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Insight |  Around Russia |  01.04.20

Russians Can Apply for Marriage from Home

The Russian government will work on the opportunity to remotely marry country residents, though now there is only an opportunity to send an application for marriage through the Internet, the Ministry of Justice reports.  It is reported, that the government will accelerate the work on introducing the possibility of providing state services for the registration

Insight |  Around Russia |  31.03.20

Children of Privileged Categories to Receive Free Grocery Sets

Children from privileged categories will be provided with food packages for 12 school days. This was reported on March 30 by the press service of the Moscow department of education and science.  A free grocery set can be obtained from an educational organization since March 28. The set includes cereals, flour, milk, pasta, canned fish,

Insight |  Around Russia |  30.03.20

Free Internet Services to Appear in Russia From April 2020

First Deputy Head of the Presidential Executive Office, Sergey Kiriyenko, said that key Russian Internet services will be provided for free as part of the Accessible Internet project from April 1, RIA News reports.   “You know that there is a decision of our President to make accessible the Internet in the country by July

Insight |  Around Russia |  27.03.20

New Micro-District to Appear in Zelenograd

In place of the territory of the Center for Informatics and Electronics (CIE) in Zelenograd, it is planned to create a new micro-district. This was reported by the press service of the Moscow Committee for the implementation of investment projects in construction (Moskomstroyinvest).  The project for the planning of the territory with an area of

Insight |  Around Russia |  26.03.20

Experts Told What Russian Children Do During Quarantine

Analysts have studied products for children that are on sale and the demand for which has grown recently, so they found out what Russians do during self-isolation, reports.  It turned out that board games in Chelyabinsk became cheaper by 3%, game consoles, on the contrary, went up by 14%, and sets for creativity rose

Insight |  Around Russia |  25.03.20

Activity on Dating Sites Increased During Self-Isolation Period

Employees of the portal Loveplanet said that activity on dating sites increased during the period of self-isolation, Nevskie Novosti reports.  Experts consider the most important thing is that people have more free time for such activities. Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to keep statistics of happy couples, but they say for sure that people began

Insight |  Around Russia |  24.03.20

Study Showed What Russians Do at Home During Self-Isolation

In self-isolation, Russians are most often involved in repairs and general cleaning, which was shown by the results of a study conducted by Aviasales, Moscow city news agency reports.  Most of the respondents took the opportunity to make a long-planned repair or cleaning, watch the series, or read a book. Some citizens also use the

Insight |  Around Russia |  22.03.20

Nizhnekamsk Residents Get Married on Spring Equinox Day

At the Wedding Palace in Nizhnekamsk, 14 couples got married on the spring equinox day. In the registry office, the newlyweds were presented with gifts, KazanFirst reports.  As the experts specify, the 20th of March was not only a beautiful date on the wedding calendar, as it is 20.03.2020, but on this day also comes

Insight |  Around Russia |  22.03.20

Russian Doctors to Be Registered in Unified Database

Heads of public and private medical organizations will have to register all their doctors and nurses in the Unified State Health Information System, the Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.   This decision was made in order to stimulate medical organizations to connect to the system if they have not already done so. It is also necessary for the

Insight |  Around Russia |  20.03.20

Russian Government Protected Elderly People from Discrimination

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, signed a law on fines for discrimination against people with disabilities and the elderly, the official Internet portal of legal information reports.  According to the document, amendments are made, according to which for refusal to provide services for elderly people and people with disabilities, will be charged a fine in the

Insight |  Around Russia |  19.03.20

Specialists Named Russian Regions With Highest Salaries

The Russian Federal Statistics Service (Rosstat) recorded the highest average monthly salary in Chukotka, that is 106.8 thousand rubles per month, RT reports. In second place are the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (100.4 thousand rubles), Moscow (94 thousand rubles), the Magadan Region (92.9 thousand rubles), and the Nenets Autonomous Okrug (86.8 thousand rubles).  The lowest salaries

Insight |  Around Russia |  17.03.20

TV Studios Opened in Urals Prisons

In all the colonies of the Chelyabinsk region opened television studios. Now in every penitentiary institution, it shows its cable channel, chelTV reports.  The television studio employs 4 people. They all are lawyers and economists, but now learning the art of journalism. The studio releases news and documentaries. For highly artistic shooting in the neighbouring

Insight |  Around Russia |  16.03.20

Russians Listed Dream Job Criteria

A study conducted by the service showed which criteria are important for Russians when they search for work, RT reports.  Analysts conducted a survey in which respondents were allowed to choose a maximum of three criteria especially important for them when searching for a job. High wages turned out to be the most important