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Insight |  Trip Advisory |  01.07.22

Russian Federation Сancelled COVID Restrictions Around Country

In Russia, against the background of improving the epidemiological situation, previously imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions are being lifted, in particular, the mask regime is being cancelled, as the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being (Rospotrebnadzor) reported.  “Due to the continuing decrease in the intensity of the epidemic

Insight |  Around Russia |  10.06.22

Russian Large-Scale Exercises Ended in Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Fleet of Russia has completed large-scale anti-submarine exercises, in which more than 40 ships and 20 aircraft took part, according to the press service of the country’s Ministry of Defense.  As specified, the training took place from June 3 to 10 under the leadership of the Commander of the Pacific Fleet, Admiral Sergei

Insight |  Around Russia |  07.06.22

Experts Named Major Cities in Russia With Cheapest Housing

Experts of the federal company “Etagi” have compiled a rating of 100 major cities of Russia with the cheapest housing.  Chelyabinsk took the first place in the list of cities with the most affordable average cost per square meter in the secondary housing market. There it is 65.2 thousand rubles. Volgograd is in second place

Insight |  Around Russia |  07.06.22

Unemployment Rate in Russia Reached Lowest Level in History

The unemployment rate in Russia in April 2022 was the lowest in history, according to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, on Tuesday, June 7.   “I will also note low unemployment. In April, its level in Russia was at historically minimum values, and in May, the number of officially registered unemployed not only did not increase,

Insight |  Around Russia |  06.06.22

Experts Named Most Popular English Words Among Russians

The most popular English words among Russians appeared to be the words “fake”, “hype”, and “meeting”, according to the analysts of the Skillbox educational platform and the ResearchMe analytical agency. The study is dedicated to the Day of the Russian Language, which is traditionally celebrated today, on June 6.   According to the results of the

Insight |  Around Russia |  03.06.22

Russia to Allocate Subsidies to 20 Airlines for Canceled Flights

Rosaviatsia (Russian Aviation) has selected 20 airlines that will receive state support to refund passengers the cost of tickets for canceled flights. This was reported in the press service of the department on June 3, 2022.   A total of 27 applications were received for participation in the selection. Support will be provided to Aeroflot, Pobeda,

Insight |  Around Russia |  02.06.22

New Russian McDonald’s Menu Revealed

The next data about the assortment of the new McDonald’s in Russia and the names of dishes were revealed in the network. The popular burger “Big Mac” and ice cream “McFlurry” will disappear from the menu, while the future of “Big Tasty” has not yet been decided.  The proposed menu was published by the Telegram

Insight |  Around Russia |  01.06.22

Teachers-Bloggers Council to Be Created in Russia

The Public Council under the Ministry of Education supported the idea of creating a council of teachers-bloggers. It can include up to 20 people with a minimum audience of 1 thousand people in various social networks, according to the ministry’s website.  “The Public Council under the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation approved the

Insight |  Around Russia |  27.05.22

About 85% IT Specialists Returned to Russia After Leaving Country

Data from SIM cards of Russian operators shows that about 85 per cent of IT specialists, who left the country earlier, have returned to the Russian Federation. This was announced on Friday, May 27, by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.  Mishustin pointed out the impact of timely measures taken to support the industry as prompt responses

Insight |  Around Russia |  26.05.22

Leaders of Russia: Personnel Contest Participants Ready to Work in Donbass

Participants of the personnel competition “Leaders of Russia” are ready to work in the executive authorities of Donbass, according to the Secretary of the General Council of the ‘United Russia’ party Andrey Turchak.  Answering the question of what opportunities the ‘United Russia’ party can give, Turchak noted that the participants of the contest already hold

Insight |  Around Russia |  26.05.22

Russians Named Top 3 Most Important Goods for Import Substitution

First of all, it is necessary to establish import substitution of electronics, medicines and food products in the country, Russians believe. At the same time, women are more likely to speak out for the priority of medical goods and food, and men are more likely to speak out for computers, smartphones and industrial equipment. 1,600