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Insight |  Omsk |  14.01.22

Omsk Refinery Helped in Opening Family Robotics School

​A family robotics school has appeared in the Soviet District of Omsk, where students will be able to develop engineering skills and get acquainted with relevant technical professions.  “Omsk Refinery conducts multi-stage training of specialists to work in high-tech production. By creating modern infrastructure in schools and institutions of additional education, we stimulate children’s interest

Insight |  Events |  11.08.21

Victory Train Has Arrived in Omsk

On August 9, the ‘Victory Train’ mobile museum arrived at the Omsk railway station. In eight carriages of the train, expositions on the theme of the Great Patriotic War reflecting different periods of the 40s are presented, om1 reports.   It is noted that all the tickets for the expositions in Omsk were sold immediately, in

Insight |  Omsk |  22.05.21

Upgraded Moskvich to Be Sold in Omsk

A Moskvich-400 car is currently on sale in Omsk, Om1 repots. The owner of the transport has improved the car since 26 horsepower is not enough for driving in the modern world. Now, the car costs 870 thousand rubles.   It is noted that the welding work took about two months. New fenders and a radiator

Visit |  Events |  04.05.21

Almost 5,000 Omsk Residents Wrote ‘Victory Dictation’

On April 29, the United Russia’s International Patriotic Action “Victory Dictation” was held. This year, 80 countries joined the action, including 31 states where the dictation was written offline, om1 reports. The content of the assignments was developed by historians and dedicated to the events of the first year of the Great Patriotic War.   In

Insight |  Omsk |  14.04.21

Omsk Artist Created Tiny Monument to Russian Space Conquerors

The famous Omsk artist-microminiaturist, Anatoly Konenko, created a monument to the conquerors of space on a pencil lead, om1 reports. The work is dedicated to Cosmonautics Day which was celebrated on April 12.  Anatoly created a copy of the Monument to the Conquerors of Space, the original of which is in Moscow. The artist made

Videos |  Technology |  03.03.21

Unique Vehicles Created in Omsk Village [Video]

Engineer Viktor Grishaev from the village of Baikal, 46 kilometres from Omsk, creates unusual vehicles, agricultural machinery, and snowblowers. The village is small, only 20 people live there. There is only one shop where bread is brought twice a week and the only connection with the rest of the world is the bus which arrives

Insight |  Omsk |  27.02.21

Almost 30 New Modern Trolleybuses Appear in Omsk

The branding of new Admiral trolleybuses began in Omsk. By the end of March, their number in the city will increase to 29. At the moment, 11 trolleybuses have already arrived at the local depot, the rest will arrive by the end of April 2021, om1 reports.   It is specified that the size of the

Videos |  Omsk |  11.02.21

Omsk Firefighters’ Routine [Video]

The correspondent of the Omsk regional news portal, Daria Komenda, dressed in a firefighter’s outfit and showed the residents of the city how the day of the courageous workers, who is popularly called “firefighter special forces”, passes.  It is noted that the peculiarity of the specialized fire and rescue unit is that employees are not

Insight |  Omsk |  08.02.21

Rostelecom Connected Stations in Omsk Remote Villages

Thanks to the stations that the remote villages of the Omsk region were provided with by Rostelecom, more than 2,100 people received a possibility to have fast communications. The launch of new telecommunications facilities was carried out under a contract with the Tele2 mobile operator, which has been operating in Russia since 2003 and provides

Insight |  Omsk |  07.02.21

Omsk Doctors Were Offered Preferential Mortgage

The JSC Bank “DOM.RF” has extended the preferential mortgage programme for medical workers until the end of 2021, om1 reports. According to it, doctors, nurses and other hospital workers can take out mortgages at a preferential rate of 6.9 per cent. The minimum down payment is also reduced and now it accounts for 10 per

Insight |  Omsk |  05.02.21

Shopping Complex With Open Roof Area Built in Omsk

In Omsk, the construction of a semicircular building of the “Zvezda” (“Star”) retail and office complex has been completed, NGS55 reports. The building has already been commissioned, and now the builders are finishing the interior. Over the next two months, tenants will come to the shopping centre and in March 2021 the complex should be

Insight |  Omsk |  27.01.21

Over 60% Omsk Graduates Expect Highest Results on State Exam 2021

Experts from the ‘MAXIMUM Education’ educational company conducted a study according to which almost half of Russian graduates believe that the pandemic and remote learning will not affect their final United State Exam (USE) scores, om1 reports.   According to the results of the survey, 43 per cent of Russian eleventh graders believe that distance learning

Insight |  Omsk |  14.01.21

Omsk Resident Created Miniature Ice Book

The well-known Omsk artist and Guinness Book record holder, Anatoly Konenko, created a micro-miniature ice book measuring 40×55 mm. The craftsman keeps the book with the folk tale “The Snow Maiden” in the freezer, TASS reports.  It is noted that Konenko uses crystal clear ice, which he melts and then pours into special moulds. The