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Russian Bear Relaxing in Self-Isolation [Video]

The Omsk bear, Foma, stole hearts of the Omsk residents with his amazing ability to relax during self-isolation.  View this post on Instagram Когда вокруг коронавирус, а ты — медведь Фома из Большеречья 😁 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #ngs55 #ngsnews #ngsomsk #omsk #news #newsomsk #Омск A post shared by НГС.ОМСК (@ngs_omsk) on Mar 24, 2020 at 1:10am PDT

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‘Little Big’ Music Band Support Russians During Quarantine [Video]

The head of the music band “Little Big”, Iliya Prusikin, posted a video for the song “I’m ok” on his Instagram-Page.  View this post on Instagram Little Big – I’m ok (quarantine version) @littlebigband feat. @sibrininv @bimkalu A post shared by Ilia Prusikin / Илья Прусикин (@iliyaprusikin) on Mar 25, 2020 at 8:49am PDT “Quarantine

Videos |  Funny Russia |  28.03.20

Dancer from Russian Band for Eurovision Surprised Subscribers With New Dance [Video]

Dmitry Krasilov decided to cheer up the Russians. He posted on his Instagram-Page a new dance to the song of Yulianna Karaulova.  View this post on Instagram Лёгкие градусы! @yulianna_karaulova спасибо за классный трек! #танцы #новыйтрек #градусы #ЮлианаКараулова #легкиеградусы #меняуносятподдипхаусы A post shared by Dima Krasilov (@dimakrasilove) on Mar 26, 2020 at 11:42pm PDT Dancer’s

Fun |  Funny Russia |  26.03.20

Urals Resident Surprised Neighbours With Unusual Life Hack

Kopeysk citizens, Chelyabinsk region, were surprised by the unusual way to dry laundry, proposed by one of their residents, reports.   A man was not too lazy to put a clothes dryer out of the window on one of the upper floors. People in the neighbourhood called this “a Life Hack from Uncle Vanya” and

Videos |  Funny Russia |  15.03.20

Ostriches Blocked Novosibirsk Road [Video]

Residents of the village of Prokudskoye in the Novosibirsk Region saw ostriches which blocked their way on a snowy road.  View this post on Instagram Какие-то странные нынче куры в Чике! 🐓 A post shared by АСТ-54 (@instact54) on Mar 14, 2020 at 12:01am PDT Local drivers began to swear when saw the birds, as

Fun |  Funny Russia |  11.03.20

Girls on SUVs Participated in Novosibirsk Races

The women’s off-road jeep sprint was held in Novosibirsk, VN.RU reports. The race was dedicated to the International Women’s Day. In total, 39 women took part in the competition. It is stated that for the best time result was awarded a sports category. The male audience enjoyed the tournament and complained that they also would

Fun |  Funny Russia |  01.03.20

Volga Limousine Amazed Residents of Tyumen

Tyumen lawyer, Yevgeniy Levchenko, is used to constant attention on the roads. His car travelled a long distance before reaching Tyumen and has been serving its owners already for seven years, reports.  Yevgeniy brought Volga car from the Gus-Khrustalny town. This is the usual Volga, just with 8 places, instead of the usual 5.

Videos |  Funny Russia |  24.02.20

Bony Calf Obeys Orders and Guards House [Video]

A video with a trained calf from the Chelyabinsk region appeared on social networks. The calf’s nickname is Bonaparte or Bony.  Bony has a white heart in his forehead and dog-like skills, as he is able to perform all the commands, such as “Walk”, “To me”, or “Go Home”. A video with a trained calf

Videos |  Funny Russia |  19.02.20

Lonely Ostrich on Voronezh Fields [Video]

A video showing a lonely ostrich running along the road just in front of a car in the Voronezh region appeared on social networks. The author of the video posted it in the VK-Group with a funny comment. “He is looking for a way to Africa,” the author joked. Emu ostriches belong to the group

Fun |  Funny Russia |  17.02.20

February Fun: Broom Hockey and Giant Soccer in Yekaterinburg Central Park

On Saturday in the Central Park of Yekaterinburg was organized the feast of the February Fun, reports Citizens were invited to play giant football, broom hockey, ride the Finnish sleigh and take part in comic family races.  Children competed who would go faster inside the huge toy caterpillar, and together with their parents flew

Fun |  Funny Russia |  13.02.20

Raccoon Marusya Rescued After Home Escape

Moscow rescuers removed a raccoon that escaped from the owners from the tree. This was reported by the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.  The rescuers were called by eyewitnesses who noticed the animal climbing to an impressive height but unable to get off the tree. The MES squad arrived at the site and used a