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Insight |  Samara |  20.02.20

Ban on Cigarettes: Tobacco Products Can Be Removed from Samara Kiosks

Deputies of the Samara Regional Duma decided to invite the federal authorities to tighten anti-tobacco law. The idea is to ban the sale of cigarettes in retail outlets of a small area, 63.RU reports. For cities, a restriction of 25 square meters is proposed, for rural areas, it is 10 square meters. The sale of

Insight |  Samara |  16.02.20

3D Model of Archaeological Excavations Developed in Samara

Samara is expected to produce a modern visual aid for schoolchildren and students studying archaeology, stated the Samara Research University website. The work on a 3D model based on real excavations conducted in the summer of 2019 has already begun at the university.   In 2019, scientists from the University of Hungary and Samara University conducted

Insight |  Samara |  02.02.20

Ferris Wheel Discount for Samara Hard Workers

In Samara, a new tariff for one of the most popular attractions started operating – the Ferris wheel.  The long-awaited launch took place on the eve of the New Year holidays, on December 28. Cabins of a wheel are equipped with heaters, therefore, it can work all the year-round. However, on January 1, 2019, the

Insight |  Samara |  31.01.20

Famous Astronauts Looking for Followers in Samara

Famous astronauts arrived in Samara to recruit employees of one of the large factories in the team of space pilots, reports Rocket and Space Centre “Progress”.    The Honoured Test Pilot and Head of the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, Pavel Vlasov, said that there are even fewer requirements for astronauts than for military pilots.

Insight |  Samara |  29.01.20

Samara Doctors to Get Increased Salaries and Housing Compensation

In Samara, was found a way to solve the problem of a shortage of hospital workers. Now Samara’s young doctors will get an increase in salary.  In the mayor’s office, it was said that among the doctors who will have an opportunity to get an extra charge are young specialists up to 35 years old

Insight |  Samara |  29.01.20

Samara – Paris: Low-Cost Flights to Be Launched in 2020

It is planned to launch direct flights from Samara to Paris in 2020. This information is indicated in the draft resolution of the regional Ministry of Transport.  The idea belongs to the governor Dmitry Azarov. The Samara authorities decided to subsidize flights for the development of tourism and cooperation in the industry. They plan to

Insight |  Samara |  29.01.20

New Direct Flights: Cheap Tickets from Samara to 9 Cities of Russia

The authorities of the Samara region plan to open 9 direct flights in 2020. This will allow residents to buy tickets at a low price.  The list of flights is indicated in the draft resolution of the Ministry of Transport. Aeroplanes from Kurumoch airport are planned to be launched in Kazan, Perm, Volgograd, Kaliningrad, Nizhny

Insight |  Samara |  10.01.20

Favorite Essay Topics Chosen by School Graduates for Final Exam

The regional Ministry of Education announced the results of essays that eleventh graders wrote as admission to the Unified State Exam. In the main term, it was written successfully by 99% of schoolchildren.  The most common topic for an essay this year was “What sacrifices can he or she make for love?”. It was chosen

Videos |  Samara |  10.01.20

Frunze Bridge Was Shown from Height on First Working Day [Video]

The Samara video blogger launched a drone over the Frunze bridge and the old road from Novokuybyshevsk on the first working day after the New Year holidays. Now one can enter the city from the Kuibyshev district in two ways.  The Frunze Bridge was built for almost four years. It includes a 6-lane steel-reinforced concrete

Insight |  Samara |  09.01.20

Christmas Trees After Holidays: Second Life for Used Wood

By the end of the New Year holidays, container platforms are overloaded with unnecessary Christmas trees. In the Samara region, it was figured out how to use them, reports 63.RU.    Instead of a landfill for waste disposal, carriers will transport conifers to a special site. There, with the help of a crushing machine, the

Insight |  Samara |  09.01.20

Over 200 kg Batteries Were Given for Recycling by Residents of Samara Region

In the Samara region, the regional operator LLC EcoStroyResurs began to collect used batteries for recycling. Special containers were installed at the request of various budgetary institutions, administrations of districts and municipalities, as well as commercial organizations, reports EcoStroyResurs.  In Samara, used batteries can be handed over to the head office of the eco-builder EcoStroyResurs

Insight |  Samara |  06.01.20

First Babies Born in 2020 in Samara

In Samara, for the first time, young mothers were presented with gift sets for newborns. Women who gave birth to first-born in 2020, were given a solemn congratulations.  In the gift boxes for babies, there are 27 items, including bedding, overalls, hygiene products and a photo album. Clothing included in the gift is of universal

Insight |  Samara |  05.01.20

Over 300 Christmas Church Services to be Held in Samara Region

On the night of January 6 to 7, solemn liturgies will be held in the temples and churches of the region. More than 300 objects of the Russian Orthodox Church will hold Christmas services. At the night they will provide people with additional public transport.   “For the protection of public order, more than 4,500 police