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Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  19.05.21

Tank Biathlon Started in Chelyabinsk Region

The all-army stage of the International Army Games 2021 “Tank Biathlon” and “Suvorov Onslaught” competitions among tank and motorized rifle platoons started in the Chelyabinsk region, TASS reports with reference to the press service of the Central Military District.  It is noted that the best tank platoons of the Western, Southern, Central, and Eastern military

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  05.05.21

Chelyabinsk Polyclinics Undergo Large-Scale Reconstruction

In Chelyabinsk, a large-scale reconstruction of polyclinics continues, for which tens of millions of rubles are allocated, chelTV reports.  “We have created a wonderful light installation, which was brought by our designer, an idea from Italy, when the interior and walls change depending on the lighting,” the Chief Physician of the Children’s Polyclinic No. 8,

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  05.05.21

Ural Schoolchildren Found Soviet Soldiers’ Remains

Annually in Russia the action “Watch of Memory” is held, the purpose of which is to honour the memory of those who died during the war, chelTV reports. As a rule, it takes place several weeks before Victory Day. Participants from different regions of the country travel to the battlefield to look for the remains

Fun |  Sports |  11.04.21

Women’s Hockey Revived in Chelyabinsk

Women’s hockey is being revived in Chelyabinsk, chelTV reports. Along with “Chelmet” and “Polar Bears” in the system of the ‘Traktor’ club in the new season will appear the new team.   It is noted that women’s hockey in Chelyabinsk began to develop actively in the mid-90s. Since that time, the team had the names “Metelitsa”

Videos |  Chelyabinsk |  07.04.21

Florence Mayor Addressed Chelyabinsk Residents [Video]

The authorities of the Italian city of Florence reacted to the appearance in Chelyabinsk of graffiti depicting a sculpture of David, echochel reports. The mural depicting David by the Italian sculptor Michelangelo was created in 2020 on the Rostelecom building in Chelyabinsk. A team of artists from Graffiti Russia worked on the project and sent

Insight |  Funny Russia |  03.04.21

Clowns Amused Kids in Chelyabinsk Children’s Hospital

In the Chelyabinsk regional children’s hospital, there is quarantine. That is why artists are now not allowed to get inside. But the clowns found a way out and came to the kids on an aerial platform, staging a performance right in front of the windows of the second and third floors, chelTV reports.   It is

Videos |  Chelyabinsk |  20.03.21

Chelyabinsk Rescuers Released Falcon From Attic [Video]

Employees of the management company serving a block of flats in Ozersk noticed a falcon. They reported the incident to the chief engineer, who decided to contact emergency services, chelTV reports.   When rescuers arrived on the roof, it turned out that the bird flew into the attic and could not find its way out

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  20.03.21

Experts Named Top Destinations for Chelyabinsk Residents to Move

Experts from the Chelyabinsk Statistics Service (Chelyabinskstat) analyzed statistical data on resettlement from the Chelyabinsk region and found out that almost 12 thousand people arrived in the South Urals, and about 10 thousand left it. The main inflow and outflow are associated with the CIS countries, and a small share falls on the far abroad,

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  03.03.21

King and Queen: Chelyabinsk Residents Give Children Unusual Names

The Chelyabinsk regional experts of the State Committee for Civil Registry Office reported that in January 2021, almost 5,000 babies were born (2,537 boys and 2,362 girls) in the region. Moreover, 65 pairs of them were twins, chelTV reports.  It is stated that over the past two months, in the region were born babies who

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  01.03.21

Chelyabinsk Resident Created Unique T-Shirt for Sports Training

Chelyabinsk athlete has developed clothing that helps to get in shape and allows lifting a load several times heavier than without it. The T-shirt helps to lift more weight, pumping up the muscles intensively, chelTV reports. The next idea of the designer is to develop trousers for squats.   The creator of the T-shirt is a

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  27.02.21

Experts Compared Chelyabinsk Residents’ Salaries

Specialists of the Chelyabinsk Statistics Service (Chelyabinskstat) summed up the socio-economic results of the regional development. According to their analysis, the average monthly accrued wages in December 2020 in the region amounted to 47,208 rubles, chelTV reports.   It is noted that those who work in the production of drugs and medical supplies have the highest

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  17.02.21

Chelyabinsk Schoolgirl Invited Elon Musk to Talk in Clubhouse

A Chelyabinsk schoolgirl invited a famous billionaire, Elon Musk, to have a chat in the “Clubhouse” new network, chelTV reports.  Nastya Shcherbakova, a tenth-grade student, an activist of the Russian Schoolchildren’s Movement, published the appeal on Twitter and tagged Elon in the post. It is specified that the full version of the text appeared on