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Insight |  Novosibirsk |  28.03.20

Novosibirsk Women Offered Free Haircut for TV Premiere

The premiere of the reality series “Female Soldiers” will soon take place on TV. The residents of Novosibirsk are offered a free haircut which usually soldiers have in the army, the TNT TV channel press service reports.  Female Soldiers is the first project in which girls actually serve in the army. Participants voluntarily refused to

Insight |  Novosibirsk |  28.03.20

Experts Analyzed Preferences of Novosibirsk Residents When Buying Doors

Over the past ten years, the preferences of Siberians when choosing an apartment door has radically changed.  Not only natural materials are preferred now, but also colours that are pleasing to the eyes, reports. In 2010, the dark brown colour was popular, or, as it is called, royal maroon. Now people are choosing something

Insight |  Novosibirsk |  26.03.20

Novosibirsk to Receive ‘City of Labour Valour’ Title

At the session of the regional parliament, the deputies unanimously approved the appeal of the Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk Region to the President, Vladimir Putin, with a request to award the city of Novosibirsk the title of “The City of Labour Valour”.  The deputy, Igor Grishunin, recalled that during the Great Patriotic War, Novosibirsk

Insight |  Events |  14.03.20

Guinness Book Recordsmen Show Unique Trick at Novosibirsk Circus

Spectators of the Novosibirsk State Circus will be shown a special programme with a bear walking along the rope on its front legs, reports VN.RU.   Honoured Artist of Russia, Alexander Ivanov, said that six years ago, during a tour in Irkutsk, little boxes were brought to the circus. The drivers found the young wild animals

Insight |  Novosibirsk |  11.03.20

Victory Website Launched in Novosibirsk Region

The official website of the regional directorate of the Year of Memory and Glory, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, was launched in the Novosibirsk Region.  The site is designed to accumulate the information about federal, regional, and local events taking place on the territory of the region dedicated

Insight |  Novosibirsk |  08.03.20

Number of Nail Salons in Novosibirsk Jumped by Quarter

The number of nail salons in Novosibirsk over 3 years has increased by almost a quarter, stated the study of 2GIS. According to the service, now they have more than 28,000 sites where they offer nail care services, NGS reports.  Novosibirsk is second only to Moscow and St. Petersburg in number of nail salons. In

Insight |  Novosibirsk |  07.03.20

Light Poles Noticed Today in Novosibirsk Sky

Early in the morning of March 7, light poles were noticed in the sky over Novosibirsk, which looked like northern lights, reports NGS.RU. An optical phenomenon was noticed in the area of ​​Petukhov Street, at about 6 am. Light poles smoothly changed their position and colour. As the employee of the Planetarium Training and Scientific

Insight |  Novosibirsk |  03.03.20

New Fountain in Novosibirsk Central Park Sings Victory Songs

A folk playlist of ten tunes will be played on May 9, during the Victory Day celebrations. For online voting, a list of 33 famous songs of military and patriotic themes is proposed.   There are Soviet hits that are not never forgotten, such as “Victory Day”, “There Behind the Fogs”, “Officers” and “Cuckoo”. The poll

Insight |  Novosibirsk |  29.02.20

Novosibirsk Best College Students Awarded Government Stipend

Excellent students of Novosibirsk became stipend holders of the regional government, VN.RU reports.   Students had the opportunity to personally ask questions to the Minister of Education of the region. They are worried about how to find work after education, whether they will update the material and technical base of colleges and what it is, the

Insight |  Novosibirsk |  21.02.20

Top 3 Male Professions in Novosibirsk

The most popular professions among male job seekers were identified by HeadHunter job site analysts, VN.RU. As it turned out, the lifeguard is the most popular male profession in the Novosibirsk region.  Men are 93% of the job seekers for the car business, and 90% of working personnel. As for salary expectations, then men, as

Insight |  Novosibirsk |  20.02.20

Specialists Revealed Most Demanded Professions in Novosibirsk

Service conducted research on vacancies in Novosibirsk which are in the highest demand now, and found out what salaries the specialists can count on. According to analysts, in February 2020, security guards became the most popular job among Novosibirsk employees; their average salary is from 20,300 rubles per month, VN.RU reports.  On the labour

Insight |  Novosibirsk |  16.02.20

150 Thousand Rubles for Winners of WorldSkills Russia Championship

Designers, cyber technicians, and hairdressers compete in their skills in the WorldSkills Russia championship of applied professions, reports VN.RU.  Participants are students of Novosibirsk colleges had a chance to take part in the championship and prove their professional skills. The first platform was the carpentry class. The task is to cut a window frame from

Insight |  Novosibirsk |  10.02.20

Second Careful Clinic for Children Opened in Berdsk

Almost five months lasted reconstruction of the polyclinic as part of the project “Healthcare”, reports VN.RU. 15.5 children from fourteen paediatric stations are attached to the polyclinic.  In the new polyclinic, everything is thought out. The electronic queue is put into operation, infomats (informational devices) are installed, which will help to avoid queues. There is