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Insight |  Places to Visit |  21.12.20

Samara Residents Enjoy City’s New Year Decorations

Despite the pandemic and holiday restrictions that were introduced in the Samara region, everything on the streets is shining. New Year’s illumination delights citizens and guests of the regional centre. Local photographer, Roman Danilkin, walked around the city to show Internet users how it was decorated for the New Year, reports.  On the picture

Insight |  Events |  09.12.20

Samara Skating Rink to Be Open Soon

The area near the regional government building in Samara will be equipped for winter entertainment. The skating rink will be located in the centre of the square, reports. Last year, this ice rink was one of the most popular among the city residents.  In 2019, the skating rink was operating until February 20. In

Business |  Economics |  06.10.20

Living Wage in Samara Region Increased for Pensioners

The Samara authorities adopted a bill to increase the living wage for citizens of retirement age. The amount will be lower than the national average, but higher than it is currently in the region. According to the document, the value of the subsistence minimum is set for 2021 and will amount to 8,846 rubles, which

Insight |  Samara |  03.10.20

New Graffiti With Soviet Heroes Appeared in Samara

Portraits of three heroes of the Great Patriotic War appeared on Uritskogo Street in Samara. These are the People’s Artist of the USSR Mikhail Pugovkin, the pilot Olga Sanfirova, and the leader of the Soviet aircraft industry Dmitry Vorfolomeev, reports. The project itself is aimed at creating graffiti on the facades of residential buildings

Insight |  Samara |  23.09.20

Samara Young Families to Receive Money for New Housing

Samara young families will receive payments for housing or building a house in the next five years, reports with reference to the municipal programme “Affordable Housing for Young Families” for 2021–2025, which was approved by the head of the city Elena Lapushkina.  It is specified that in 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025, payments

Insight |  Samara |  19.09.20

Samara House to Be Decorated With PostCOVID Era Mural

The results of the regional stage of the FormART Street Art Festival of the Volga Federal District were summed up in the Samara Region. According to them, the drawing by Oksana Gladkova will decorate the facade of one of Samara buildings. The graffiti symbolizes life’s victory over the virus.    It is specified that young

Insight |  Samara |  15.09.20

New Art Installation Appeared in Samara

Three sculptures of red elephants appeared in Samara, on the territory of the Novaya Samara microdistrict, on the eve of the city day which will be celebrated from September 11 to September 13, reports.  “Elephants were the heroes of our very first commercial video a few years ago. They brought us good luck, and

Insight |  Samara |  05.09.20

Bathing Boys Fountain Restored at Samara Power Plant

On the occasion of its 120th anniversary, the Samara State District Power Plant carried out a restoration of a cultural object located on the territory of the enterprise. The object is a Bathing Boys fountain, tplusgroup reports.  The fountain was built in the 1930s and then restored once in 2012. Now, the restorers have updated

Insight |  Industry |  14.06.20

New Plant to Appear in Samara Region

In the Samara region, it is planned to launch the production of detergents, cleaners, and disinfectants, reports with reference to the Ministry of Economic Development and Investment of the region.   It is planned to manufacture household and industrial bleach, disinfectant, and water purification and disinfection agents. The technology allows to improve the quality of

Insight |  Samara |  16.04.20

Samara Public Transport to Receive Compensation for Work Flow Loss

In the Samara region, representatives of the transport sector suffered the most due to the self-isolation regime.  The city authorities decided to help carriers with money. They will be exempted from the transport tax, companies will receive subsidies as compensation for lost revenue from the transportation of privileged categories of citizens, and the compensation will

Insight |  Samara |  20.03.20

Million Flowers to Be Planted in Samara Squares

The area of ​​flower gardens in the spring-summer of 2020 will occupy 35,000 square meters, the official website of the city administration reports. In total, more than 1 million flowers will decorate city streets, parks, squares, and embankment.  In total, 40 species of plants in various colour variations and forms will be planted. According to