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Fun |  Sports |  12.07.20

Russian Ice Skater Recognized Best Newcomer

Russian sixteen-year-old figure skater, Alena Kostornaya, won the ISU Skating Award in the “Best Newcomer” nomination, RIA News reported.  The skater said that she was very proud of her victory. She made her debut at an adult level in the 2019/20 season. Having won the stages of the Grand Prix and in the series finale,

Fun |  Sports |  11.07.20

Summer Run to Be Held in Omsk

The traditional Siberian International Marathon will be held in an unusual format this year, which means that men will be able to compete in their skills with women, Channel 12 reports.       The organizers believe that such innovations will help improve the competition. The distance for women will start 17 minutes 19 seconds earlier

Videos |  Sports |  11.07.20

Russian Ballerina Showed Gym Training [Video]

Russian ballerina, Anastasia Volochkova, posted a video on her Instagram-Page to show her followers how the ballerina’s training differs from the exercises of the others in the gym.  View this post on Instagram Каждый использует тренажеры по своему💃😂 #анастасияволочкова #волочкова #балет #россия #я #любовь #радость #цветы #счастье #мы #солнце #лето #спорт #enjoy #театр #выходные #love

Fun |  Sports |  03.07.20

Russian Beach Volleyball Championship to Be Held in Moscow

The second stage of the Russian beach volleyball championship will be held in Moscow from July 9 to July 12, the press service of the All-Russian Volleyball Federation reported. A total of 16 male and female couples will compete in the tournament. The Moscow stage will be the second in the current season, the first

Fun |  Sports |  29.06.20

Russian Gymnast Won Gold in Hoop Exercises

Russian gymnast, Dina Averina, won an online rhythmic gymnastics tournament in hoop exercises, RIA News reported.    Dina became the first with a score of 25.15 points. The second place was taken by her sister, Arina Averina (23.90), and the third place is occupied by the representative of Uzbekistan Ekaterina Fetisova (21.20). The tournament is attended

Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  21.06.20

Tula Nurse Became Sportswear Model

A nurse from Tula became a world celebrity after appearing before her patients in a swimsuit. Nadezhda Zhukova is 23 years old, she graduated from Ryazan Medical University, and now works as a nurse in a Tula hospital.   The picture of Nadezhda working with coronavirus infected patients in a Tula Regional Hospital wearing a transparent

Fun |  Sports |  20.06.20

All-Russian Individual Run to Be Held on Medical Worker Day

On June 21 at 11 am around the country will be held the All-Russian individual race #NotAPatient. Every resident of Russia can join the event and support doctors fighting with the spread of COVID-19, the All-Russia People’s Front website reports.  Every person can choose a distance for the race on their own, based on their

Fun |  Beauty & Fashion |  20.06.20

Russian Gymnast Pleased Fans With New Split Photo

Russian gymnast, Anastasia Tatareva, amazed her fans with a good stretch. The picture appeared on her Instagram-Page.  View this post on Instagram В Москве жара☀️ А какая погода в твоём городе?😎 ⠀ #summertime #goodvibes #moscow A post shared by Анастасия Татарева (@tatarchik_official) on Jun 18, 2020 at 9:17am PDT Tatareva repeatedly won medals at the

Fun |  Sports |  10.06.20

Professional Russian Dancers Resume Training

In a few days, professional dancers will again start training to prepare for future tournaments, reports.  Since mid-March, all the halls for dancers were closed and the competitions were cancelled. Some dance classes were held online, which let dancers replace the sensations of performing at the dance floor with a partner. It is noted

Fun |  Sports |  09.06.20

Omsk Cyclist Rode Longest Marathon in Region

Aleksei Lemaev is the first Omsk resident to conquer the longest marathon in the region of 1,000 kilometres which took him 71 hours 41 minutes, reports. The result of the Omsk cyclist will be forwarded to the World Association ‘Les Randonneurs Mondiaux’. Randonner is a cyclist taking part in special events known as brevets,

Fun |  Sports |  02.06.20

Russian Athletes Resumed Individual Training

Russian gymnasts began to train in the Olympic Centre ‘Round Lake’. It is noted that athletes undergo 3-day quarantine constant monitoring by doctors first, and only then can train, in masks and gloves, reports.  It is stated that athletes across the country resume training. In Kazan, for example, swimmers, weightlifters, synchronized athletes, and ping-pong

Fun |  Sports |  21.05.20

Russian Wushu Championship Held Online During Quarantine

During the self-isolation regime, the Wushu Federation of Russia holds the Russian Wushu Championship in an online format, the press service of the Federal Centre for Sports Reserve Training reported.  The Russian Wushu Championship started on May 15 and lasted 6 days during which 542 athletes from 37 subjects of the Russian Federation took part in

Videos |  Sports |  21.05.20

Youth Project Participants Conduct Sports and Dance Classes [Video]

The participants of the challenge #NaRayone (#InDistrict) have already done 100 thousand push-ups, 1,400 minutes plank, and published 2,000 videos with home dancing, the Moscow Mayor official website reports.  View this post on Instagram Пожалуй, это лучшая тренировка что мы видели! Зацените!🔥 Repost from @shurik.kk ⠀ Итак, СУПЕРДОМАШНЯЯ ТРЕНИРОВКА на все тело ⠀ 1. Жим