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Insight |  Rostov |  09.08.20

Rostovites Took Part in Large-Scale Ecological Festival

On August 8, a large-scale eco-festival was held at Mozhaiskiye ponds. The event was attended by 1,500 Rostovites, 1rnd reported. The initiators of the event were the administration of Rostov-on-Don, and the fundamental assistance was provided by the public organization “There is No Dirt Here”, which is the owner of the grant from the “Presidential

Insight |  Rostov |  03.08.20

Experts Compiled List of Rostov Convicts Favourite Books

The Federal Prison Service in the Rostov region named 10 books that convicts most often read. Libraries, with a total fund of more than 63,000 printed publications, are located in all correctional colonies and pre-trial detention centres. Reading preference ratings vary from the colony, but there are a number of writers and works that are

Insight |  Trip Advisory |  30.07.20

Rostovites Can Take Part in Interactive Tours Around City

The Tele2 telecommunications operator, in partnership with the “Voice of the City” project, launched free tours in the city of Rostov. Online virtual guides invited for participation not only the Tele2 subscribers but also the customers of other operators, 1rnd reported.  The Tele2 subscribers can take an interactive tour at any time suitable for them.

Insight |  Culture |  24.07.20

Immortal Regiment Action in Rostov Held on Combine Harvesters

In the Rostov region, the Immortal Regiment action, which is annually held in honour of the Great Patriotic War participants, was held in an unusual format. The action was timed to coincide with the end of the harvest, the Rostov Region Government official VK-Page reported. In the middle of the field, 15 combines, on the

Business |  Technology |  18.07.20

Autonomous Technologies to Be Introduced in Rostov Agro-Industrial Complex

The autonomous control system used on the harvesters is the domestic development of the Cognitive Pilot company. Artificial intelligence technologies can reduce crop harvesting losses by 40%, as it determines the types and location of objects in the direction of travel, transmitting the necessary commands to perform maneuvers, 1rnd reported.   The introduction of unmanned technologies

Insight |  Rostov |  18.07.20

Rostov Animal Shelter Thanked Citizens for Help During Downpour

Employees of the Rostov Centre for Stray Animals expressed their gratitude to the caring citizens who arrived at the institution the day before the downpour and helped put it in order, the VK-Page of the Centre reported.  Dozens of Rostovites have responded to the post of volunteers in social networks. Some of the volunteers helped

Insight |  Rostov |  10.07.20

Rostov Region Shopping Centres and Hotels Exempted from Rent

The Governor of the Rostov Region, Vasily Golubev, signed an order according to which the owners of hotels and shopping and entertainment centres will be exempt from rent.  The regional government reported that for other business sectors that also suffered greatly during the period of self-isolation, the rent for real estate will be reduced. The

Insight |  Rostov |  06.07.20

Don Children’s Cardiologist to Consult Patients Before Academic Year

The Don Regional Consultative and Diagnostic Centre announced July 10 the day for the examination of the health of children from 6 years old and adolescents. The center offers to check up children before the start of the school year for heart diseases, 1rnd reported.  The Centre employees invite children to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis

Insight |  Rostov |  04.07.20

Don Students to Work at Rosneft and Gazprom Facilities

This summer 280 students from the Rostov region will work in the oil and gas fields of Rosneft and Gazprom in Novy Urengoy. Their work is a part of the Interregional Student Construction “Urengoy 2020”. For 3 summer months, Don students will work on the construction site on the arrangement of oil and gas deposits

Insight |  Rostov |  03.07.20

Southern Federal University Created 3D Excursion for Applicants

The administrative building of the educational institution is built in the form of a sail, so applicants are encouraged to look inside and enjoy the unusual architecture.  A panoramic 3D tour of the university with the full effect of presence is now available at the special webpage. It is noted that the panorama of the

Insight |  Rostov |  30.06.20

Rostov Scientists Study Genetic Features Influence on People’s Internet Behaviour

The scientists of the Don State Technical University are conducting a study of the specifics of perception of Internet content on the psychological and genetic characteristics of a person, the press service of the university reports. The results of the study will help to create for users with the Internet provoking destructive behaviors individual psychotherapeutic

Insight |  Technology |  26.06.20

Smart Lighting System to Appear in 4 Rostov Region Cities

The largest provider of digital services in Russia (Rostelecom) will install energy-efficient lighting systems using digital control in 4 cities of the Rostov Region. These are Aksay, Volgodonsk, Kamensk-Shakhtinsk, and Krasny Sulin. The existing street lights will be replaced with new LED ones and combined with an automated outdoor lighting control system.   The system will

Insight |  Rostov |  25.06.20

War Times Gas Lanterns Lit in Rostov

On June 24, in honour of the Victory Parade and as part of the all-Russian action “Victory Rays”, the light projections were shown on the territory of the most important and popular places of the Russian cities. The Rostov Gazprom workers joined the action and lit gas lanterns, 1rnd reported.   The LED illumination with the