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Fun |  Music |  14.11.22

Experts Named Russian Singers Most In-Demand for New Year Holidays

This year, many Russian companies have decided to skip the idea of having New Year’s parties, as experts interviewed by the Izvestia newspaper told. Earlier, the question was discussed whether it is reasonable celebrating New Year’s holidays en masse while many Russians are mobilized and are out of their homes. Nevertheless, there is still a

Fun |  Music |  24.05.22

Neural Network Created Music Based on Data About Major Russian Cities

The experts of the Platforma company, which develops solutions for business, have created five musical compositions with the help of a neural network that reflect the sound of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Arkhangelsk, and Kazan.   The project was created as part of the promotion of a new service to assess the tourist attractiveness of

Fun |  Culture |  10.03.22

Music Album of Northern Peoples Released in Russia

The album of ethnic electronic music “Welcome to the Arctic” based on folk songs of the peoples who live in the north, was released in Russia, which is reported on the website of the project office for the development of the Arctic.   It is noted that the album is based on the musical accompaniment of

Fun |  Music |  04.02.22

Russians Chose Top Songs for Lifting Working Spirits

Specialists of the and Sberzvuk services found out what kind of music Russians listened to went they returned to work after the New Year holidays. According to the survey results, the return was given to residents of the country quite easily (63 per cent).  The survey results showed that pop, hip-hop, and rock more

Videos |  Music |  31.01.22

Manizha Became First Russian Participant of Spotify Singles Project

Manizha was the first Russian singer to join a series of exclusive studio recordings of Spotify Singles. Manizha presented an acoustic version of her English-language track Now or Never, and also recorded a cover of the song See-Line Woman by Nina Simone.  Manizha became the first Russian singer to record a track for Spotify Singles

Fun |  Culture |  14.12.21

Experts Made Up Top List of Russians’ Favourite Soviet-Era Films and Songs

30 years after the collapse of the USSR, the most popular Soviet film among Russians remains “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”, the top song is still “Katyusha”, and the most favourite book is “How the Steel Was Tempered”, which follows from a survey conducted by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre as part of

Fun |  Music |  06.12.21

Yandex.Music Named Top Singers of 2021

Users of the Yandex.Music streaming service in 2021 most often listened to the singer Mari Kraymbrery and rapper Morgenshtern.  According to the number of auditions, Mari Kraymbrery became the most popular artist, and Morgenstern became the main artist, just like last year. The most listened song of the year was the track “Bird” by the

Videos |  Music |  09.11.21

Russian Rapper Condemned Minorities for Turning World Upside Down [Video]

Russian rap artist Sqwoz Bab has released a provocative video clip about the modern tendencies of the world community to change traditional values and the global shakiness of world perception. In his song, he warns that world power, including media influence, is rapidly passing into the hands of a minority, which provokes disregard for the

Fun |  Music |  26.10.21

Russians Named Best Singers 2021

Specialists of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre, in partnership with the ‘Mark No. 1 in Russia’ Award, conducted a study during which they found out who Russians consider the best singers of the country.   It turned out that Russians consider Oleg Gazmanov to be the best Russian male pop singer of 2021 (19 per

Insight |  Music |  22.10.21

New Study: Most Russians Have Never Thought About Working in Music Industry

Specialists of the job search service conducted a joint study with Sberzvuk and found out whether Russians are interested in professions related to music. In the course of the study, it turned out that the majority of Russians (84 per cent) have never thought about working in the music field.    According to the