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Insight |  Omsk |  02.11.20

New Trolleybuses Launched in Omsk

On November 1, low-floor trolleybuses “Admiral” purchased as part of the national project “Safe and High-Quality Roads”, appeared on the Omsk streets. Federal co-financing accounted for 60 per cent of the cost of equipment, om1 reports. The total amount of funds allocated from the federal treasury is 358 million rubles.  Trolleybus “Admiral” with a total

Visit |  Culture |  23.10.20

Omsk Water Utilities Congratulates Citizens on Motorist Day

On Sunday, October 25, Russia will celebrate Motorist Day which is met with an excellent performance by employees of the motor transport department of Omsk Water Utilities. Over the past 5 years, the vehicle fleet of the enterprise has been renewed by more than 50 per cent and now there are 240 vehicles.  It is

Videos |  Omsk |  22.10.20

Omsk Eco-Farm Held Virtual Tour [Video]

People’s Company “Open House” which is building a greenhouse capable of producing a year-round harvest, presented a video shot in 3D. Using computers or tablets, one can take a tour online.   Siberian Eco-farm is a project for the cultivation and delivery of environmentally friendly and healthy vegetables, herbs, berries, and fruits. Walking through the

Insight |  Omsk |  21.10.20

Almost 500 Young Specialists Help Omsk Doctors Fighting Coronavirus

Due to the complication of the situation with coronavirus in the Omsk region, the operational headquarters turned to the medical university for help with a request to send students to work in hospitals, om1 reports.   It is noted that the training is now taking place online, so young doctors have the opportunity to help doctors.

Insight |  Technology |  19.10.20

Rostelecom Connected Over 24,000 Omsk Households to High-Speed Internet

Residents of the private sector in the Omsk region can use broadband Internet access from Rostelecom. In 20 districts of the region, optical lines for users are carried out using GPON technology, which guarantees high data transfer speed and connection stability, om1 reports.     The emergence of the Internet in the private sector makes it

Insight |  Omsk |  16.10.20

Omsk Residents Chose Place for Main City Christmas Tree

The Omsk Mayor’s Office has summed up the results of the competition for the main city Christmas tree. Voting took place in the official administration group on the VKontakte social network, and the winner was the concept of “Omsk in Miniature” from the ‘Landshaft-Omsk’ company. For this option voted 3,487 Omsk residents.   It is specified

Insight |  Omsk |  16.10.20

Omsk Parents Received 300,000 Rubles for Three Newborns

In Omsk, on September 13, triplets were born in the family of Natalia and Ivan, two daughters and a son, the Omsk mayor’s office reports.  It is noted that a lump sum payment to Omsk families is issued with the birth of three or more children at the same time in the amount of 100,000

Insight |  Trip Advisory |  15.10.20

First Train Omsk – Crimea to Be Launched in December 2020

The company “Grand Service Express” announced the extension of the route of the train Simferopol-Yekaterinburg to Omsk. The private carrier’s Tavria trains will continue to run to Perm, Omsk, and Tyumen, om1 reports. Starting from December, twice a week, Omsk residents will have a chance to go to Simferopol and back in compartment cars and

Insight |  Omsk |  07.10.20

Omsk Residents Spent 22 Million Rubles on Cinemas

On September 4 Omsk cinemas resumed their work. More than 110 thousand city residents visited them in a month. During this period, cinemas sold tickets for more than 22 million rubles, almost 5.5 million of which fell on Christopher Nolan’s thriller “Tenet” which was watched by more than 30 thousand people, newsomsk reports.   The top

Insight |  Omsk |  04.10.20

Omsk Authorities to Spend Over 40 Million Rubles on New Buses

At a meeting of the Omsk regional government, the issue of compensation for the costs of purchasing new vehicles for carriers operating at regulated tariffs on municipal and inter-municipal routes was discussed. It is planned to allocate 41.5 million rubles from the regional budget for the purchase of 41 buses, om1 reports.   It is specified

Insight |  Omsk |  28.09.20

Innovative Pedestrian Crossings to Appear in Omsk

Three new crossings will be installed in the Sovetsky and Tsentralny districts of the city, reports. The initial contract price is 1.9 million rubles. The warranty for road markings is 1 year, for traffic lights it is 6 years, and for road signs 7 years.  Projection transitions are a frame structure with a projector,

Insight |  Omsk |  14.09.20

Omsk Private Kindergartens Set Equal Prices With Municipal Ones

With the increase in the number of children in Omsk from September 2020, it is planned to open 72 additional places in private kindergartens for children from 1.5 years old. There will be 4 groups for 48 places for them. Also, by the end of this year, two groups for 24 preschool institutions will start

Insight |  Omsk |  07.09.20

Urals Teachers Encouraged Working in Omsk Villages

Since the new academic year, 10 teachers have started to work in the districts of the Omsk region. Those teachers from the Urals who have made a decision to move, receive payments as part of the federal programme “Zemsky Teacher”.    According to the press service of the Ministry of Education of the Omsk Region,