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Insight |  Technology |  19.10.20

Rostelecom Connected Over 24,000 Omsk Households to High-Speed Internet

Residents of the private sector in the Omsk region can use broadband Internet access from Rostelecom. In 20 districts of the region, optical lines for users are carried out using GPON technology, which guarantees high data transfer speed and connection stability, om1 reports.     The emergence of the Internet in the private sector makes it

Insight |  Around Russia |  19.10.20

Experts Named Highest-Paid Remote Jobs in Russia

In Russia, the profession of 1C programmer-analyst working remotely turned out to be the most profitable, RIA News reports with reference to the research conducted by the job search service. In a month, such a specialist can get up to 270 thousand rubles.  In addition, 200 thousand rubles and more are offered to the

Insight |  Trip Advisory |  19.10.20

Novosibirsk Residents Offered Coffee and Books at Discount

Russian alternative mobile operator Tele2 has launched a joint promotion with the Burger King fast-food chain as part of the loyalty programme, reports. The customers can get a 20 per cent discount when ordering a combo set for a burger and a second coffee as a gift when ordering at fast-food restaurants.  It is

Insight |  Kazan |  18.10.20

Russians Named Top Cities for New Year Celebration

The list of the most popular cities where Russian tourists would like to celebrate the New Year. The most popular are Sochi, Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Simferopol, Mineralnye Vody, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, and Krasnoyarsk, RIA News writes.    The specialists of the travel service analyzed the searches of Russians made from September 15 to

Videos |  Funny Russia |  18.10.20

Rostov Porsche Driver Stopped for Exceeding Mask Mode [Video]

In Rostov-on-Don, the driver of a Porsche sports car was stopped for “exceeding the mask regime”, 1rnd reports.    The famous Rostov pranker, Ivan Sychev, didn’t want to comply with the anti-coronavirus spread restrictions. He posted a video in which he drives a Porsche 911 with a huge mask on the car’s hood. The traffic

Business |  Trading |  18.10.20

New Cafes and Grocery Stores Opened in Novosibirsk

A quarter of all new companies opened in Novosibirsk fall into two categories, namely, restaurant business (over 13 per cent) and grocery retail (over 11 per cent). This follows from the study based on an analysis of data from new small and medium-sized businesses in Novosibirsk that worked with MTS Kassa in September 2020,

Insight |  Trip Advisory |  18.10.20

New Features for Moscow Entrepreneurs Appeared on Interactive Platform

The platform of the Moscow Innovation Cluster (MIC) has new functions for entrepreneurs that allow concluding a contract online or get support for a startup. According to the head of the Moscow Department of Information Technologies, Eduard Lysenko, over 18 thousand organizations already use this platform.  Lysenko stated that the service of support measures

Insight |  Around Russia |  18.10.20

Russians Named Main Reasons for Being Late for Flight

Russians are most often late for their plane due to traffic jams or because they overslept their flight, RT reports with reference to a survey conducted by the OneTwoTrip travel planning service.   According to the results of the survey, 27 per cent of the respondents were late for their plane at least once. Of them,

Insight |  Around Russia |  17.10.20

Russians Revealed Attitude to Creative Spaces

Russian Analytical Centre NAFI conducted research to understand if Russians like creative clusters as territories of former industrial zones where people of creative professions (designers, architects, artists, or musicians) gather together.  According to the results of the research, Russians most often visit creative clusters to spend cultural leisure, which is to visit an exhibition or

Insight |  Around Russia |  17.10.20

Top 5 Russian Cities With Highest COVID Crisis Resistance

The experts of the Strelka Centre for Urban Economics conducted a research and found out which cities are most capable to resist the crisis provoked by the spread of coronavirus.   When compiling the rating, the experts relied on what is the share of tax revenues in the city budget. The more autonomous the city’s budget

Insight |  Around Russia |  17.10.20

Russian Teachers Named Top Motivators for Staying in Profession

The majority of teachers in Russia (43 per cent) love their profession for the opportunity to communicate and work with children, according to the study of Skysmart online school, RT reports.   The experts found out that 20 per cent of teacher surveyed does not change their profession because they really enjoy what they do, 9