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Insight |  Rostov |  26.03.20

Beeline Mobile Operator Retains Services With Negative Balance in Full

Beeline will provide customers with the opportunity to use mobile services in full with a zero balance for up to 30 days, the press service of the mobile operator reports.  Beeline has also combined links to popular public services and websites of public authorities in the mobile application “Cube!” and cancelled the billing inside this

Insight |  Rostov |  13.03.20

Rostov Underpasses With Mosaics Recognized Cultural Heritage

All underground passages with mosaics were recognized objects of cultural heritage. This decision was made by the Committee for the Protection of Cultural Heritage in the Rostov Region, reports.   One of the reasons these objects could not officially become cultural heritage was their age, as they were younger than 40 years old. Now they

Insight |  Rostov |  11.03.20

Smart Lighting Appeared in Novocherkassk

Rostelecom in Novocherkassk finished the installation of an energy-efficient lighting system. The project was implemented in accordance with the Smart City concept within the framework of the national Digital Economy program, the company press service reports.  More than 9 000 lamps were replaced with bright LED lights, and more than 200 distribution cabinets were installed

Insight |  Rostov |  15.02.20

First Overpass With Elevators and Escalators in Rostov

The Investment Council of Rostov approved the project for an elevated passage. This will be the first crossing in the city equipped with escalators and elevators. The construction will work around the clock, investor representative Andranik Danelyan told, reports 1rnd.  Public transport stops are located in close proximity to the crossing, which allows passengers to

Insight |  Rostov |  15.02.20

Rostov Region Governor Sang ‘Victory Day’ With Turetsky Choir

The M. Turetsky Choir gave a two-hour concert in Rostov-on-Don. The final song was performed together with the Governor of the Rostov Region Vasily Golubev. The live translation of the event was published on the YouTube channel of Rostov Government.  The famous choir gave a concert in Rostov in honour of the anniversary of the

Videos |  Rostov |  15.02.20

Another Rostov Liberator Presented With Personal Parade [Video]

In Rostov-on-Don, a personal parade was arranged for the veteran of World War II Fedor Serov, reports 1rnd. The Liberator of Rostov reached Berlin and took part in its assault.  Before the veteran, the company of the guard of honour of the Southern Military District and cadets of the military training centre passed a solemn

Insight |  Rostov |  12.02.20

Personal Parade Held for Rostov Veteran

Today, about a hundred schoolchildren, students, and officials gathered near the home of 96-year-old veteran Petr Nikitin and his wife, who, due to health reasons, were unble to attend the parade on the 77th anniversary of the liberation of Rostov.  Front workers were congratulated on the holiday, and right at their house entrance, a personal

Insight |  Rostov |  08.02.20

New Generation of Trains Appeared in Rostov

On February 7, a new generation railbuses entered the Rostov-Volgodonsk route. The first to ride on it was the Governor of the Rostov Region, Vasily Golubev, and the Head of the North Caucasus Railway Vladimir Pyastolov.  The buses will run in two- and four-car hitch. The number of seats has been increased, and in the

Insight |  Rostov |  02.02.20

Rostov Students Combine Work With Study

HeadHunter Research Service conducted a survey of Russian students to find out if they combine work and study, reports The study showed that in the Rostov region there are 70% of full-time students working, and 30% among the part-time students. Moreover, 10% of the total number work remotely, and the same amount according to

Insight |  Rostov |  22.01.20

New Bridge Construction Began in Rostov

In Rostov-on-Don began the construction of a new bridge in the alignment of Malinovsky Street. The contractor has begun preliminary work, according to the administration of the city, reports.   Rostovavtomost company is completing the works of a construction site for workers and technicians, and in the near future, on the site will start preparations

Insight |  Rostov |  22.01.20

Award for Writers Established in Rostov Region

Governor’s Award named after Mikhail Sholokhov established the authorities of the Rostov region. It will be handed over every five years to writers who continue the best traditions of Russian literature.   “The authors of literary works in three categories will be able to get 20 thousand rubles, a laureate’s certificate and a badge for a