Recognized Most Popular Figure Skater on Russian Instagram

The Olympic champion from Russia, Alina Zagitova, bypassed two-time world champion Evgenia Medvedeva in terms of the number of Instagram followers and became the most popular among current Russian figure skaters. As of January 22, 2021, 18-year-old Zagitova has 855 thousand followers on Instagram, while 21-year-old Medvedeva has 853 thousand followers.  It is clarified that

Fun |  Celebrities |  12.01.21

Russians Named Most Trusted Artists

The most trusted artists in Russia are Konstantin Khabensky and Dmitry Nagiev, according to the results of the survey conducted by the Romir research holding, REGNUM reports.   The Romir specialists conducted a survey among 2,400 residents of Russian cities with a population of over 100 thousand people in December 2020. The respondents were asked to

Fun |  Celebrities |  12.12.20

Russian Drivers Named Top Trusted Celebrities

The Romir research holding conducted a survey using the Affinity Index, to compile the list of Top 5 influencers in Russia. The experts wanted to know who seems more reliable than others to Russians and whom the owners of domestic and foreign cars can trust.   The respondents were asked the question: “Which of the public

Fun |  Celebrities |  08.12.20

Russian Tea Lovers Told Whom They Trust

Affinity Index of TOP-5 influencers who are most trusted by buyers of coffee, tea, juice, and kvass in Russia.  It is noted that the Romir research holding’s Trust Rating is proactive and based on the international experience of Gallup International which demonstrates the index of citizens’ trust in media persons. In this survey, 2,400 residents

Fun |  Celebrities |  06.12.20

Russians Named Most Influential Actors

Russian residents called Leonardo DiCaprio the actor who had the greatest influence on foreign cinema over the past 10 years, according to the results of a survey conducted by the SuperJob job search portal, RBC reports. Among foreign actresses, citizens singled out Angelina Jolie (14 per cent).  It is specified that Russian actors and actresses

Fun |  Celebrities |  24.11.20

Top 10 Russian Performers Most Expected at New Year’s Shows

Sociologists of the SuperJob service found out from the residents of Russia which of the celebrities they would like to see in the New Year’s shows. The respondents chose singers Alla Pugacheva, Nikolai Baskov, Philip Kirkorov, Svetlana Loboda, and Zivert.  According to the results of the survey, Valery Meladze is on the eighth line, right