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Cat Sculpture in Kurgan Confused Locals and Soon After Was Dismantled 

The sculpture “Cat on Suitcases” installed on the territory of the railway station square in Kurgan was dismantled after complaints from residents, as the press service of the South Ural Railway reported.   A photo of the sculpture was first posted on a VK page dedicated to the local news. The cat confused city residents, as

Roscosmos’ Chief Invited Elon Musk for Cup of Tea

The Director-General of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, invited the Space X CEO Elon Musk to his home for a cup of tea and revealed that his favourite one is a Soviet-era Indian-style tea, which also, according to Rogozin, appeared to be his grandmother’s favourite tea, Sputnik reports.  Let’s start with my grandmother’s favorite Indian tea!

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Race on High Heels Held in Kazan [Video]

A high-heeled race was held on the Kremlin Embankment in Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, in which not only women but also men took part, the reports.  It is noted that the winners of the competition were identified at a distance of 60 metres. The competitors had to overcome this distance in shoes with

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Moscow Mayor Explained Meaning of Unusual Sculpture Located in City Centre

About 10 per cent of companies in Russia belong to the creative industries sector, attracting about 1.5 million people to their activities, TASS reports with reference to the Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the country Tatyana Ilyushnikova at the Russian Creative Week forum.  At the forum, Tatyana Ilyushnikova said that in the global economy,

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Muscovites Helped Food Delivery Robot Overcome an Obstacle [Video]

Muscovites helped the Yandex food delivery robot to overcome the obstacle and continue its path to a customer, Moscow24 reports.   The robot got stuck on a high curbstone and couldn’t move forward. A man decided to help the delivery service “worker” and pushed him to make his way easier. Users on the Network joked

Vladimir Putin Supported German Chancellor When Her Phone Rang [Video]

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel today, on August 20. The meeting took place in a warm atmosphere and pleased the Russians who are following news with such a friendly tone.  у Меркель во время переговоров с Путиным зазвонил телефон — Кремлевский пул РИА (@Kremlinpool_RIA) August 20, 2021 From the

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Yakut Cat Protected His Owners From Bear [Video]

A black cat named Vasya did not let the bear get closer to people and drove him away even when the bear suddenly moved towards him, as can be seen in the footage of the video presented by 360 TV channel. The cat’s owners reacted calmly to the bear and only jokingly commented on what

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Elephant Sanatorium Opened in Sochi [Video]

The Russian State Circus (Rosgostsirk), together with the ‘Live Vision’ Safari Park, opened the first “sanatorium” in Russia for the recreation of elephants after a tour. According to the press service of the circus, the new resting place for large animals is located in the Akhshtyr Gorge of Sochi.   The elephant trainer and successor of

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Raccoon Snuck Into Krasnodar Alcohol Store [Video]

In Krasnodar, rescuers found a raccoon that had sneaked into an alcoholic beverages store. The animal was sitting right in a box of wine, the press service of the city administration reports in its official Telegram-Channel.  The press service said that the owner of the store turned to emergency services regarding the detection of the

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Achilles the Cat Predicted Russian Team’s Victory in European Match

The Hermitage cat Achilles predicted the victory of the Russian national team in the European Football Championship match with the Finnish team in St. Petersburg, TASS reports. It is clarified that Achilles the Cat predicts the victory of the teams by choosing from two bowls with the flags of the countries. This time, after some

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Tagil EMERCOM Crew Played in Sandbox After Tough Work [Video]

The night of the Emergencies Ministry employees in Tagil was difficult. The men fought with the fire and after a tough work gathered to go back to the unit.  However, the attention of one of the firefighters was attracted by a children’s sandbox with a bunch of toys, according to the Mash Telegram channel. In

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Russian Drivers Surprised Internet Users With Inventiveness [Video]

Two Russian cars driving on top of one another appeared in the video posted by the Russian international multilingual network of information TV channels ‘Russia Today’ (RT) on its Twitter-Page.  ‘Think of the money we’ll save on parking!’ Follow us on Telegram — RT (@RT_com) June 7, 2021 The video shows how the