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Healthcare Specialists Named Most Popular Doctors in Tatarstan

During self-isolation Russians most often remotely turned to pediatricians, therapists, and gynecologists, TASS reported with reference to the press service of the digital medical service ‘Doctor is Near’.    It is noted that the largest number of requests came to gynecologists (17%), neurologists (13%), dermatologists (11%), otorhinolaryngologists (10%), and endocrinologists (5%). Among the requests received,

Insight |  Around Russia |  14.07.20

Russian Youth Named Most Important Life Goals

Financial security turned out to be the most important life goal for the vast majority of Russian youth, RT reports with reference to the data provided by the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre.  The survey participants had to choose three main goals for their lives. According to the experts, 60 per cent of young people

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Russians Called Perfect Work Parameters

In the parameters of ideal work, Russians put high salaries first, also emphasizing stability and a good team, RIA News reported.  The study was conducted in July 2020, and more than 4.6 thousand users of and 2.6 thousand Viber users from all Russian regions took part in it. According to the study, 67 per

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Russians Received Over 600 Billion Rubles for Children Care

During the period of the coronavirus pandemic, Russian citizens received payments for 26.5 million children. The total amount of support amounted to 617 billion rubles, TASS reported. As part of the national project “Demography”, almost 12,000 places were created in nurseries and kindergartens, the construction of three new type social service centres was also completed.

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Most Popular Professions in Russia During Coronavirus Pandemic

The experts of the Institute for Progressive Education made a list of professions most in-demand in Russia during the coronavirus pandemic. The leading position took medical workers, RT reported. It is noted that now in high demand are also those who can rebuild the work of companies to new standards, for example, anti-crisis managers, marketers,

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Russians Acquired Over 5 Million Children’s Toys

This summer, clothing, shoes, and goods for children are quite popular among Russians. According to a study conducted by an Internet-Shop ‘Wildberries’, the sales of children’s products in June grew by 137% comparing with the previous year. The turnover of children’s goods amounted to 28.4 billion rubles, KazanFirst reported.  In total, over the past 3

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Children’s Medical Masks Produced in Moscow Region

In the Moscow Region started the production of children’s medical masks, MosRegToday reported. The production of medical masks was established by the Podolsk company Spanpro, which previously produced supplies for beauty salons and hotels.  It is noted that an adult mask will also protect a child, but it should be fixed in this or that

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Russians Ask Government for Free Home Repair

Russian lawyer, Alexander Zorin, said which categories of Russian citizens have the right to ask for free housing repairs, OTR reported. According to a state programme, the disabled of the 1st and 2nd groups, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, orphans, and children left without parental care can ask for a free repair.    To

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Special Study: Russians’ Attitude Towards Family and Marriage

The Russian Public Opinion Research Centre conducted a study on the Family, Love, and Faith Day, the results of which showed that country residents began to be more loyal to the marriages between representatives of different religious beliefs. In 2010, 48 per cent of respondents admitted a negative attitude to such unions, while this year’s

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Tatarstan Courtyards to Be Repaired Under Presidential Programme

In Tatarstan, according to the presidential programme “Our Yard” will be carried out comprehensive landscaping in 1,084 yards. Construction work is already underway in 427 courtyards of the republic.  It is specified that in total, 226 yards in Kazan, 131 yards in Naberezhnye Chelny, 83 yards in Zelenodolsk district, 67 yards in Nizhnekamsk district, 52

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Over 600 Million Rubles Allocated for Tatarstan Resource Centres Repair

The Ministry of Construction, Architecture, and Housing of Tatarstan announced that 17 republican resource centres will be repaired.   The repair will take place as part of the implementation of the programme for facilities repairment, which were created to meet the staffing needs of the republic’s employing organizations. It is specified that this year, more

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Experts Named Russian Regions With Longest Roads

The regions of Russia with the longest highways were named by the experts of the Federal Statistics Service (Rosstat), RT reported. Last year, the longest roads were recorded in the Altai Territory (54.3 thousand kilometres).  The top 3 also included Bashkiria (48.6 thousand kilometres) and the Moscow region (43.5 thousand kilometres). At the very end

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Past 6 Months in Russia Became Warmest in Observations History

The first 6 months of 2020 in Russia became the warmest for all time instrumental meteorological observations in the country, Interfax reported.  According to the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Centre, Roman Vilfand, the average temperature in Russia in the first half of 2020 was the highest for 130 years of meteorological annals and for