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Insight |  Funny Russia |  03.04.21

Clowns Amused Kids in Chelyabinsk Children’s Hospital

In the Chelyabinsk regional children’s hospital, there is quarantine. That is why artists are now not allowed to get inside. But the clowns found a way out and came to the kids on an aerial platform, staging a performance right in front of the windows of the second and third floors, chelTV reports.   It is

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Russian Tourists Fried Sausages on Volcano [Video]

On February 18, 2021, a lateral blast occurred on the Klyuchevskaya Sopka volcano in Kamchatka at an altitude of 2,850 metres. It consists of two parallel cracks spaced about 250 metres apart. The length of the lava flow has exceeded 1.2 kilometres. The height of the slag cone at the source of the breakthrough is

Videos |  Funny Russia |  16.03.21

Russians Played Hockey on Airplane [Video]

The An-124 is so big that you can play hockey on board, Meduza reports. First, it was planned to fill the skating rink in the cabin of another cargo plane An-22 Antei. In the process of preparing the site, it turned out that Antei is too narrow, so they decided to arrange the match on

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Russian EMERCOM Opened Official Pages on TikTok and Likee [Video]

Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) has its own accounts in 11 social networks and messengers. For improvement of safety culture among population, the Ministry has also opened pages on TikTok and Likee.  @mchs.russiaВы только посмотрите, что могут наши сотрудники! Отправляйте свою реакцию в комментариях!Спасибо за предоставленное видео @@anatoly.doletsky♬ оригинальный звук – МЧС России The

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Yekaterinburg Residents Played Chess Right on Road

On January 27, 2021, in the afternoon in Yekaterinburg, two guys played chess in the middle of the road in the city centre. They put a red BMW on the emergency lights on the bridge and sat down at a table to drink tea and play chess, e1 reports.  The drivers passing by were signalling

Videos |  Funny Russia |  15.01.21

Rostovites Supported Snow Burning Flash Mob [Video]

Residents of Krasnodar decided to try to burn the snow with a lighter and were surprised that it did not melt. After that, the network was flooded with videos, where people burn snowballs and prove that something is wrong with it. The experiment was repeated in Donetsk, Rostov region.    The “experimenters” joke about their

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Nizhny Novgorod Residents Threw Party at Waterfall [Video]

On December 26, all Nizhny Novgorod communities on the VKontakte social network got a funny video about “the right way to have real fun”.    A group of Nizhny Novgorod residents set up a camping bath on the ice at the non-freezing waterfall on Kudma river and arranged rides with snow tubes. Social network users

Fun |  Funny Russia |  04.12.20

Moscow Couple Fights for Instagram Account After Divorce

The Moscow court is considering divorce proceedings in which the spouses wanted to share the rights to an account on Instagram. A lawyer, Sergey Egorov, told that according to the rules of Instagram, an account must be registered for one person, so it was registered for the wife, RIA News reports.    According to the

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Yekaterinburg Residents Dancing on GAZelle [Video]

The residents of Yekaterinburg were shot on video dancing on the roof of the Russian GAZelle car.   As it is seen from the video, a group of young people in several cars decided to arrange a disco party right on the city streets. People from the passenger cars opened the driver’s doors and one

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Parodists from Novosibirsk Women’s Colony Amazed Viewers [Video]

Prisoners from the Novosibirsk colony became famous by dancing to the popular song “Uno” by the Little Big music group whose video was watched by millions of viewers, the press service of the regional Penitentiary Service reports.    It is noted that the parody competition is held in the Novosibirsk region for the second year

Business |  Funny Russia |  04.11.20

Soviet Retro Car Put Up for Sale for 50,000 Rubles

A 60-year-old GAZ was put up for sale in Novosibirsk. The car engine is 55 horsepower, according to the Drom car sale portal.    “I sell a rare horse, it is a little lame, but it rides,” the owner wrote. The Novosibirsk resident offers the first generation GAZ 69 SUV with 4WD drive. The year