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Videos |  Funny Russia |  10.08.20

Naberezhnye Chelny Couple Celebrated Wedding With Antivirus Team [Video]

An unusual wedding ceremony was held in the Naberezhnye Chelny Celebration Palace. The newlyweds, Gleb and Diana, were accompanied by a special team with disinfectants in medical gowns, glasses, and masks.   View this post on Instagram В красивую дату – 💛 08.08.2020 💛 – хотелось бы отдельно выделить гостей Глеба и Дианы. В период соблюдения

Videos |  Funny Russia |  09.08.20

Urals Fox Got Habit of Looking for Nuts [Video]

Residents of South Urals were expecting a squirrel but saw the fox. Residents of Snezhinsk left nuts on the terrace near the house to attract squirrels. The thief turned out to be not a rodent but a fox that came for treats.   The video shows how the fox approaches the nuts, grabs one, and

Videos |  Funny Russia |  08.08.20

Russian Girls Helped Trolleybus Driver [Video]

A video shot by an eyewitness in Bryansk amused social networks users. It shows a trolleybus driver trying to start the vehicle and four girls who are helping him and pushing the vehicle.  With the joint efforts of the driver and the girls, the trolleybus was started. In the comments, users praised the girls for

Fun |  Funny Russia |  06.08.20

Banknotes With Ideal Numbers to Be Sold in Urals

An unusual lot appeared on a site for free ads in Chelyabinsk. Several residents of the region put up rare banknotes for several million rubles at once, reports.  The first banknote is a five-thousandth bill with an unusual number “7774777”. For the bill with an almost ideal number, the price is 7,774,777 rubles. The

Fun |  Funny Russia |  02.08.20

Man With Guitar Caught in Rostov Coal Carriage

In Morozovsk, the Rostov region, transport police removed a man from a freight train. He was heading to the resort in a carriage with coal, the press service of the Transport Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the North Caucasus Federal District reported.   The man was found by a train receiver

Videos |  Funny Russia |  24.07.20

Urals Rescuers Turned Survival Training Into Joke [Video]

The video with the dances arranged by the Chelyabinsk region rescuers in protective suits amazed the Internet users. The teams of rescuers from all over the region competed in professional skills and decided to film a funny video.  During the competition, the participants need to imagine that they work at the place where the

Fun |  Funny Russia |  10.07.20

Muscovites Got Tattoo With Favourite City District

Sisters from Moscow, Alexandra and Arina Nesterovs, love the district they live in (Sviblovo) so much that they decided to make a tattoo with one of its symbols. The 21-year-old Alexandra and 24-year-old Arina have noticed that their area has a special charm, VM.RU reported.  The sisters live in a house that has been adorned

Videos |  Funny Russia |  04.07.20

Omsk Ostrich Farm Raises Little Birds [Video]

Little emu ostriches appeared on the Omsk ostrich farm only two months ago but they are already free to walk around the aviary, om1 reports.   Visitors will not be able to see the little ostriches this season, as the birds are afraid of noise. However, the employees of the farm are happy to talk

Fun |  Funny Russia |  30.06.20

Muscovites Learn Waste Separation Through Instagram Game

A game dedicated to a separate waste collection appeared on the housing and communal services department of  Moscow Instagram-Page.  View this post on Instagram Поиграли в нашу игру? Потренировались? 😊 ⠀ Вам присваивается звание КМС – кандидат в мастера сортировки. 🏆 ⠀ Выкладывайте в сторис, делитесь с друзьями и регулярно повышайте результаты. 😉 ⠀ Но

Fun |  Funny Russia |  28.06.20

Russian Only One Corgi Police Dog Got Retired

Russian corgi dog named Red got retired after serving in the law enforcement agencies of Nizhny Novgorod, which lasted 7 years.  View this post on Instagram В соответствии с приказом начальника УТ МВД России по ПФО я больше не буду служить в полиции. Я теперь, друзья, самый настоящий пенсионер! ⠀ Но, несмотря на это, скучать

Videos |  Funny Russia |  21.06.20

Novosibirsk Zoo Showed Funny Monkeys Getting Food [Video]

The Novosibirsk Zoo posted a funny video about the life of monkeys, the official VK-Group of the institution reports. The De Brazza’s monkeys are named after the French traveller, Pierre de Brazza, and usually live in Central Africa. In the Novosibirsk Zoo, there are 9 monkeys of this species.     The monkeys eat mostly

Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  21.06.20

Tula Nurse Became Sportswear Model

A nurse from Tula became a world celebrity after appearing before her patients in a swimsuit. Nadezhda Zhukova is 23 years old, she graduated from Ryazan Medical University, and now works as a nurse in a Tula hospital.   The picture of Nadezhda working with coronavirus infected patients in a Tula Regional Hospital wearing a transparent

Videos |  Funny Russia |  13.06.20

Russian Woman Arranged Extreme Balcony Cleaning [Video]

Russian woman climbed over the balcony and arranged cleaning right on the ledge. The video appeared in the ‘Typical Krasnodar’ VK-Group.   Many of the Internet users are quite worried about the fate of the woman, while others admire her bravery and wonder how did she get there. Ru-Main, 13.06.2020