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Fun |  Funny Russia |  29.05.20

Unusual Find: Bird Made Nest Under Car Bonnet

A resident of Chelyabinsk found a bird’s nest under the hood of her car, ChelTV reports. Wagtails usually build nests in the natural recesses of soil, under the roots of trees and under the bark of decrepit trees. It is unclear how the bird got under the bonnet of a car, but Elena Kablova, its

Fun |  Events |  29.05.20

Russians Favourite Characters in Children’s Books

According to a study conducted by the Russian e-book subscription service MyBook, Harry Potter, the protagonist of the eponymous series of books by Joan Rowling topped the ranking of the most beloved characters in children’s books in Russia.  The rating was compiled on the eve of the Children’s Day, annually celebrated in Russia on June

Fun |  Events |  28.05.20

Novosibirsk Artist Presented Military Painting to Volgograd

Novosibirsk artist, Vladimir Vlasov, donated the picture “From the War” to the hero city of Volgograd in honour of the 75th anniversary of the Victory, the press service of the Ministry of Culture of the Novosibirsk region reported.  The ceremonial transfer of the painting was carried out as part of the project “The War on

Fun |  Movies |  27.05.20

Top 5 World Most Popular Cartoons Included Russian Animated Series

The Russian project “Masha and the Bear” is included in the top popular cartoons in the world during the coronavirus pandemic. The animated series was in the top 10 world leaders, taking 4th place in the ranking, TASS reports.  The first and second places were taken by Peppa Pig and SpongeBob, and the third by

Fun |  Events |  26.05.20

Moscow Flower Show: Festival of Gardens and Flowers to Be Held Online

In 2020, for the first time the ‘Moscow Flower Show’ Gardens and Flowers Festival will be held online, the press service of the Moscow Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection reported. The event will be held online from June 26 to July 5, 2020. The participants from around the world will have a chance

Videos |  Events |  25.05.20

Moscow Environmental Centre Invites to Masterclass on Making Postcards [Video]

Moscow state environmental institution ‘Mospriroda’ offers to participate in a remote masterclass in the decoration of the floral cards, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports.  The participants in the masterclass have a chance to learn how to make bright spring souvenirs that will preserve memories of spring. More information can be found on

Fun |  Events |  25.05.20

Cosmonautics Museum Holds Spacecrafts Online Exhibition

The Moscow Cosmonautics Museum presents an online exhibition with the sketches of the interiors of Soviet Soyuz spacecraft, drawings by the Russian and Soviet pioneer of the astronautic theory, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, as well as costumes of cosmonauts of different times, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports.  The ‘Space Design’ online exhibition will be

Fun |  Celebrities |  24.05.20

Leader of ‘Little Big’ Music Band Admitted His Complexes

The leader of the Little Big music group, Iliya Prusikin, admitted that in reality, he is not so confident in himself, as it seems to many of his fans. The singer noted that he has been struggling with many complexes since childhood, but he tries to move forward. “Since childhood, I have been trying to

Fun |  Movies |  24.05.20

Russian Experts Made Top List of Action Movies for Home Viewing

Such films as “Die Hard”, “John Wick”, and “Rush Hour” were included in the list of the best action movies for home viewing, the portal reports. The “Die Hard” film with Bruce Willis was highly recommended for viewing to all fans of the genre. The story of a hero who rescues hostages in a

Fun |  Events |  24.05.20

Russians to Learn More About Beekeeping Online

Russians are invited to attend a course of distance educational lectures on urban beekeeping, the city news agency ‘Moscow‘ reports. A lecturer is a member of the Association of Natural Beekeeping, an ambassador for wood beekeeping in Moscow and Russia Andrey Kozharsky. To listen to the lectures, you must first register. Then in the period

Fun |  Events |  23.05.20

South Urals Photographers Showed How They See Self-Isolation

The South Urals photographers decided to organize a competition of creative works with the main topic of a self-isolation, chelTV reports.  The task of the participants is to capture on camera how they see self-isolation, and what the pandemic is associated with. The photographer showed how many people have to spend time without the opportunity

Videos |  Funny Russia |  23.05.20

Russian Blogger Found Out How Much Alcohol in Liquor Sweets [Video]

A blogger from Novosibirsk, Andrey Mandzyuk, found out how much alcohol is contained in 1 kilogramme of liquor sweets.   According to the manufacturer, the alcohol content is 4.8 per cent. In one pack there are 20 candies. Andrey weighed one candy to check the ratio of liquor to chocolate. For convenience, he poured the

Business |  Music |  23.05.20

Alisa Voice Assistant Conducted Radio Broadcast

Since May 22, the voice assistant Alisa has been broadcasting at a frequency of 87.9 FM, on Like FM radio. With the help of the voice assistant, people can learn the weather forecast, music news, and Alisa’s own thoughts, the radio VK-Group reports.   “The idea came during the period of self-isolation. When everyone is forced