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Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  04.07.20

Chelyabinsk Roofers Took Dangerous Photos on Radio Mast

Chelyabinsk roofers climbed onto one of the tallest buildings in the city, the radio mast RV-72. Its height is about 205 metres, and it is located on the site of an old merchant house which now is already over 85 years old, chelTV reported.  It is noted that since about 2015, the RV-72 radio-mast has

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  01.07.20

Urals Boy Collects Waste Paper to Buy Soccer Balls for Orphans

In the Chelyabinsk region, an 11-year-old boy collects waste paper to buy soccer balls for children in orphanages. The regional Ministry of Sports handed the boy a whole package of soccer balls, and the hockey club Traktor also supported the initiative and brought him both waste paper and soccer balls.  Savva Yarygin is a fifth-grader

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  18.06.20

Chelyabinsk Resident Sells 5 Kopecks for 500,000 Rubles

The South Urals resident found a 19th-century coin and put it up for sale for 500 thousand rubles. The seller hopes that collectors can appreciate the 5 kopecks coin, chelTV reports.  The man found a coin with a face value of 5 kopecks, issued in 1872, at his house when he was cleaning it. The

Business |  Technology |  16.06.20

Chelyabinsk Region Residents to Equip Summer Houses With Technical Assistants

Rostelecom in the Chelyabinsk Region is upgrading analogue communication lines, replacing them with optical ones. It is noted that optics is the high speed of Internet access and reliable connection, chelTV reports.   Almost 50 thousand pieces of content for every taste, the latest series, and films are available for Chelyabinsk region residents. The optics in

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  09.06.20

Chelyabinsk Roofers Took Dangerous Selfie on Skyscraper

Chelyabinsk roofers showed a beautiful view of the city. They climbed onto the spire of one of the tallest houses in the city centre and took a selfie, chelTV reports.  The residents of Chelyabinsk climbed onto the roof of a 16-story building on Kirov Street, opposite the city Circus. From the observation deck, the city

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  30.05.20

10,000 Food Packages Received South Urals Residents

The ‘Russian Copper Company’ Charitable Foundation helps those who have a hard time during the pandemic, chelTV reports. For 2 months, the fund’s volunteers helped low-income, large families, families with children with disabilities, and those whose only breadwinner in the family has lost their jobs. The food packages include cereals, sunflower oil, canned food, sugar,

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  15.05.20

20 Thousand Protective Masks Produced for Free by Chelyabinsk Entrepreneurs

About 20 thousand reusable masks will be distributed to Chelyabinsk volunteers near large supermarkets, in public transport, and at stops, chelTV reports.  The production of masks was organized at a local furniture factory where currently 18 employees are sewing protective products. It is stated that a master is capable to produce up to 200 masks

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  15.05.20

Chelyabinsk Schoolchildren Got Free Tablets for Study

More than three and a half million rubles were allocated for the purchase of modern devices by the decision of the deputies of the “United Russia” in the Chelyabinsk regional parliament, chelTV reports.  The tablets are equipped with a camera for video communications, Wi-Fi, and a fast processor. According to the Chairman of the Legislative

Insight |  Events |  12.05.20

Experts Noted High Demand for Nurses Across Country

On the International Nurses Day which is celebrated today, on May 12, the job search service analysts conducted a survey and found out how the pandemic affected the demand in the labour market for nurses in the Chelyabinsk Region, chelTV reports. In March and April, the number of vacancies for nursing staff tripled compared with

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  14.04.20

Chelyabinsk Artists Corrected Famous Painting Due to Coronavirus

The authors of the painting famous in Chelyabinsk added an element connected to the coronavirus issue. The artists reminded the locals that they must observe the regime of self-isolation during the pandemic and added a mask to a girl painted there, cheltv reports.   Now the girl not only welcomes the townspeople with bread but also reminds

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  11.04.20

Chelyabinsk Deputy Congratulated Pensioner on 80th Birthday

A resident of Chelyabinsk called to the Russian volunteer centre and asked to congratulate her friend on her 80th birthday, the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region reports.  It appeared so that the children of the pensioner are in Kazakhstan, and the pensioner is staying at home due to a self-isolation regime. The deputy, Sergey

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  07.04.20

Florists Give Flowers to Chelyabinsk Pensioners

Chelyabinsk florists, who went to self-isolation and closed outlets, decided to join the volunteer campaign and give pensioners along with purchases from shops and pharmacies small bouquets made of the remaining flowers.  The flowers were intended for the masterclass, but after its cancellation, the florists decided to cheer up the elderly with bouquets, chelTV reports.