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Insight |  Around Russia |  01.04.20

Russians Can Apply for Marriage from Home

The Russian government will work on the opportunity to remotely marry country residents, though now there is only an opportunity to send an application for marriage through the Internet, the Ministry of Justice reports.  It is reported, that the government will accelerate the work on introducing the possibility of providing state services for the registration

Insight |  Moscow |  01.04.20

Volunteers Walk Dogs of Moscow Pensioners

On March 31, the My Career Centre reported that more than two-thirds of requests for assistance came from pet owners, VM.RU reports.  When volunteers come to help the elderly with walking their pets, they need to use all personal protective equipment and maintain a distance when communicating with animals owners. This equipment is a mask,

Insight |  Moscow |  01.04.20

Serbian Athlete Helps Elderly Muscovites

Milan Miletich came to Moscow from Serbia, and now helps elderly neighbours. He is convinced that giving a helping hand to a person in need is very important.  Milan lives with his wife Sveta and son Nikola in the Moscow area of ​​Kuzminki. For several years, a Serbian athlete trained people for free in Gorky

Insight |  Kazan |  31.03.20

Tatarstan President Supports Products Distribution to Older People

The idea was proposed by the head of the Kazan marketplace Kazan Express. The head of the republic, Rustam Minnikhanov, held an online meeting with representatives of federal companies OZON, Yandex, Wildberries and the republican marketplace Kazan Express, KazanFirst reports.  The Kazan Express company offered to provide groceries to the elderly for free. The idea

Insight |  Around Russia |  31.03.20

Children of Privileged Categories to Receive Free Grocery Sets

Children from privileged categories will be provided with food packages for 12 school days. This was reported on March 30 by the press service of the Moscow department of education and science.  A free grocery set can be obtained from an educational organization since March 28. The set includes cereals, flour, milk, pasta, canned fish,

Insight |  Moscow |  31.03.20

Muscovites Rate Electronic Services Online

In Moscow was launched a new crowdsourcing project (Moscow Electronic Services). It is dedicated to the provision of electronic services in a particular industry, the Moscow Mayor official website reports.  Project participants have the opportunity to express their wishes and comments. Residents of Moscow will be able to offer their options for improving the city

Insight |  Around Russia |  30.03.20

Free Internet Services to Appear in Russia From April 2020

First Deputy Head of the Presidential Executive Office, Sergey Kiriyenko, said that key Russian Internet services will be provided for free as part of the Accessible Internet project from April 1, RIA News reports.   “You know that there is a decision of our President to make accessible the Internet in the country by July

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  29.03.20

Exhibition Online: Top 10 Cars from Retrotechnics Museum

The Museum of Retrotechnics named after Vladimir Mikhailov opened in Tyumen almost two years ago. For over 20 years, a local businessman has been collecting antique cars. Zaporozhets was completely repainted, and the interior was restored. The car age has exceeded 50 but it still can go on a trip at any time. This car

Videos |  Omsk |  29.03.20

Omsk Circus Showed Newly Born Tiger Cubs [Video]

The tiger trainer, Rostislav Gavryliv, two weeks ago shared with the Omsk circus the good news that the tiger Magda gave birth to four babies. According to the trainer, the mom feels good, the babies have a good appetite, have already opened their eyes, and even try to growl, because tigers do not know how

Videos |  Kazan |  28.03.20

Tatarstan Residents Sing Together During Self-Isolation [Video]

Residents of the Republic of Tatarstan know well the songs of the famous Russian rock band ‘Lyube’, headed by Nikolai Rastorguev, and sing them together to support each other during the period of self-isolation. Tatarstan Yes posted a video in which residents of a Kazan house immediately supported a man singing right from the

Insight |  Novosibirsk |  28.03.20

Novosibirsk Women Offered Free Haircut for TV Premiere

The premiere of the reality series “Female Soldiers” will soon take place on TV. The residents of Novosibirsk are offered a free haircut which usually soldiers have in the army, the TNT TV channel press service reports.  Female Soldiers is the first project in which girls actually serve in the army. Participants voluntarily refused to

Insight |  Novosibirsk |  28.03.20

Experts Analyzed Preferences of Novosibirsk Residents When Buying Doors

Over the past ten years, the preferences of Siberians when choosing an apartment door has radically changed.  Not only natural materials are preferred now, but also colours that are pleasing to the eyes, reports. In 2010, the dark brown colour was popular, or, as it is called, royal maroon. Now people are choosing something

Insight |  Moscow |  27.03.20

Moscow Pet Stores Keep Working During Quarantine

During the non-working week of March 28 – April 5, 2020, communication salons and pet stores are allowed to continue their work, according to the information given on the official website of the Moscow Mayor. In addition to the My Documents public service centres, all other authorities and state institutions of Moscow are turning to