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Fun |  Celebrities |  02.02.20

Scandalous Rapper Morgenstern Told How He Started His Career

Together with another rapper, Vitya AK-47, they recorded a track for the new album of Morgenstern. In the first two days, the album “Legendary Dust” was listened 22 million times.  “I started to rap at 11 years old. Mom gave me a microphone, then I overheard Guf and AK-47. These are my teachers. Engaged in

Fun |  Celebrities |  28.01.20

Most Trusted Celebrities: Russians Choice

Russians named celebrities whom they trust most of all. The first place took the TV presenter Ivan Urgant. The research results were provided by the Romir research holding.  The second place in the list of celebrities is taken by the actor Konstantin Khabensky. The top three closes the actor and TV presenter Dmitry Nagiyev. The

Fun |  Celebrities |  03.01.20

Famous Ballerina Surprised Fans with Snow Maiden Suit

The famous Russian ballerina, Anastasia Volochkova, uploaded a video on her Instagram page, where she is dressed in the outfit of the Snow Maiden. The ballerina wishes Happy New Year to her subscribers, though at the moment she is resting in Thailand with her boyfriend.   “The New Year in Thailand came 4 hours earlier than

Fun |  Celebrities |  28.12.19

Singer Pelageya Divorced her Husband

Singer Pelageya announced a divorce from her husband, the famous hockey player, Ivan Telegin. The couple decided to divorce after three years of marriage.  “I do not regret at all. But this is where our story ended. I want to believe that we will be able to maintain respect for each other and the desire

Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  25.12.19

Pop-up Store of Allj Brand Opened in Moscow

Hip-hop artist Allj has opened a pop-up store of his own clothing line under the brand name Sayonara Boy. You can find it on the second floor of the Tsvetnoy department store in Moscow. Pop-up store represents the format of the “point of present” of the brand, that is the temporary place of presence and

Fun |  Celebrities |  23.12.19

Russian Singer Lolita Shares Secret of Slim Figure

The popular singer Lolita has changed a lot after a divorce. Recently she revealed the secret of losing extra pounds: according to the star, she does not sit on any diets.  Having lost 14 kilograms, Lolita noted that she does not set any limits to herself. The star also denies that the cause of weight

Fun |  Celebrities |  15.12.19

Valeria’s Son Got into Second Accident in a Week

The son of a singer Valeria, Arseny Shulgin, had an accident on his way from the hospital. It should be noted, that he was there also because of an accident.  Arseny Shulgin is the youngest son of composer and producer Alexander Shulgin and singer Valeria. He is a musician, pianist, video blogger and entrepreneur.  Shulgin spoke about the

Fun |  Celebrities |  13.12.19

Ballerina Volochkova Surprised Fans with New Look

Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova showed subscribers her new look. She published the photograph on her personal Instagram page.  In the photo, the star poses in a bright blue dress, but it was not the thing that shocked her subscribers. Anastasia has long hair with a bang. “Love leads to such changes. How do you like it?”

Fun |  Celebrities |  09.12.19

Son of Singer Valeria Got into Car Accident

Mercedes of Arseny Shulgin, a son of a famous singer Valeria, had an accident on the M-11 highway near Tosno. A 21-year-old girl was driving the car. According to Shulgin on his Instagram, his lip was sewn up, and his girlfriend broke her arm.  According to him, at the time of the accident, he was

Fun |  Celebrities |  08.12.19

Singer Sergey Lazarev is not Going to Get Married

The famous Russian singer Sergey Lazarev answered questions about his personal life. He gave interviews to reporters at the Victoria Music Award ceremony. The artist emphasized that he was not going to marry and was working in a “different direction”. Lazarev explained that each person chooses his own path for himself. Lazarev noted that paternity

Fun |  Celebrities |  05.12.19

340 Thousand Rubles per Month: School for Heirs of Pugacheva and Galkin

Children of famous artists Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin will soon go to school, so the celebrity parents decided in advance to choose an educational institution for them.  Twins Elizabeth and Harry September 18 next year will be seven years old – usually, at this age parents send their children to school. Galkin and Pugacheva

Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  03.12.19

Singer Vera Brezhneva Launched Own Cosmetic Brand “Vera”

Russian singer Vera Brezhneva takes the first step – she decided to release her own collection of makeup under the brand with the name Vera, and with the motto: “Vera. Everyone needs it.”  The collection contains 26 products: lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, eye shadow palettes. All-natural basic shades – Vera wanted to offer a universal