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Insight |  Around Russia |  26.05.22

Leaders of Russia: Personnel Contest Participants Ready to Work in Donbass

Participants of the personnel competition “Leaders of Russia” are ready to work in the executive authorities of Donbass, according to the Secretary of the General Council of the ‘United Russia’ party Andrey Turchak.  Answering the question of what opportunities the ‘United Russia’ party can give, Turchak noted that the participants of the contest already hold

Insight |  Around Russia |  26.05.22

Russians Named Top 3 Most Important Goods for Import Substitution

First of all, it is necessary to establish import substitution of electronics, medicines and food products in the country, Russians believe. At the same time, women are more likely to speak out for the priority of medical goods and food, and men are more likely to speak out for computers, smartphones and industrial equipment. 1,600

Insight |  Around Russia |  19.05.22

Russia’s State Duma Considers Legalizing ‘Big Change’ Youth Movement

A bill on the “Big Change” Russian movement of children and youth has been submitted to the State Duma for consideration. The All-Russian movement will consist of regional branches throughout the country, local branches in municipalities, as well as primary branches in schools, secondary vocational educational organizations and departments of additional education.  Among the goals

Insight |  Around Russia |  17.05.22

Experts Named Top Professions In-Demand of Russian Students

In April — early May 2022, the average salary of babysitters in Russia increased by 30 per cent, the salary of hostesses — by 22 per cent, and the salary of merchandisers — by 13 per cent. This was reported by analysts of the Avito Rabota job search service on May 17, 2022.  The company

Insight |  Around Russia |  11.05.22

Russians Changed Attitude Towards EU Countries Amid Sanctions and Harassment

The All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) analyzed the results of a monitoring study on the attitude of Russians to the countries of the EU and discovered a negative trend.  Numerous economic sanctions and unfriendly statements by European politicians against Russia have caused a deterioration in the attitude of Russians towards the EU countries. In

Insight |  Around Russia |  10.05.22

Russians Expressed Their Attitude to Higher Education

Specialists of the job search service conducted a study and found out how Russian residents assess the importance of higher education for building a successful career. More than 5,000 respondents from all regions of the country took part in the survey.  More than half of the surveyed residents of Russia (59 per cent) are

Insight |  Around Russia |  06.05.22

Russia Launched Navigator on Support Measures Under Sanctions

The navigator, which will help Russians get information about the support measures offered by the state against the background of external restrictions, has been launched on the Russian government official website. It is compiled in the form of a questionnaire and is posted in the section dedicated to helping citizens and businesses in the face

Insight |  Around Russia |  02.05.22

Russians Named Industries With Fastest Career Growth

Specialists of the job search service conducted a study and found out in which areas it is possible to achieve leadership positions faster, in the opinion of Russians, more than 3,000 respondents of which took part in the survey from all regions of the country.   A third of the surveyed are sure that 3-5

Insight |  Around Russia |  02.05.22

Russians Told What Motivates Them to Work

Specialists of the job search service conducted a study and found out which methods of motivation the residents of Russia consider the most effective. More than 3,000 service users took part in the survey from all regions of the country. The majority of the surveyed residents of Russia (65 per cent) said that regular