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Insight |  Kazan |  21.10.20

Russians Named Best Cities for Autumn Vacation

Almost every third Russian (29 per cent) would like to go to St. Petersburg in autumn, RT reports with reference to the poll conducted by the travel service.   Second place is occupied by Moscow, with 17 per cent of respondents voted for it. Kazan closes the top three cities of Russia for recreation in

Insight |  Kazan |  18.10.20

Russians Named Top Cities for New Year Celebration

The list of the most popular cities where Russian tourists would like to celebrate the New Year. The most popular are Sochi, Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Simferopol, Mineralnye Vody, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, and Krasnoyarsk, RIA News writes.    The specialists of the travel service analyzed the searches of Russians made from September 15 to

Insight |  Kazan |  16.10.20

Pandemic Changed Russian Travellers’ Booking Habits

The State Committee for Tourism of Tatarstan told how the preferences of tourists have changed in connection with the pandemic, KazanFirst reports.   According to the Chairman of the State Committee for Tourism of Tatarstan, Sergey Ivanov, the pandemic affected the booking of tours. In particular, the number of trips over short distances to neighboring regions

Insight |  Kazan |  14.10.20

Kazan Included in List for Testing Public Transport Renovation Programme

Kazan was included in the list of the pilot cities where a new federal programme for the renewal of public transport will be tested. The implementation of the programme is planned to be fulfilled until 2030.  According to the Deputy Transport Minister, Aleksei Semenov, taking into account all budgetary constraints, authorities are forced to remain

Insight |  Kazan |  13.10.20

First Centre for Intellectual Property Competence to Be Created in Kazan

On the basis of the IT park in Kazan, a Regional Centre for Intellectual Property Competence will be created, which will provide all types of services for the protection of intellectual property and the introduction of innovations.   It is specified that the centre will be aimed at increasing the competitiveness of Tatarstan products, introducing new

Insight |  Kazan |  12.10.20

Kazan Restaurants Exempted From Rent for Summer Verandas Placement

More than half of seasonal retail facilities in Kazan are summer verandas, that is why to support the restaurant business the city mayor, Ilsur Metshin, made a decision to decorate summer verandas free of charge, KazanFirst reports.   Thanks to this decision, city catering facilities opened 146 outdoor venues free of charge. It is also specified

Insight |  Kazan |  12.10.20

Tatarstan Residents Believe: Pensioners Deserve Have Working Places

The analysts of the site for job search conducted a survey among Tatarstan residents and asked whether employers should offer jobs to the elderly, KazanFirst reports. According to the results of the survey, 65 per cent of people believe that it would be great if there are enough jobs for both young and old

Insight |  Kazan |  10.10.20

Free Tatar Language Lessons Started in Kazan

Tatar language lessons are conducted at the “Zakyat” Charitable Foundation which also conducts courses on the basics of Islam, an in-depth study of the history of Islam in Tatarstan, and reading of the Koran for children, the Muslims Spiritual Administration reports.  In total, this year, training will be held in 100 mosques in Tatarstan. The course

Insight |  Kazan |  09.10.20

Tatarstan Residents Keep Over 70,000 Weapons at Home

The Centre for Licensing and Permitting Work of the Administration of the National Guard of Russia for the Republic of Tatarstan has launched an electronic notification service. Those whose licenses expire will receive voice messages and SMS notifications, KazanFirst reports.   Currently, about 45,000 residents of Tatarstan are registered, with more than 71 thousand weapons in

Insight |  Kazan |  08.10.20

Inclusive Education Week to Be Held in Kazan Schools

In Kazan, from October 12 to October 17, a week of inclusive education will be held as part of the federal social project “Together for a Lesson”. Nine Kazan schools and five kindergartens will take part in it, Kazan city hall reports.  “These meetings are held in order to increase pedagogical competence, form a positive

Insight |  Kazan |  03.10.20

Kazan Volunteers Visited Pensioners on Older Persons Day

Kazan bloggers, together with the volunteer movement “The World is Not Without Good People”, presented the pensioners living in the village of Novotroitskoye, located in the Almetyevsk district of the Republic of Tatarstan, with gifts on the International Day of Older Persons, KazanFirst reports.   It is specified that there, in the village, live a little

Business |  Industry |  27.09.20

New Agricultural Park Opened in Tatarstan

An agro-industrial complex “Usadba” (“Homestead”) was opened in the Laishevsky district of Tatarstan in the area of 1,000 square metres. In the opening ceremony took part the head of the region, Ildus Zaripov, and the Deputy Minister of the republican Ministry of Agriculture Rishat Khabipov.   It is noted that the agricultural park itself is