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Insight |  Industry |  14.06.20

New Plant to Appear in Samara Region

In the Samara region, it is planned to launch the production of detergents, cleaners, and disinfectants, reports with reference to the Ministry of Economic Development and Investment of the region.   It is planned to manufacture household and industrial bleach, disinfectant, and water purification and disinfection agents. The technology allows to improve the quality of

Insight |  Samara |  16.04.20

Samara Public Transport to Receive Compensation for Work Flow Loss

In the Samara region, representatives of the transport sector suffered the most due to the self-isolation regime.  The city authorities decided to help carriers with money. They will be exempted from the transport tax, companies will receive subsidies as compensation for lost revenue from the transportation of privileged categories of citizens, and the compensation will

Insight |  Samara |  20.03.20

Million Flowers to Be Planted in Samara Squares

The area of ​​flower gardens in the spring-summer of 2020 will occupy 35,000 square meters, the official website of the city administration reports. In total, more than 1 million flowers will decorate city streets, parks, squares, and embankment.  In total, 40 species of plants in various colour variations and forms will be planted. According to

Insight |  Samara |  08.03.20

Over 2 Tons of Flowers Delivered to Samara for Women’s Day

The cargo terminal at Kurumoch Airport handled more than 2 tons of flowers on the eve of International Women’s Day. Among these were tulips, hyacinths, irises, gerberas, and roses, the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor) reports.  According to experts, most of the flowers arrive by flights from Armenia. The terminal of the

Insight |  Samara |  28.02.20

Unmanned Vehicles to Be Tested in Samara Region

The Russian government has expanded the list of regions where unmanned vehicles will be tested. Samara was also included in the list.  The experiment starts on March 1, 2020, and will last until March 1, 2022. According to the Minister of Economic and Investment of the Samara Region, Dmitry Bogdanov, they plan to create a

Insight |  Samara |  25.02.20

Large Samara Families to Get Easter Allowance

In the Samara region, the acceptance of documents for receiving payments in the amount of 1,500 rubles per child has begun.   The right for payment is given to women raising 4 or more children, single fathers raising 3 or more children and single mothers with 2 or more children. As officials explained, if a large family,

Insight |  Samara |  25.02.20

Children of Samara Doctors to Be Provided With Places in Kindergarten

In the Samara region, health workers will receive benefits. They will be provided with priority admission to preschool institutions.  They offered to involve such a benefit for 5 years. According to preliminary information, in 2020, 483 children of health workers have a line up in kindergartens, in 2021 – in 564 children. Priorities are also given

Insight |  Samara |  25.02.20

First Regional Business Opportunity Centre Opened in Samara

A new project for entrepreneurs was launched in Samara. The first regional centre of business opportunities is a digital space where you can test more than 50 smart solutions.  The first such centre began work in Moscow in 2018. The Samara project was the first to open at the regional level. Its technical equipment allows

Insight |  Samara |  20.02.20

Ban on Cigarettes: Tobacco Products Can Be Removed from Samara Kiosks

Deputies of the Samara Regional Duma decided to invite the federal authorities to tighten anti-tobacco law. The idea is to ban the sale of cigarettes in retail outlets of a small area, 63.RU reports. For cities, a restriction of 25 square meters is proposed, for rural areas, it is 10 square meters. The sale of

Insight |  Samara |  16.02.20

3D Model of Archaeological Excavations Developed in Samara

Samara is expected to produce a modern visual aid for schoolchildren and students studying archaeology, stated the Samara Research University website. The work on a 3D model based on real excavations conducted in the summer of 2019 has already begun at the university.   In 2019, scientists from the University of Hungary and Samara University conducted

Insight |  Samara |  02.02.20

Ferris Wheel Discount for Samara Hard Workers

In Samara, a new tariff for one of the most popular attractions started operating – the Ferris wheel.  The long-awaited launch took place on the eve of the New Year holidays, on December 28. Cabins of a wheel are equipped with heaters, therefore, it can work all the year-round. However, on January 1, 2019, the

Insight |  Samara |  31.01.20

Famous Astronauts Looking for Followers in Samara

Famous astronauts arrived in Samara to recruit employees of one of the large factories in the team of space pilots, reports Rocket and Space Centre “Progress”.    The Honoured Test Pilot and Head of the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, Pavel Vlasov, said that there are even fewer requirements for astronauts than for military pilots.

Insight |  Samara |  29.01.20

Samara Doctors to Get Increased Salaries and Housing Compensation

In Samara, was found a way to solve the problem of a shortage of hospital workers. Now Samara’s young doctors will get an increase in salary.  In the mayor’s office, it was said that among the doctors who will have an opportunity to get an extra charge are young specialists up to 35 years old