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Visit |  Culture |  16.11.22

Postage Stamp Dedicated to Russian Patriot Singer Issued in Moscow

A collector’s postage stamp with the image of People’s Artist of the USSR, political and public figure Joseph Kobzon, was released in Moscow, in the city’s office of the Cultural Fund “Kobzon”.  “This is a monument to a man, but an unusual one — it will travel all over the world. And I’m very happy

Fun |  Music |  14.11.22

Experts Named Russian Singers Most In-Demand for New Year Holidays

This year, many Russian companies have decided to skip the idea of having New Year’s parties, as experts interviewed by the Izvestia newspaper told. Earlier, the question was discussed whether it is reasonable celebrating New Year’s holidays en masse while many Russians are mobilized and are out of their homes. Nevertheless, there is still a

Fun |  Celebrities |  17.01.22

Depeche Mode’s Frontman Would Prefer Russian Rocket for Space Travel

The frontman of the iconic rock band Depeche Mode, Dave Gahan, famous all over the world for hits such as ‘Personal Jesus’, ‘Enjoy the Silence’, and ‘Never Let Me Down Again’ said that if he was up for an extraterrestrial journey, he would choose a Russian spacecraft rather than one made by Blue Origin or

Visit |  Events |  14.01.22

Muscovites Invited for Exhibition Dedicated to Russian Rock Music Legend

The Moscow Central Exhibition Hall ‘Manege’ invites citizens and guests of the city to visit the biopic exhibition dedicated to the legend of the Russian rock music Viktor Tsoi. The exhibition is called “Viktor Tsoi. The Path of the Hero” and presents the Russian legend not only as a musician but also as an artist. 

Fun |  Celebrities |  20.12.21

Russian Billionaire Bought Most Expensive Private Jet

Roman Abramovich’s new plane will become the most expensive Russian private jet to date. The estimated cost of the new Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner business jet is $350 million. On December 18, it already flew from Switzerland to Vnukovo Airport, where private aviation is serviced.  The main owner of the Millhouse investment company, Roman Abramovich, acquired

Fun |  Celebrities |  14.12.21

Russian President Topped Rating of Most Mentioned People in Country’s Media

According to the results of 2021, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, topped the rating of mentions in the Russian media. His press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, and Russian Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustin, also entered the top three, according to the data provided by the Medialogia company.    As explained, the media index is an indicator of the

Fun |  Celebrities |  10.12.21

Russian Social Network Named Most Discussed Topics in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has become the most discussed topic in the Russian social network (VKontakte) in 2021, which follows from the rating of the social network.   It is noted that issues related to the coronavirus pandemic took first place in the rating and were discussed in VK a total of 68.5 million times. As

Fun |  Celebrities |  09.12.21

Russian Businesswoman Overtook World’s Billionaires in Wealth Growth

The founder and CEO of the Wildberries online store, Tatyana Bakalchuk, has overtaken the world’s billionaires in terms of wealth growth in 2021. Just a year ago her capital was a billion dollars, but this year it has reached already $13 billion.  According to Forbes, Russia ranked third in the list of countries with the

Videos |  Celebrities |  12.11.21

Natalia Oreiro Received Russian Passport [Video]

Uruguayan actress and singer, Natalia Oreiro, received a Russian passport at the Russian Embassy in the Argentine city of Buenos Aires together with her son. The documents were presented by the Russian Ambassador to Argentina Dmitry Feoktistov.  It is reported that the actress took the oath for Russian citizenship both in Russian and in Spanish.