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Insight |  Kazan |  10.02.20

Tatarstan Entered Top 10 Best Regions for Moving

At the annual board of the Ministry of Economy of Tatarstan, statistics were provided for the country’s main aggregator. According to the HeadHunter portal, Tatarstan was included in the list of 10 most preferred regions for moving.  “It is nice to note the special focus of Tatarstan on the promotion of self-employment. Indeed, it is

Insight |  Kazan |  01.02.20

National Guard of Russia Helped Injured Man in Kazan

Soldiers of the military unit of the Kazan special regiment of the National Guard of Russia provided first aid to a man who received a head injury. This was reported by the press service of the Office of the National Guard of the Republic of Tatarstan, reports KazanFirst.  During the evening patrolling, the servicemen noticed

Insight |  Kazan |  15.01.20

Kazan Schoolchildren Won All-Russian Competition in French

Nine students from the Nizhnekamsk region, as well as from Kazan and Naberezhnye Chelny, became winners of the academic competition in French. Students from Kazan gymnasium No. 9 became the winners of the republican and regional stages of the All-Russian Competition in French language. The winners were 10th-grade student Emil Karimov, 11th-grade students Ekaterina Dmitrenko and

Insight |  Kazan |  15.01.20

New Wave of Selfies: This Time in Museums

The organizers urge users of social networks to share pictures made close to the exhibits from their favourite museums. Tatarstan residents are invited to join the international campaign #MuseumSelfie. A popular network event is carried out with the support of the Ministry of Culture. Everybody can make an original photo at the National Museum of the

Insight |  Kazan |  05.01.20

Festival of Sledges in Kazan

The annual festival “Kazan Sledges” presents the most creative designs for rolling down the hill. In Gorky Park, they ride while lying on a stove, standing on a shell and even during the fight in a boxing ring. The most unusual home-made suit and sledges are chosen.  This year 6 teams entered the competition. The

Insight |  Kazan |  01.01.20

Electronic Apply for Marriage Became Easier in Kazan

The list of documents that are needed for an application through the public services portal has been reduced.  The electronic filing of marriage has become much easier since January 1, 2020. Now, when submitting an application in electronic form, it is enough to indicate the information necessary for state registration of marriage directly in the

Insight |  Kazan |  01.01.20

Over 200 Tons Gifts Delivered by Russian Santa Claus

Russian Santa Claus on the main New Year celebrations gave more than 200 tons of gifts. He had the journey around the country, during which he visited 50 cities of Russia. This was told in Father Frost’s manor located under the Great Ustyug of the Vologda region.  “Father Frost travelled around 50 cities this year,

Insight |  Kazan |  30.12.19

100 Meters High: Giant Thermometer was Built in Kazan

The art object was built by highlighting the pipe of the Gorki district boiler house.  The height of the pipe is 100 meters and the diameter is 3.5 meters. It is reported that now the object is working in test mode, and from January 1 it will work fully. The arrangement of the thermometer on

Insight |  Kazan |  29.12.19

Four New Sports Facilities Expected to be Built in 2020 in Kazan

150 million rubles were allocated from the budget of the republic for the repair of Universiade facilities.  In the new year in Kazan, it is planned to build four new sports facilities. This was announced by the Minister of Sports of Tatarstan Vladimir Leonov. “Tatarstan remains one of the leaders in the quantity and quality

Videos |  Kazan |  29.12.19

Resident of Naberezhnye Chelny Rescued Young Girl [Video]

A shocking video with a young citizen dangling at a height appeared on the network. A resident of Naberezhnye Chelny, who risked falling from the height of the eighth floor, was saved by a neighbour.  A message that a girl is in danger was received by the Unified duty and dispatch service on December 28.

Insight |  Kazan |  26.12.19

President of Tatarstan Makes Children’s Dreams Come True

The President of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov, in Moscow at a meeting of the State Council of Russia took part in the New Year’s campaign “Wish Tree” again.  The head of the republic removed three postcards with wishes from the tree at once. Now the wishes of three children will be fulfiled: the 8-year-old Radmir wanted to

Insight |  Movies |  07.12.19

Casting of Actors in Film Project of Fedor Bondarchuk

In Kazan, artists of the Katchalov Theater participated in the casting for a project with the working title “KAMAZ-Master”.  Listening to the actors for the roles in the new serial film was conducted by representatives of the film director’s team, Fyodor Bondarchuk. Filming of the new series will start at the beginning of 2020. Both