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Videos |  Funny Russia |  19.02.20

Lonely Ostrich on Voronezh Fields [Video]

A video showing a lonely ostrich running along the road just in front of a car in the Voronezh region appeared on social networks. The author of the video posted it in the VK-Group with a funny comment. “He is looking for a way to Africa,” the author joked. Emu ostriches belong to the group

Fun |  Funny Russia |  17.02.20

February Fun: Broom Hockey and Giant Soccer in Yekaterinburg Central Park

On Saturday in the Central Park of Yekaterinburg was organized the feast of the February Fun, reports Citizens were invited to play giant football, broom hockey, ride the Finnish sleigh and take part in comic family races.  Children competed who would go faster inside the huge toy caterpillar, and together with their parents flew

Fun |  Funny Russia |  13.02.20

Raccoon Marusya Rescued After Home Escape

Moscow rescuers removed a raccoon that escaped from the owners from the tree. This was reported by the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.  The rescuers were called by eyewitnesses who noticed the animal climbing to an impressive height but unable to get off the tree. The MES squad arrived at the site and used a

Fun |  Funny Russia |  11.02.20

Russian Travellers Don’t Sleep on Airplane

Russian online service for travellers conducted a survey to find out how many people feel free to sleep on the airplanes. About a third of travellers answered that they did not know how to sleep there.  Travellers were asked about the conditions under which they could fall asleep on an airplane. Only 38 per

Fun |  Funny Russia |  10.02.20

Birds Sleeping Under Snow in Urals

Photos of birds in snow appeared in social networks. These were capercaillies. Palaeontology tells that this bird family appeared on Earth even earlier than chicken.   Nowadays, there are about 30 thousand capercaillies live in the Chelyabinsk region. The weight of these birds can reach 7 kilograms. Scientists believe that in the ice age, the plumage

Fun |  Funny Russia |  09.02.20

Urals Residents Created Racing Motorcycle for Riding on Ice

The Ural masters created a motorcycle based on the Harley-Davidson designed for summer trips, which will be able to participate in winter races, reports with reference to the coordinator of the club HOG Ekaterinburg Ekaterina Akbarova.  “Harley-Davidson has always been a motorcycle for trips in the summer, it has never been seen as a

Videos |  Funny Russia |  08.02.20

City Streets Cleaned by Janitor on Gyroscooter [Video]

Unusual snow removal happened in Russia recently. A janitor on a gyroscooter cleans the park, reports.   A janitor adapted an electric vehicle to clean snow. This significantly reduced the time for cleaning the territory and did not leave eyewitnesses indifferent. Such a modern janitor is quite capable of competing with the classic snow removal

Videos |  Funny Russia |  08.02.20

Chelyabinsk Dog Rides on Snowboard [Video]

Sonya, the French bulldog mastered a skateboard and became a favourite of skateparks visitors. This winter she began to master the snowboard.  The first platform for training was her owner Dmitry‘s apartment. According to him, in public places, the dog began to take away boards from everyone, jump and interfere with people, as well as

Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  08.02.20

Elderly Lady from Novosibirsk Became Star of Fashion TV Show

The issue of the TV-program “Rogov in the City” was filmed in Novosibirsk. The famous stylist, Rogov, transformed the girl Tatyana, who dreams of becoming a TV presenter.  Alexander Rogov is a stylist from Voronezh, the host of the makeover show “Rogov in the City”, in which he teaches women to look stylish. After the

Fun |  Funny Russia |  07.02.20

Polar Bear Enjoys Snow in St. Petersburg Zoo

Not only local citizens and guests of the city enjoy the snowfall. The inhabitants of the Leningrad Zoo are glad to see snow too, especially the white bear Haarchaana.  Photos of a joyful animal appeared on February 7 on the organization’s Instagram-Page. The comment states that Haarchana hints to everyone that tomorrow is the weekend

Fun |  Funny Russia |  07.02.20

Urals Resident Improved Old Soviet Car

A resident of Ozersk, Chelyabinsk region, decorated his old ZAZ car (Zaporozhets). Now rust is not a defect, but an original feature of his car, reports.  The South Ural resident arranged a photoshoot for his car, although, at first glance, the vehicle looked not special at all. The car is already 31 years old,

Videos |  Funny Russia |  06.02.20

Urals Resident Caught Huge River Tiger [Video]

The South Urals fishermen caught a huge fish. He turned it back into the water almost immediately. This species is listed in the Red Book, reports.  A man caught a very large fish, taimen, from an ice hole. Instead of taking it home, he turned it back to the hole after a couple of

Fun |  Funny Russia |  05.02.20

Urals Resident Created Handmade Snow Blower

A resident of Zlatoust cleans the streets from snow by himself. In order to be quicker and handier, he assembled his own snowplough, chelTV reports.  Denis Rostovtsev tested special know-how. He turned an ordinary motor-towing truck into a mobile snow-removal machine. It can clear several private sector streets. According to Denis, it takes about half