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Insight |  Novosibirsk |  21.02.20

Top 3 Male Professions in Novosibirsk

The most popular professions among male job seekers were identified by HeadHunter job site analysts, VN.RU. As it turned out, the lifeguard is the most popular male profession in the Novosibirsk region.  Men are 93% of the job seekers for the car business, and 90% of working personnel. As for salary expectations, then men, as

Insight |  Moscow |  21.02.20

Free Lectures for Pet Owners to Be Held in Moscow

In Moscow, a cycle of free lectures will be held for pet owners. Specialists of the Moscow Veterinary Committee will tell participants how to care for their pets and feed them in the capital city.  All lectures were divided into three thematic blocks. The first is devoted to animal diseases, the second to caring for

Insight |  Around Russia |  20.02.20

Over Million Russians Relocated from Emergency Housing

Since 2008, about 1.1 million people out of 17 million square meters of emergency housing have been resettled around Russia. This was told by the Housing and Utilities Fund official Gennady Adamovich, TASS reports.  “Since 2008, with the financial support provided by the Housing and Utilities Fund, as well as attracting funds from regional and

Insight |  Novosibirsk |  20.02.20

Specialists Revealed Most Demanded Professions in Novosibirsk

Service conducted research on vacancies in Novosibirsk which are in the highest demand now, and found out what salaries the specialists can count on. According to analysts, in February 2020, security guards became the most popular job among Novosibirsk employees; their average salary is from 20,300 rubles per month, VN.RU reports.  On the labour

Insight |  Samara |  20.02.20

Ban on Cigarettes: Tobacco Products Can Be Removed from Samara Kiosks

Deputies of the Samara Regional Duma decided to invite the federal authorities to tighten anti-tobacco law. The idea is to ban the sale of cigarettes in retail outlets of a small area, 63.RU reports. For cities, a restriction of 25 square meters is proposed, for rural areas, it is 10 square meters. The sale of

Insight |  Omsk |  20.02.20

100 Million Rubles for Pavements Repaire

According to the press service of the Omsk City Hall, the sidewalks and driveways for repairment this year are being chosen in the city department. It is planned to allocate 100 million rubles for these works.    List of objects for repair works is based on the proposals of the Omsk residents. In spring, commission

Insight |  Around Russia |  19.02.20

Alley of Military Glory to Be Built in Novosibirsk Village

In the year of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the Walk of Fame will be opened in the working village of Linevo, reports VN.RU. It was possible to implement a socially significant project thanks to the support of the Sibanthracite group.   The village of Linevo arose in the second

Insight |  Moscow |  19.02.20

Moscow Metro Included in Top 20 Companies for Woman Career

The Moscow Metro took 17th place in the Russian ranking of companies made up by Forbes Woman, in which women have the greatest opportunity to build a successful career. The share of women in the total number of employees of the enterprise, career opportunities and other factors were taken into account, reports the official website

Insight |  Around Russia |  19.02.20

Rostov Convicts First Time Passed Labour and Defense Training Test

In the Rostov Region, convicts sentenced to corrective labour passed the GTO standards, which means that they tested their skills in the Labour and Defense Readiness. The event was held at the Rostov correctional centre, reports Rostov Department of the Federal Service of Penalties Execution.  According to the press service of the Federal Penitentiary Service

Insight |  Moscow |  19.02.20

Moscow Parents to Receive Menu of School Canteen

The online service soon will start to send parents information about the nutrition of their children at school. This was told by the head of the commission on education, science and culture of Moscow Maria Lazutova, reports ‘Moscow‘ News Agency.  Lazutova emphasized that the system will be developed until May 2020. It will be carried

Insight |  Around Russia |  19.02.20

Urals Residents Began to Marry Foreigners More Often

Residents of the Sverdlovsk region prefer to marry foreigners. In 2019, 2604 such marriages were registered, and a year earlier there were six hundred less, reports   Most often, Uralians register marriages with citizens of Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. Then come immigrants from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and Armenia. Among the far abroad countries, most marriages

Insight |  Moscow |  18.02.20

Russian Railways to Launch Additional Trains on March Holidays

More than 90 additional trains will be launched in Moscow during the March holidays, the press service of Russian Railways reports. It is expected, that the main stream of travellers will return on March 9th. Additional trains will run from Moscow to Samara, Ufa, Orenburg, Kazan, Saransk, Cheboksary, Penza and other cities. Additional flights will