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Russians Named Most Prestigious Professions

Programmer and top manager are the most prestigious professions according to the most Russians who took part in the HeadHunter recruiting service research, RIA News reports.  According to the results of the survey, most of the respondents voted for the profession of a programmer (17 per cent), director or top manager (13 per cent), president,

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Russians Told What They Lack Most Working Remotely

The experts of a provider of professional communication solutions for business, Mango Telecom, interviewed managers of Russian companies and found out which office conditions do they lack most in remote locations, NewsNN reports.  The survey was carried out in the interface of the MANGO OFFICE business telephony inventory management system among working specialists. It turned out that

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Russians Stop Making Pickles for Winter

Nowadays, less than a third of citizens make pickles for winter, although in 2011 half of the country’s residents were engaged in this, according to a study by the Romir research holding, RIA News reports.   The study was conducted in November 2020 and involved 1,500 respondents aged 18 to 60 and older. To analyze the

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First Time Yekaterinburg Girls Allowed Driving Locomotives

On the Sverdlovsk railway, for the first time in its history, girls received a certificate of the assistant driver. Until 2020, they could not study for such a profession, because it was not available for women. The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation made changes to the document and created for

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Rostovites Offered Rehabilitation in Sanatoriums

Residents of Russia are offered to undergo rehabilitation after recovered from coronavirus in the country’s sanatoriums, 1rnd reports. The procedures should help make the physical and mental health of people better. According to the President of the Russian Union of Travel Industry, Sergey Shpilko, the sanatoriums are completely ready to receive patients.   It is

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Russians Revealed Trust Level to Petrol Stations

The Romir research holding prepared a rating of the business reputation of the petrol stations brands represented in Russia. The data available to the company allows comparing the dynamics of the trust index since 2012.   It is noted that the research is carried out according to the international methodology GRI (Global Reputation Index). The Trust

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Major Investor to Start Transport Revival in Taganrog

The ‘Sinara Urban Transport Solutions’ company intends to reboot the public transport system in Taganrog. The agreement was signed at the “Transport of Russia 2020” forum by the government of the Rostov region and the company’s management.  “These are new trams that meet modern environmental requirements, low-floor, comfortable for passengers, new trolleybuses, or electric buses.

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Most Russians Ready to Get Freelance Work

More than half of Russians (65%) are ready to completely switch to freelance, according to the results of the study conducted by the job search service together with the NPF Sberbank. At the same time, 19% of respondents are afraid of this idea due to the absence of pension contributions and the inability to

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Experts Named Most Popular Jobs Among Russian Men

Men in Russia most often apply for vacancies of drivers, loaders, and labourers, Izvestia reports with reference to the Avito.Rabota analytical centre.   It is specified that the share of men in the driver’s profession at the end of the third quarter of 2020 was 81 per cent. Also, Russian men were interested in vacancies of

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Every 10th Russian Ready to Move for Work

The job search service analyzed more than 300,000 CVs published in 2020 and found out how the number of applicants ready to move to another city for work has changed.  It is noted that 11 per cent of job seekers indicated their readiness to work in another city, while in the first quarter of

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Russian Employers Listed Demands to Office Applicants

The service conducted a survey among employers from all regions of Russia and found out what criteria are the most important when conducting an interview with candidates and choosing a new employee.   It is specified that 47% of Russian employers check CVs for spelling and punctuation mistakes, 16% are not satisfied with a large