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Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  06.11.20

Chelyabinsk Residents Created New Playground

The residents of the Churilovo microdistrict created a “children’s town” themselves. They installed benches, swings, and horizontal bars there with their own hands. The money for building materials they earned on the Internet, chelTV reports.  The “children’s town” was created by residents with their own hands. Some of them were hammering in nails and painting

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  02.11.20

Magnitogorsk and Chelyabinsk to Be Connected by High-Speed Train

On November 5, the ‘Lastochka’ high-speed train will connect the two largest cities in the region, chelTV reports. Travel time will be 4 hours and 20 minutes. Usually, it covered the same way in 7 hours and 40 minutes.  From Chelyabinsk to Magnitogorsk the “Lastochka” train will leave at 5:55 pm and back at 6:32

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  22.10.20

South Ural Diggers Took Pictures in Abandoned Plant

Chelyabinsk diggers walked through the Automatic Mechanical Plant, and looked at the rusted machines and old posters, chelTV reports.  The plant was built in 1931. In Soviet times, it was one of the ten largest industrial enterprises in Chelyabinsk, with 9000 workers. Previously, the company made shells for cartridges, elements for multiple launch rocket systems,

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  15.10.20

Top Popular Names in Chelyabinsk Region

The most popular names in the South Urals turned out to be Sofia and Artyom, chelTV reports. In general, the birth rate in the region has increased by 336, to 25,028 children. Statistics for the period from January to September 2020 were shared in the State Committee for Civil Registry Office of the Chelyabinsk Region. 

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  06.10.20

Transport Tax Decreased in Chelyabinsk Region

The governor of the Chelyabinsk region, Alexei Teksler, came up with an initiative to reduce the transport tax rate. In September 2019, the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the region considered and adopted amendments to the regional law, chelTV reported.   Thus, the rate was reduced by 30 per cent for owners of passenger cars

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  01.10.20

Chelyabinsk Schoolgirl Launched Cake Business

The resident of Chelyabinsk, Liza Noskova, began baking cakes using recipes from the Internet. Her mother, Elena, at first only watched, and when she was convinced that her daughter’s hobby was developing, she began to actively help, reports. Now the girl is 14 years old. During the last five years, she has completed several

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  25.09.20

Chelyabinsk Doctors Restored Sight of Child With Complex Pathology

The ophthalmologists of the Chelyabinsk Regional Hospital performed a unique operation and completely restored the patient’s vision. Most of the time, the operation was carried out in the dark with such small instruments that they could only be seen through a microscope, cheltv reports.  It is noted that a retinal defect, due to which the

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  22.09.20

Effective Classes Appeared in Chelyabinsk Schools

The so-called “effective first-graders” appeared in Chelyabinsk. These are children whom parents were actively preparing for school, so now there is nothing new for them in the educational programme, reports.   Teachers decided that children who have already learned the educational programme of the first grade can master the programme of the next grade too.

Insight |  Technology |  18.09.20

Thermal Imager Installed at Chelyabinsk Medical University

CCTV cameras with a built-in thermometer were installed at the entrance to the Chelyabinsk medical university. The system measures the temperature of a body and recognizes the faces of those who enter the institution. The whole procedure takes just a few seconds.   It is specified that thermal imagers are video cameras with thermal imaging optics,

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  16.09.20

Almost 20 Chelyabinsk Homeless Animals Found New Families

Nineteen homeless animals from Chelyabinsk have found new families thanks to the All-Russian action “Do Not Buy, Take From Shelter”, chelTV reports. The action was launched on the initiative of the State Duma deputy, Vladimir Burmatov, who also took a kitten.   The action is planned to be regular, which means that a new holiday may

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  06.09.20

Urals Primary School Students Receive Free Breakfasts

Since the beginning of the academic year, junior schoolchildren throughout the Chelyabinsk region have been fed free breakfasts, which are called brunch in the European manner. This decision was made by the governor of the Chelyabinsk region Aleksey Teksler, chelTV reports.   The change of chefs usually starts at 5 am, and already at 9.30 am,

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  01.09.20

New Activities Appear in Chelyabinsk Center for Additional Education

With new activities and educational laboratories, the Chelyabinsk Regional Educational Centre for Children started a new academic year, chelTV reports. The priority is given to respect for nature, so children will be taught to separate waste and measure the amount of emissions into the atmosphere.  This year, 10 new educational programmes have been prepared for