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Fun |  Celebrities |  23.10.20

Olga Buzova Entered Russian Book of Records

Famous Russian singer and TV presenter, Olga Buzova, entered the Russian Book of Records and received two certificates at once: for the largest number of subscribers in Russia and the CIS and as the most influential girl with the largest number of subscribers on Instagram (22 million people).  It is noted that Buzova’s certificates were

Fun |  Celebrities |  23.10.20

Top 10 Popular Russian Bloggers

The analytical platform MMG Blogger Track has compiled a rating of the popularity of Russian bloggers among teenagers and young people for October 2020. When compiling the rating, experts took into account the number of bloggers’ subscribers aged 14 to 25 years.  In addition, from the fan base, they excluded those who do not live

Fun |  Celebrities |  21.10.20

Rapper Morgenshtern Became Separate Phenomenon for Russian Youth

The MTS big data analysts have calculated the mobile traffic of the youth audience and found out that the work of the rapper Morgenshtern stands out as a separate independent phenomenon, equal to such categories as “online shopping”, “education”, or “entertainment”, RIA News reports.   The analysts have studied the mobile traffic of the audience aged

Videos |  Celebrities |  08.10.20

Russian Rapper Became New Hero of Bachelor Show [Video]

Russian rapper Timati has officially become the new hero of the show “The Bachelor”. This was announced by the TNT TV channel on its Instagram-Page.  View this post on Instagram 🔥🔥🔥 Новым героем шоу «Холостяк» на ТНТ станет Тимати (@timatiofficial)! @holostyak.tnt.official A post shared by Телеканал ТНТ (@tnt_online) on Oct 8, 2020 at 12:10am PDT

Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  25.09.20

Russian Actress Explained Why She Likes Trains

Russian actress, Kristina Asmus, said that when choosing a transport, she prefers a train to an airplane, even when it comes to long distances. She explained that such travels serve as real weekends, as they give an opportunity to get more sleep, read scripts, and learn texts.   View this post on Instagram Я еду из

Videos |  Beauty & Fashion |  22.09.20

Russian Top Model Married French Billionaire [Video]

Russian top model, Natalia Vodianova, posted on her Instagram the first photo from her wedding with French billionaire Antoine Arnault. In the description of the picture, she wrote “Yes” in French.   View this post on Instagram OUI! 💝💝💝 A post shared by Natalia Vodianova (@natasupernova) on Sep 21, 2020 at 8:15am PDT The 38-year-old supermodel

Videos |  Music |  03.09.20

Russian Chansonnier Presented New Clip to Old Song [Video]

Russian singer, Mikhail Shufutinsky, showed Internet users a new video for the legendary song “September 3”. In the video, the singer flips the calendar, sits behind the wheel of an elite car, and plays billiards.   The song tells a sad love story of two people, who didn’t manage to save their love. The man

Fun |  Celebrities |  27.08.20

Russian Stars Revealed Amount of Expenses on Children’s Education

Children of Russian celebrities go to private schools, where it cost millions of rubles to study. The stars of the Russian show business shared how much they pay to educate their children. So, the son of the TV host Dmitry Shepelev and singer Zhanna Friske, Platon, goes to school, for which his father pays 1.4

Visit |  Events |  14.08.20

Russian Celebrities to Tell About Moscow Factories Work Online

Russian actors and TV presenters will visit Moscow industrial enterprises as part of the #OpenMosprom project. The participants will share business insights and social media experiences with the viewers.   It is reported that online broadcasts will be held on August 16 and August 23, as well as on September 6 and September 12 at 8

Fun |  Celebrities |  09.08.20

Unknown Poem by Joseph Brodsky Found in St. Petersburg

The manuscript with an unknown poem by a Russian-American poet, Joseph Brodsky, was found at home by the translator from St. Petersburg Anatoly Naiman, the Arzamas magazine reported.  It is noted that the poem was written 30 years ago. It was entitled “Fast-Shrift”, which refers to German “Festschrift”, which means “written on a special occasion”,

Videos |  Celebrities |  08.08.20

Russian Celebrities Showed Quarantine Life [Video]

Russian TV presenter, Anastasia Ivleeva, showed how her husband, hip hop artist Allj, “goes” to the grocery store.  View this post on Instagram за продуктами наверно поехал #кормилец A post shared by НАСТЯ ИВЛЕЕВА (@_agentgirl_) on Aug 7, 2020 at 3:58am PDT Now the celebrities are in quarantine due to the coronavirus, which was recently

Fun |  Celebrities |  03.08.20

Forbes Compiled Richest Russian Celebrities Rating

Russian singer, Sergei Shnurov, became the star with the highest earnings for this year (about $8.8 million). Other singers, Egor Kreed and Dima Bilan, took the second and third places respectively, with the earnings between $6.9 million and $6.8 million.   The top 5 also included the rapper Vasily Vakulenko, aka Basta ($6.6 million), the singers

Fun |  Movies |  17.07.20

Film Studio Announced Russian Film Premiere Date

The film “Tsoi” will be released on the Day of the Russian Cinema which will be celebrated on August 27, RIA News reported. The film’s director, Aleksei Uchitel, noted that he personally knew the famous musician, Viktor Tsoi, and communicated a lot with the artist’s family circle.  Viktor Tsoi died in a car accident on