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Business |  Events |  05.05.21

Novosibirsk Residents Create Useful Mobile Applications

The results of the A-START competition were summed up in the Novosibirsk Technopark, where the innovators presented various projects, reports.  Alim Bashirzade became one of the winners. His project is related to the aquarium fish zebrafish that are used for humanitarian purposes. These fishes help in testing new drugs, even before experiments with mice

Insight |  Chelyabinsk |  05.05.21

Ural Schoolchildren Found Soviet Soldiers’ Remains

Annually in Russia the action “Watch of Memory” is held, the purpose of which is to honour the memory of those who died during the war, chelTV reports. As a rule, it takes place several weeks before Victory Day. Participants from different regions of the country travel to the battlefield to look for the remains

Insight |  Rostov |  04.05.21

Social Activists Held Clean-Up Day at Rostov Cemetery

About 30 burials were put in order by the participants of the first joint subbotnik of public associations and ritualists of Rostov. The large-scale clean-up took place in the veteran quarter of the Northern Cemetery which contains about 2,500 graves, 1rnd reports.   On the eve of May 9, a large-scale subbotnik was held in Rostov.

Visit |  Events |  04.05.21

Almost 5,000 Omsk Residents Wrote ‘Victory Dictation’

On April 29, the United Russia’s International Patriotic Action “Victory Dictation” was held. This year, 80 countries joined the action, including 31 states where the dictation was written offline, om1 reports. The content of the assignments was developed by historians and dedicated to the events of the first year of the Great Patriotic War.   In

Fun |  Funny Russia |  04.05.21

Mercedes Stuck on Steps in Zelenograd

A Mercedes car got stuck on steps in Zelenograd on May 3, 2021. The owner of the car was not there when the incident happened, the Telegram channel “Incidents and Emergencies of Moscow and the Moscow region” reports.   The car got stuck on the stairs in the sixth microdistrict near block 601a in Zelenograd. The

Insight |  Around Russia |  03.05.21

Coronavirus Changed Companies With Aggressive Corporate Culture

The corporate culture of their company is most often called “tough” by employers from the banking (21 per cent) and construction sectors (15 per cent), while “soft” corporate culture is mostly applied to the employees of IT companies (82 per cent), according to the SuperJob job search service specialists.  During the coronavirus pandemic the number

Insight |  Around Russia |  03.05.21

Russian Expert Named Professions at Risk of Disappearing

Nowadays, many “classic” professions are in for a serious evolution and their previous form of existence may disappear, says the vice-rector of the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation Alexander Safonov, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.  In his opinion, such a profession as an accountant will not cease to exist but will acquire other

Insight |  Around Russia |  03.05.21

Russians Named Most Desired Ways to Spend Summer Vacation

The majority of Russians (69 per cent) have a 28-day main vacation at work, the HeadHunter service specialists found out, RIA News reports. For representatives of the scientific and educational sphere, a vacation is more than 28 days, while for a quarter (25 per cent) of employees in the sales sphere, it is less than

Insight |  Moscow |  03.05.21

Victory Parade: Moscow Gets Ready

On May 9, 2021, Russia celebrates the 76th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Traditionally, the Victory Parade will be held on Red Square in Moscow, RIA News reports.  It is specified that the walking part of the parade will be more than 12.5 thousand people who will march along Red Square.

Videos |  St. Petersburg |  01.05.21

Fountains Season Opened in St. Petersburg [Video]

The fountain season opened today, on May 1, 2021, in St. Petersburg. City Vodokanal launched fountains at the Winter Palace, in the Alexander Garden, and at the Kazan Cathedral, TASS reports with reference to the organization’s page on the VK social network.   “Fountains have woken up in St. Petersburg! For us, this is the

Insight |  Around Russia |  01.05.21

HR Experts Told How Coronavirus Crisis Changed Russian Labour Market

The specialists of the job search service summed up the changes in the Russian labour market during the crisis provoked by the coronavirus. Experts have found out that in 2021, 47 per cent of Russians plan to change their profession.  Russian companies that are faced the high-volume hiring are working to accelerate the adaptation