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Business |  Technology |  13.04.21

Moscow Schools Began Accepting Electronic Illness Certificates

Data on the illness of children attending Moscow schools and kindergartens will be automatically transferred to an electronic journal, so paper certificates of students’ absence for health reasons will no longer be needed, according to the mayor of the city, Sergey Sobyanin, on his Twitter page.  “I know that parents have been waiting for this

Business |  Technology |  13.04.21

Voice Assistant Started Helping Doctors in Moscow Hospitals

A pilot project has started in five Moscow hospitals, which introduced a voice assistant based on artificial intelligence which will collect complaints from patients by phone before seeing a therapist, the official website of the city mayor reports.   It is specified that the voice assistant is integrated with the chatbot, which has been conducting an

Insight |  Around Russia |  12.04.21

HR Experts Named Russian Couriers’ Average Salaries

Couriers have become one of the heroes of the coronavirus year. That is why experts of the job search service decided to conduct a study and find out which cities of the country have the best offers for couriers.   According to the results of the study, in the period from March 2020 to February

Insight |  Around Russia |  12.04.21

Experts Named Highest-Paid Vacancies in Russian Production Sphere

Specialists of the job search service studied more than 3,000 manufacturing vacancies and made the April rating of the highest-paid job offers in Russia. One of the highest salaries is offered to a chief engineer at a coal company in Moscow (from 250,000 rubles) who must have higher education in the speciality and experience

Fun |  Sports |  11.04.21

Women’s Hockey Revived in Chelyabinsk

Women’s hockey is being revived in Chelyabinsk, chelTV reports. Along with “Chelmet” and “Polar Bears” in the system of the ‘Traktor’ club in the new season will appear the new team.   It is noted that women’s hockey in Chelyabinsk began to develop actively in the mid-90s. Since that time, the team had the names “Metelitsa”

Insight |  Economics |  11.04.21

Most Russians Would Like to Have Additional Job

Specialists of the job search service conducted a study and found out whether Russian residents would like to find a new part-time job. According to the survey results, 79 per cent of respondents would like to earn extra money, and 10 per cent are already doing it, while 11 per cent of the surveyed

Insight |  Economics |  11.04.21

Russians Believe: Adult Children Should Support Parents Financially

Most Russians help their parents financially, allocating them 8,500 rubles per month on average, the specialists of the SuperJob job search service report. According to the results of their research, 55 per cent of the country residents believe that adult children should provide their parents with constant financial help and 35 per cent think that

Business |  Technology |  11.04.21

Advanced Radiator for Cooling Electric Vehicles Batteries Created in Russia

Scientists from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) created a durable and compact radiator for lithium-ion batteries, which in the future can be used to power electric vehicles. When creating the radiator, aluminium alloys were used and the technology of friction stir welding was applied, RIA News reports.   As the engineer of the

Insight |  Technology |  11.04.21

Russian Entrepreneurs Named Best Digital Services

Online interaction with government agencies became the most popular digital service that entrepreneurs in Russia use, according to the press service of the Federal Corporation for the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses. It is specified that almost a third of the survey participants are engaged in trade, 8 per cent are in the construction

Insight |  Around Russia |  11.04.21

Russians Named Reasons to Switch to Freelance

Services and SberServices conducted a study and found out how many residents of Russia changed their profession in the year of the coronavirus, from March 2020 to February 2021, and how many people switched to freelance.   According to the results of the study, over the past year, only 23 per cent of the surveyed