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Videos |  Music |  20.07.20

Russian Band’s Video Gained Record Views Number in Eurovision History [Video]

The video of the Russian rave group Little Big for the song “Uno” has received a record number of views on the official Eurovision channel on YouTube. This was announced on the official Twitter-Account of the music competition.  🇷🇺 Congratulations to Russia's Little Big! Uno is now the most watched video EVER on the #Eurovision

Videos |  Movies |  29.06.20

Russian Singer Became Prototype of New Eurovision Film Character [Video]

Netflix made a film about the Eurovision international music contest. One of the roles was played by the 37-year-old British actor, Dan Stevens, who said that it is a Russian singer, Filipp Kirkorov, who helped him transform into a film character.   View this post on Instagram Вчера посмотрел новинку от @netflixfilm Eurovision Song Contest. The

Fun |  Music |  10.06.20

Yandex Specialists Named Top Songs After Self-Isolation Cancellation

The Yandex.Music specialists named top songs popular among Russians after the cancellation of the self-isolation mode. The leader of the rating became “I Am Free” by Valery Kipelov, RIA News reports.   It is noted that 1.1 thousand listeners of Yandex.Music participated in the experiment. The age ranged between 18 and 63 years. The rating also

Fun |  Music |  06.06.20

World Celebrities Invite Russians to Radio Energy Music Tour Online

World celebrities, including Jonas Brothers, Major Lazer, Milow, invited Russians to the online concert “Energy Music Tour at Your Home. Part 2″, as it is reported on the radio’s VK-Page.  The stars will once again perform exclusively for listeners of Radio Energy. Listeners can enjoy the songs of Tones and I (Australia), Powfu (Canada), Major

Videos |  Music |  30.05.20

Novosibirsk Musicians Recorded Song About Quarantine [Video]

A creative video from Novosibirsk musicians, the members of the Offbeat Orchestra released the song “In Quarantine”. Performers used a washing machine and a kettle instead of musical instruments.  As there is no possibility of full-fledged studio work for musicians because of quarantine, members of the Offbeat Orchestra group decided to create a track

Business |  Music |  23.05.20

Alisa Voice Assistant Conducted Radio Broadcast

Since May 22, the voice assistant Alisa has been broadcasting at a frequency of 87.9 FM, on Like FM radio. With the help of the voice assistant, people can learn the weather forecast, music news, and Alisa’s own thoughts, the radio VK-Group reports.   “The idea came during the period of self-isolation. When everyone is forced

Fun |  Music |  19.05.20

Russian Students Chose Songs for Prom

Russian students have chosen songs for the playlist for their prom. According to the data provided by the music service Zvuk, they would like to hear Max Korzh, Noize MC, and Imagine Dragons at the prom, RIA News reports.  The leader in the musical rating of Russian teenagers is the singer Max Korzh. The second

Videos |  Music |  18.05.20

Russian Singer Polina Gagarina Learned ‘Uno’ Dance [Video]

Russian singer, Polina Gagarina, danced with Dmitry Krasilov, a member of the Little Big group, who became known for his funny movements in video clip prepared for the Eurovision song contest.  View this post on Instagram Наш непредсказуемый мир! Кто бы подумал, что Евровидение 2020 мы проведём так! Вчера на @1tv вспоминали конкурсы предыдущих лет

Fun |  Music |  11.05.20

Top War Years Songs Named by Novosibirsk Portal for Victory Day

Top songs of the war years and those written in peacetime were collected by the VN portal. The three leaders became “Victory Day”, “Dark Night”, and “We Need One Victory”.  The song “Victory Day” (composer David Tukhmanov, lyrics by Vladimir Kharitonov) was recognized as a symbol of the celebrations on Victory Day and is usually

Videos |  Music |  10.05.20

Natalia Oreiro Congratulated Russians on Victory Day [Video]

A video with the congratulations appeared on the Instagram-Page of her official fan club. Natalia performed the Russian war song “Here the Birds Don’t Sing…”. View this post on Instagram С Днём Победы! 🇷🇺 Мира во всём мире! Я вас люблю! ❤ Feliz Día de la Victoria! 🇷🇺 Paz en el mundo! Los quiero! ❤

Fun |  Music |  08.05.20

Russian and British Musicians to Perform Together on Victory Day

An online concert dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War will bring together famous Russian and British musicians, TASS reports.  “It’s important for us to hold a worthy action in the UK together with Rossotrudnichestvo and with the assistance of the Russian Embassy, ​​dedicated to this significant date, even at

Videos |  Music |  08.05.20

Russian Music Band Showed Dance Skills Again [Video]

Russian music band that was supposed to participate in the Eurovision song contest, published a new video clip for the song “Hypnodancer” on their YouTube channel. In 2 hours the video collected almost half a million views (473 thousand).  Russian famous actors and bloggers took part in the video clip shooting, namely Alexander Gudkov, Ruslan