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Visit |  Events |  05.08.20

Excursion Flash Mob to Be Held in Omsk

The ‘Tourist Information Centre’ of the Omsk region received support from the Presidential Grants Fund and now, Omsk citizens will be offered 120 free routes for excursions, the VK-Group of the flash mob reported.  City residents will be able not only to visit excursions but also to conduct them on their own. The detailed information

Insight |  Omsk |  04.08.20

Omsk Health Minister Jumped With Parachute for City Day

On the City Day, the Minister of Health of the Omsk region, Irina Soldatova, made a parachute jump to congratulate the townspeople on the holiday. The photo of the event appeared on her Instagram page. View this post on Instagram Дорогие омичи, с Днём города!!! Пусть наш город день за днем процветает, развивается и становится

Business |  Economics |  02.08.20

Omsk Residents Keep Billions Rubles on Deposits 

The Omsk Statistics Service (Omskstat) has counted the investments of the city residents. In total, the townspeople have 221.7 billion rubles in credit institutions. These are deposits in Russian and foreign currency, om1 reported.   It is noted that on average, every resident of the region, including children and the elderly, keeps 115,000 rubles. Half of

Videos |  Events |  26.07.20

Omsk Resident Day Celebration Started With Bright Marathon [Video]

The Omsk Resident Day is created by active citizens together with public organizations to show interesting projects and initiative people. Starting from yesterday and for the whole week, Omsk residents will take part in 19 online events and winners will receive prizes.    The festive events in 2020 will be broadcast with multi-platform support on

Insight |  Omsk |  20.07.20

Saturn Rings to Be Seen Last Time in Omsk Sky

In the coming days, over the Omsk sky, Jupiter and Saturn will come so close to Earth that they can be seen through a telescope. The head of the Omsk Planetarium, Vladimir Krupko, told that this phenomenon can be observed until July 21.  Vladimir noted that now, there is the opposition of the giant planets,

Insight |  Events |  16.07.20

Omsk Day to Be Celebrated Online

Omsk Day 2020 will be held online due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the press service of the Omsk administration, the thematic sites will be open from July 25 to July 31. The organizers prepared a bright programme. So far, 14 thematic venues are planned, including youth, dance, cynological, and sports, as well as

Insight |  Omsk |  08.07.20

Omsk to Receive New Trolleybuses With Climate Control

The Omsk city administration received federal co-financing for the renewal of public transport. Thanks to this, 33 new trolleybuses will be purchased for the city.  The machines are made of non-combustible composite materials and equipped with climate control and multimedia. It is specified that each trolleybus can carry 96 people at a time. The vehicles

Videos |  Omsk |  06.07.20

Omsk Received ‘City of Labour Valour’ Title [Video]

On July 4, Omsk received the title of a City of Labour Valour. A stage was erected at the government building, and chairs for spectators were placed following the restrictions and keeping a social distance.  When the official part ended, the audience was entertained by musicians, dancers, and artists. At the end of the event,

Insight |  Omsk |  14.06.20

26 Years – Age of Achieving Financial Independence in Omsk

Sberbank Life Insurance analysed the study conducted in 37 cities of Russia with a population of more than 500 thousand people and found out that there are two factors which have the biggest influence on achieving financial independence, they are the age of a person and his level of well-being, om1,ru reports.  During the survey

Insight |  Omsk |  12.06.20

Omsk Residents Get Free Tricolour Ribbons for Russia Day

In honour of Russia Day, on the Omsk city streets, volunteers and traffic policemen give everybody ribbons with the tricolour for free.    Ribbons are hand out during public patrols to observe the mask regime. It is noted that they are also available in stores and shopping centres. In total, it is planned to give

Insight |  Omsk |  28.05.20

Omsk Residents Study New City General Plan to Make Suggestions

Omsk residents were presented with the city master plan. It includes 7 thematic maps and provisions on territorial planning, om1 reports.  The detailed plan of Omsk can be found on the city administration website, and the expositions can be studied with the observance of social distance measures. The form for sending suggestions and comments online was

Insight |  Omsk |  12.04.20

Work Round-the-Clock: Omsk Infection Centre to Be Built Soon

In Omsk, the Ministry of Defense infectious centre to treat patients with coronavirus is being built around the clock, the Central Military District press service reports.  The military builders who are taking part in the construction of the multifunctional hospital to treat patients with coronavirus have already completed half the amount of work. Currently, a

Videos |  Omsk |  29.03.20

Omsk Circus Showed Newly Born Tiger Cubs [Video]

The tiger trainer, Rostislav Gavryliv, two weeks ago shared with the Omsk circus the good news that the tiger Magda gave birth to four babies. According to the trainer, the mom feels good, the babies have a good appetite, have already opened their eyes, and even try to growl, because tigers do not know how