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Insight |  Moscow |  01.04.20

Volunteers Walk Dogs of Moscow Pensioners

On March 31, the My Career Centre reported that more than two-thirds of requests for assistance came from pet owners, VM.RU reports.  When volunteers come to help the elderly with walking their pets, they need to use all personal protective equipment and maintain a distance when communicating with animals owners. This equipment is a mask,

Insight |  Moscow |  01.04.20

Serbian Athlete Helps Elderly Muscovites

Milan Miletich came to Moscow from Serbia, and now helps elderly neighbours. He is convinced that giving a helping hand to a person in need is very important.  Milan lives with his wife Sveta and son Nikola in the Moscow area of ​​Kuzminki. For several years, a Serbian athlete trained people for free in Gorky

Insight |  Moscow |  31.03.20

Muscovites Rate Electronic Services Online

In Moscow was launched a new crowdsourcing project (Moscow Electronic Services). It is dedicated to the provision of electronic services in a particular industry, the Moscow Mayor official website reports.  Project participants have the opportunity to express their wishes and comments. Residents of Moscow will be able to offer their options for improving the city

Insight |  Moscow |  27.03.20

Moscow Pet Stores Keep Working During Quarantine

During the non-working week of March 28 – April 5, 2020, communication salons and pet stores are allowed to continue their work, according to the information given on the official website of the Moscow Mayor. In addition to the My Documents public service centres, all other authorities and state institutions of Moscow are turning to

Insight |  Moscow |  27.03.20

First Social Hotel to Be Opened in Moscow

The first social hotel with 136 rooms will be opened in Moscow. The building is already being prepared for commissioning, the press service of the Complex of Urban Planning Policy and Construction reports.  It is noted that 104 hotel rooms are intended for families with cancer children who come to Moscow from regions for treatment.

Insight |  Moscow |  27.03.20

Medical Centre Construction Completed in Moscow Maryino District

The construction of the building has been completed to accommodate a medical centre on Bratislavskaya Street, Maryino district, Moscow, the press service of the Moscow department of urban policy reported.  The head of the department, Sergey Levkin, said that the building with a total area of ​​almost 1.5 thousand square meters was built using extrabudgetary

Insight |  Moscow |  25.03.20

Small Business Monitoring Center Opens in Moscow

The Moscow branch of Opora Rossii has opened a monitoring centre for representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises, whose business has suffered losses due to the spread of coronavirus infection, VM.RU reports.  According to the head of the Office for the Protection of Entrepreneurs’ Rights, Alexey Petropolsky, the main goal of the centre’s work is

Insight |  Moscow |  25.03.20

Moscow Architect Won Russian Youth Biennale

Muscovite, Alexander Alyaev, became the winner of the Second Russian Youth Architectural Biennale. His winning work is now exhibited in one of the most famous galleries in Germany, VM.RU reports.   Alexander’s work, together with the projects of other winners of the Biennale, is in the oldest independent architectural gallery in Europe, AEDES, in Berlin. “For

Insight |  Moscow |  25.03.20

Service for Online Communication With Animals Launched in Moscow

In Moscow, the Ray Fund providing help for homeless animals, launched a service Virtual Owner for communicating online with animals from shelters.  Russians can talk with animals, find out their history, make a donation in their favour or give a gift to a resident of the shelter. It is also stated that a user of

Insight |  Moscow |  23.03.20

Experts Made List of Regions Leaders in Number of Infectious Disease Doctors

There are 353 infectious disease doctors in St. Petersburg, RT reports with reference to the data of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.  In total, in 2018, over 6,000 infectious disease doctors worked in the country. Moscow took second place in the list (350 specialists), the Krasnodar Territory occupied the third place (229).

Insight |  Moscow |  23.03.20

Moscow Mayor Announced Financial Help Allocation to Elderly City Residents

Muscovites over 65 years old and residents of the capital with chronic diseases will be paid financial assistance in the amount of 4 thousand rubles, said Moscow Mayor, Sergey Sobyanin, in his personal blog.  According to Sobyanin, from March 26 to April 14, 2020, Muscovites over 65 years of age and citizens suffering from chronic

Insight |  Moscow |  19.03.20

Lifting Platforms for Veterans Expected to Appear in Moscow Entrances

Lifting platforms for war veterans will be installed in Moscow entrances until May 9. As the deputy mayor of Moscow on housing and communal services, Petr Biryukov, said on March 19, it is planned to supply 19 devices, the official website of Moscow Mayor reports.  Two lifting platforms have already been installed, so now work

Insight |  Moscow |  18.03.20

Over 13 Thousand Women Visited ‘My Career’ Centre in Moscow

Specialists of the ‘My Career’ Employment Centre, as part of the ‘Mom Works’ programme, provide support to women with children, the Moscow Mayor official website reports. For 9 months, more than 13 thousand women who have children received help from the centre and almost 6 thousand people have already been employed, told Irina Shvets, the