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Business |  Economics |  07.01.21

Experts Counted Omsk Citizens’ Average Salary

The city administration of Omsk has summed up the results of the socio-economic development of the city for the first 9 months of 2020. In the period from January to September, the average per capita income amounted to almost 25 thousand rubles a month, om1 reports.   At the same time, real wages, taking into account

Insight |  Omsk |  30.12.20

Chinese Company Congratulated Omsk Children on New Year

On the eve of the New Year, the Chinese National Chemical Engineering and Construction Corporation ‘Seven’ prepared gifts for children from the village of Omsk. Packs of sweets were received by 70 children. The same company has been supporting the residents of the settlement already for several years, om1 reports.   It is specified that the

Fun |  Events |  27.12.20

New Year Tourist Route Opened in Omsk

The New Year’s tour in Omsk includes five points: Dzerzhinsky Square, Museum Street, Resurrection Square, Exhibition Square, and the ‘Omsk Fortress’ historical and cultural complex. You can start your journey from any of these locations, om1 reports. The route will be open until January 14, 2021.  The idea of ​​the project is to tell Omsk

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Omsk People Decorate Houses for New Year

On the New Year’s Eve, Omsk residents have started to actively decorate their homes, om1 reports. Many residents decorate windows and balconies with bright lights to please not only their family members but also passers-by.  The readiness of the townspeople for the holiday can be seen far from the street, as their windows and balconies

Insight |  Omsk |  12.12.20

Omsk Citizens Enjoy New Comfortable Trolleybuses

According to the press service of the Omsk Department of Transport, 16 new Admiral trolleybuses are already running on the city routes. According to the head of “Electric Transport” municipal enterprise, Vasily Melishchuk, Omsk people try to choose exactly these vehicles for their high level of comfort.   It is noted that the park was renewed

Insight |  Omsk |  01.12.20

Omsk Women Shared Reasons to Have Children

Omsk regional statistics service (Omskstat) has published statistics on women who became mothers, om1 reports. According to the statistics, there are 692,000 mothers in the region. For nine months of 2020, 13,000 girls gave birth to a child.  It is stated that the average age when women from Omsk became mothers is 28.5 years. According

Business |  Economics |  30.11.20

Omsk Received 25-Ruble Coins Dedicated to Doctors

A batch of new commemorative coins dedicated to the work of medical workers has arrived in Omsk. The reverse of the coin depicts two medical workers in protective suits with resuscitation suitcases in front of a hospital and an ambulance, NGS55 reports.   According to the leading expert on the study of banknotes of the Omsk

Insight |  Economics |  22.11.20

Young Omsk Families to Receive 1 Million Rubles for Housing

In 2020, 14 Omsk families received social benefits and purchased or built housing with this money, om1 reports. In total, they received 13 million 409 thousand rubles, of which 4,012 million rubles were federal budget funds, 7,788 million rubles regional, and 1,609 rubles from the city funds.   It is noted that this support will also

Insight |  Omsk |  22.11.20

Omsk Drivers to Be Paid 25,000 Rubles for Helping Doctors

In Omsk, the search has started for drivers who are ready to help doctors and drive them to patients’ homes. Such an action was launched by the All-Russian People’s Front and gave it the name “autovolunteering”, om1 reports.    It is noted that everyone who is ready to help doctors is promised to get a

Insight |  Omsk |  20.11.20

New Modern Buses on Gas to Appear in Omsk

The Omsk region received co-financing from the federal budget for the purchase of new buses. The subsidy is allocated due to participation in the national project “Safe and High-Quality Roads”, the press service of the Omsk city hall reports.   The new VOLGABUS CityRhythm buses are completely low-floor. They have a comfortable interior, run on natural

Insight |  Omsk |  12.11.20

Omsk Residents in Need to Get Flats for Free

This year, the Omsk mayor’s office accepted 14 escheat flats into municipal ownership. This property did not find heirs after the death of its owners. The flats were transferred to city ownership and included in the fund for social use.  According to the Department of Housing Policy, quite often the information about abandoned housing comes

Insight |  Omsk |  07.11.20

Omsk Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service Announced Auction for Cars Purchase

The Omsk regional Department of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision (Rosselkhoznadzor) has announced an auction for the supply of five cars with the contract price of 2,616,608 rubles, om1 reports.  According to the public procurement website, applications can be submitted until November 13, 2020. Cars must be delivered to Omsk and handed

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Omsk Businesses to Receive 11.3 Million Rubles State Support

Some of the costs to companies that have spent their own funds to fight the coronavirus are ready to be allocated from the budget of the Omsk region. For this, the treasury has 11.3 million rubles.   According to the Ministry of Economy, to reimburse 90 per cent of the costs, it is necessary that the