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Insight |  Kazan |  29.07.20

Kazan Cars Checked for Carbon Dioxide Content

In Kazan, the environmentalists and employees of the State Traffic Inspectorate are jointly checking cars for the content of carbon dioxide in the exhaust. If the toxicity standard is exceeded, the car owner is fined 500 rubles, KazanFirst reports.  This action was named “Clean Air”. According to the experts, over two years, the number of

Insight |  Kazan |  22.07.20

Kazan Residents Ready for Part-Time Job to Make Large Purchase

The analysts of the Avito Raboty centre have found out that 25% of Kazan residents are looking for a part-time job if they need to make an expensive purchase. Most of all, these are young people (among Russians aged 18-24, this figure is 38%), KazanFirst reported.  It is noted that 61% of the survey participants

Fun |  Movies |  16.07.20

Graffiti With Russian Actor Appeared in Kazan

The graffiti with a famous Russian actor, Sergei Bodrov, in the image of Danila Bagrov from the films “Brother” and “Brother 2” appeared in Kazan, KazanFirst reported. The drawing is on the wall of the concrete goods plant on the Kauchukova St, 7a.  The new graffiti in Kazan is complemented by famous phrases from the

Insight |  Kazan |  14.07.20

New Square With Big Screen Appeared in Kazan

In Kazan, as part of the programme “Our Yard”, landscaping of the courtyard of several houses was completed in which live more than 5,000 people. The residents of the houses were directly involved in the development of the landscaping project, the press service of the Kazan City Hall reported.  Today, the territory of the square

Insight |  Kazan |  10.07.20

Kazan Sports Schools Received New Buses

The sports schools of Kazan received new transport as part of the implementation of the national project ‘Demography’, the Tatarstan Ministry of Sports reports.  The new transport entered the republican sports school of the Olympic reserve for trap and bullet shooting and the school of the Olympic reserve ‘Dynamo’. These are 18-seat Ford Transit buses.

Videos |  Kazan |  27.06.20

Test Drive: Russia’s Largest Extreme Park Opened in Kazan [Video]

In Kazan, on Youth Day, a test drive of the new extreme park “Uram” took place, Tatarstan Da reported.    The area of ​​one of the largest extreme parks in Russia is almost 2 hectares. All sports facilities (training zones, skate and streetball parks, a parkour park, workouts, and others) fully comply with the standards

Insight |  Kazan |  26.06.20

Longest Graffiti to Appear in Kazan This Summer

More than 1,200 Kazan residents voted for the sketch for the longest graffiti in the city. The theme of the new picture is dedicated to space and is called “I Can Breathe”. The graffiti will be 183 metres long and 1.5 to 16 metres high, KazanFirst reports.  The parking wall on Zavoisky Street near the

Insight |  Kazan |  24.06.20

Russian Oil Company Presented Doctors With Sanatorium Certificates

The representatives of the Tatneft oil company handed 53 free certificates (for two people each) to the sanatorium to medical workers who treat patients with coronavirus infection, KazanFirst reports.  It is noted that medical workers can use the certificates at any time convenient for them and choose any of the company’s sanatoriums. Certificates are very

Insight |  Kazan |  24.06.20

Alley of Fame Opened in Kazan Powder Plant Territory

Tatarstan President, Rustam Minnikhanov, took part in the opening ceremony of the memorial “Alley of Fame” of the Kazan Powder Plant Workers, the Veterans of the Great Patriotic War, in the park named after Petrov, KazanFirst reports.  The Kazan Powder Plant was a reliable stronghold of the country’s defense during the war. More than 2,000

Insight |  Kazan |  16.06.20

Kazan Tyubetei Tower to Be Built Despite Coronavirus Crisis

A Perm investor, Rashid Gabdullin, said that the implementation of the project to build the Tyubetei Tower in Kazan will continue, despite the financial crisis, InKazan reports.  The tower will be located on the banks of the Kazanka, near the ‘Kazan Arena’ stadium. Around it will be a recreation park with an area of ​​16

Insight |  Kazan |  12.06.20

Kazan Residents Listen to Russian Songs and Poems in Metro

On Russia Day at 11 stations of Kazan metro and on video monitors in trams and trolleybuses, you can see greetings and listen to the poems dedicated to Russia.   Audio recordings of poems performed by Tatarstan artists, as well as songs about Russia performed by the chamber choir can be heard at all stations of

Insight |  Kazan |  04.06.20

Kazan Prisoner Painted Graffiti Dedicated to Great Victory

In the Correctional Facility No. 19 of Kazan, a convict creates with airbrush a large-scale panel dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The art project is a part of a competition held in the institutions of the Federal Penitentiary Service, KazanFirst reports.   The artist, Anton, is serving his

Insight |  Kazan |  02.06.20

Kazan Parks Help People Keep Social Distance

White circles appeared on the lawns of the Kazan parks. It is stated that they will allow city residents to have picnics and maintain a social distance, the official Instagram account of the Directorate of Parks and Squares of Kazan reports.  It is noted that white circles on the lawns allow people to have picnics