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Insight |  Events |  06.08.20

Car Cinemas in Moscow Create New Venues

Since August 1, the number of places for the open-air car cinema in Moscow and the variety of film genres are expanding. Now, citizens will be able to see more domestic and foreign films on a big screen, reported.   The Kinoparking cinema is an automobile open-air cinema, where screenings are arranged in any weather

Insight |  Moscow |  06.08.20

Moscow Expert Named Citizens’ Most Read Books

Muscovites on vacations prefer to take from the libraries the novel “Shpakovsky’s Hat” and the collection of stories “Horse with the Pink Mane”, the city administration website reported.  According to the curator of IT projects in the field of culture and business, Sergey Shakryl, this summer, Moscow residents who use a single library card, prefer

Insight |  Moscow |  04.08.20

Moscow Students Named Top Public Transport Types

The survey was held among university students. They named the Moscow Metro the most reliable and popular form of public transport, the press service of the Russian University of Transport reported.  It is noted that the top 3 also included the Moscow Central Ring and the Moscow Central Diameters. Many students admitted to using electric

Insight |  Moscow |  04.08.20

Moscow Entered Top 20 Digitally Transformed Cities

Moscow entered the top 20 of the Services Globalization Index rating for the digital transformation of cities and took 18th place in the list compiled by the international consulting agency Tholons, RIA News reported.  According to the Deputy Mayor of Moscow on Economic Policy, Property, and Land Relations, Vladimir Efimov, the city has risen by

Insight |  Moscow |  03.08.20

Moscow College First Released Female Locomotive Driver

The Moscow College of Rail and Urban Transport first released a girl locomotive driver. Previously, only men could study for this profession, TASS reports. Sofia Dorofeeva became a graduate and received an honours degree.  During her studies in college, the girl, together with her classmates, trained their skills on simulators, disassembled and assembled the automatic

Insight |  Moscow |  02.08.20

Moscow Longevity Project Resumed Outdoor Activities

Since August 1, the ‘Moscow Longevity’ project has been fully resumed. Earlier, the project was partially curtailed and transferred to an online format to avoid the spread of coronavirus infection, the Moscow city news agency reported.   It is noted that in all Moscow districts, about 300 sites have been opened, where free classes for elderlies

Insight |  Moscow |  01.08.20

Cinemas and Concert Halls Resumed Work in Moscow

In Moscow and the Moscow region, cinemas, concert halls, and exhibitions have resumed their work, RIAMO reports. The resumption of the activities of entertainment establishments is associated with the decree of the Moscow mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, on the transition to a new stage of the abolition of restrictions that were introduced in the fight against

Insight |  Moscow |  31.07.20

New Reanimation Equipment Delivered to Moscow Region Hospitals

The Moscow region hospitals received new resuscitation equipment, which was announced by the press service of the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region, the city news agency Moscow reported.   According to the Minister of Health of the Moscow region, Svetlana Strigunkova, this year, they have already delivered 59 defibrillators to the regional medical organizations

Insight |  Moscow |  31.07.20

Over 2,000 Moscow School Graduates Received Medals for Educational Achievements

The first 2,006 Moscow graduates received medals “For Special Achievements in Education”, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reported. According to the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development, Anastasia Rakova, these are the winners and prize-winners of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren, as well as those who passed one of the three subjects

Insight |  Moscow |  29.07.20

Over 8,000 Homeless Animals Caught in Moscow Suburbs

More than 8,000 stray animals have been caught in the Moscow region since the beginning of the year, which is more than in the entire 2019, Moscow Region Today reported with reference to the press service of the Moscow Region Department of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture and Food.  According to the head of the

Insight |  Moscow |  29.07.20

Online Camp Invites Moscow Teenagers to Learn About Rescuer Profession

The second stage of the PRO Heroes online camp for teenagers, which was organized by My Career centre, has started in Moscow. In the second stream of the interactive camp, rescuers and firefighters of the city will show students how to provide first aid to injured people, the city news agency Moscow reported.   The project

Business |  Technology |  29.07.20

Free Cancer Screening Programme to Be Launched in Moscow Soon

A programme for the early diagnosis of the most common types of oncological diseases will start in Moscow on July 30. Cancer screening will be available in 66 polyclinics of the city until the end of August 2020, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reported.    According to the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for

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Moscow Entrepreneurs Can Rent Offices on City Digital Platform

In Moscow, it became possible for the city entrepreneurs to rent an office using the digital platform. A personal consultant will help entrepreneurs find a site with the most convenient location and a favourable price for free, show the office, and assist in concluding an agreement. The service is available to all companies received