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Insight |  Moscow |  28.10.20

Almost 55,000 Elderly Muscovites Took Part in Online Events

In Moscow, about 55,000 older citizens took an active part in online events, the Moscow City News Agency reports with reference to the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development Anastasia Rakova.   Today, Russia celebrated Grandparents Day. In honour of this holiday, Moscow experts found out how much city authorities do for older people

Insight |  Moscow |  27.10.20

Almost 50 Paintings Created by Moscow Observational Centres Guests

Since the beginning of October, guests of the observational centres of Moscow have painted 47 paintings, reports. This is how patients with a mild course of coronavirus infection spend their leisure time.   In total, there are five observational centres in Moscow, three of which are based on rehabilitation centres for people with disabilities. Observators

Insight |  Kazan |  21.10.20

Russians Named Best Cities for Autumn Vacation

Almost every third Russian (29 per cent) would like to go to St. Petersburg in autumn, RT reports with reference to the poll conducted by the travel service.   Second place is occupied by Moscow, with 17 per cent of respondents voted for it. Kazan closes the top three cities of Russia for recreation in

Business |  Technology |  20.10.20

Russian Expert Named Top Spheres for Startups

The spheres of cybersecurity, remote communications, medical technologies, and new materials are most in-demand among startups, RIA News reports with reference to the chairman of the Skolkovo foundation Arkady Dvorkovich.  It is stated that the most sought-after startups belong to four key areas. The first one is IT security, cybersecurity, financial institution security, protection of

Insight |  Trip Advisory |  18.10.20

New Features for Moscow Entrepreneurs Appeared on Interactive Platform

The platform of the Moscow Innovation Cluster (MIC) has new functions for entrepreneurs that allow concluding a contract online or get support for a startup. According to the head of the Moscow Department of Information Technologies, Eduard Lysenko, over 18 thousand organizations already use this platform.  Lysenko stated that the service of support measures

Insight |  Moscow |  16.10.20

Moscow Night Venues Continue Receiving Check-In QR Codes

More than 100 night entertainment establishments in Moscow received unique QR codes to ensure the check-in of visitors, TASS reports. According to the city authorities, the system of check-ins will reduce possible losses to organizations and thousands of people employed in the industry.    It is expected that the system of check-ins in nightlife entertainment

Insight |  Moscow |  16.10.20

Public Opinion: Muscovites Need More Shops, Pharmacies, and Recreation Areas

Shops, pharmacies, and recreational facilities are among the most sought-after elements of the Moscow urban environment, reports with reference to the results of a study conducted by the Research and Design Institute of Urban Planning in Moscow.  According to the director of the institute, Dina Sattarova, among the elements of the urban environment, Moscow

Insight |  Moscow |  13.10.20

Over 20,000 Trees to Be Planted in Moscow by 2021

More than 20 thousand trees and about 625 thousand shrubs will be planted in Moscow by the end of 2020 under the ‘Million Trees’ landscaping programme, according to the official website of the Mayor of Moscow. Since 2013, over 126 thousand trees and 3 million shrubs have already been planted.  “Just last spring, as part

Insight |  Moscow |  12.10.20

Almost 1 Million Square Metres of Housing Commissioned in Moscow

About 900 thousand square metres of housing were commissioned in Moscow under the renovation programme, according to the head of the Department for Ensuring the Implementation of the Programme for the Renovation of the Housing Stock of the Moscow Department of Urban Planning Policy Sergey Sidorov.  According to Sidorov, 67 houses were commissioned in Moscow

Insight |  Moscow |  10.10.20

Moscow Video Tutorials for Schoolchildren Received Government Award

VR educational programmes for Moscow schoolchildren received an award from the Russian government. The development belongs to the specialists of the Moscow Centre for the Development of Human Resources in Education, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports.    It is specified that the programmes are textbooks with a selection of thematic videos on

Insight |  Moscow |  09.10.20

Experts Named Most Popular Destinations for Moscow Car-Sharing

In September, Moscow residents most often used car-sharing to get to the airport and to the shopping centre, the Telegram-Channel of the Moscow Department of Transport reported.   It is noted that most people visit Vnukovo airport every day in carsharing cars. The second place was taken by the Domodedovo airport, and the third place occupies

Insight |  Trip Advisory |  08.10.20

Sound Map for Online Walks in Moscow Created by RussPass Service

The digital travel service RussPass has created a sound map for online walks in Moscow, the Moscow city news agency reports. The map allows taking an online musical walk around the city and understand how well you navigate its melodies.  It is noted that every day Moscow residents hear thousands of sounds of the city,

Insight |  Moscow |  07.10.20

Russian Maths Teacher Created Innovative Teaching Method

The winner of the competition “Teacher of the Year of the Moscow Region 2020”, a teacher of mathematics from a gymnasium in the Odintsovo District, Alexander Yadrin, spoke about his innovative method of teaching maths through works of art, Radio 1 reports.   Walking through the galleries, the teacher began to notice that there is some