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Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  26.03.20

Red Sky Pictures Amazed Chelyabinsk Residents

Unusual dawn was captured in Chelyabinsk. According to the author of the picture, it was taken at about 7 am, reports. This picture is reflected in many windows of the Chelyabinsk high-rise buildings so that it resembles huge flashes of flame. The picture caused a discussion in social networks. Some citizens called red sky

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  08.03.20

Happy Banknote to Be Sold in Chelyabinsk for 9 Million Rubles

The resident of Chelyabinsk sells a “happy” banknote for 8 977 798 rubles. The face value of the banknote is only 100 rubles, but there is a special number that matches the price. The man posted a message about the sale on an advertising website. He claims that this banknote will bring “good luck in

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  01.03.20

Ural Coins Considered to Be Most Expensive in Russia

The money that was once minted in the Urals was among the most expensive in Russia. The fact is that their price is determined not by face value, but by uniqueness, chelTV reports.  The issue of unusual coins started in the 18th century. In shape, they resembled a rectangle or square and were called copper

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  26.02.20

Earthquake Magnitude 3 Happened in Chelyabinsk

Several earthquakes occurred in the southern Urals over the past week, according to the Kazakhstan National Data Center, chelTV reports.  Judging by the map of seismic events, on February 21, three earthquakes were recorded on the territory of the Chelyabinsk region with a magnitude of 2.5, which is considered to be barely noticeable. A shock

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  18.02.20

Million Rubles for Young Scientists Support

Young scientists will be given a million rubles to stay for work in the Southern Urals, reports chelTV. With this money, specialists will be able to buy an apartment or a house to keep conducting their researches.  In total in the region, there are more than 3 thousand young doctors. The head of the region, Alexey

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  18.02.20

Over 1 Million Rubles Donated for Chelyabinsk Children

As part of the ‘Rodnaya’ Foundation charity evening, Chelyabinsk celebrities and businessmen raised funds for three South Ural children who need help, reports chelTV.   The starting price of each lot is 10 thousand rubles. However, funds for the purchase of equipment for children are handed over also to piggy banks. “I was surprised how much

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  16.02.20

Chelyabinsk Roofers Show City from Bird’s Eye View

Extreme sportsmen made a fantastic walk on the Chelyabinsk roofs of the skyscrapers. The shots of the night city appeared on the social network.  The roofers visited the roofs of multi-storey buildings and new construction projects. Photo hunters climbed onto buildings in the area of ​​Truda and Svobody Streets, Lenin Avenue. They showed the view

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  14.02.20

Fingerprint Tattoos on St. Valentine’s Day in Chelyabinsk

Chelyabinsk residents make unusual paired tattoos as a love confession. The idea to leave the mark on a beloved one’s body belongs to Victoria Kalyanova, reports chelTV. She and husband Anton have been thinking about a confidential declaration of love, so they decided to capture a love confession on each other’s body on St. Valentine’s

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  09.02.20

Urals Fisherman Boasts His Catch

A fisherman from the Urals boasts his great catch. He managed to get a huge pike, reports.  The Urals is especially rich in pike. Recently, a man shared photos on social networks with a great catch. He got a fatty pike which weighs almost 10 kilograms. A pike is one of the very first

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  08.02.20

Awarding Ceremony for Chelyabinsk Professionals

The best Chelyabinsk teachers, doctors, volunteers were awarded the highest public award “Recognition”. The award owners were six laureates. The participants were proposed by the Chelyabinsk residents, while the winners were chosen by a special jury, reports chelTV.  Among the laureates of Recognition Award, there are even groups of people. For example, teachers of the

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  07.02.20

Snowy Weather Station in Urals Appeared in Social Networks

The Urals winter keeps amazing citizens. In social networks appeared wonderful photos of winter landscapes, reports  A Russian photographer visited a weather station in Taganay and took an amazing picture there. The duty officer’s house is completely covered with snow. Some Internet users have the impression that the picture was taken near the residential

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  04.02.20

Urals Sisters Met After 78 Years of Separation

After 78 years, an elderly woman met her sister, who was lost during the Great Patriotic War, reports chelTV.  Rosalina and Yulia were forced to be separated in August 1942, after the bombing of Stalingrad. They were teenagers at that time. One of them was evacuated to Chelyabinsk, another one to Uzbekistan. All this time,