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Insight |  St. Petersburg |  11.01.20

Thick Fog Covered St. Petersburg Before Weekend

The forecasts of the Ministry of Emergency Situations were right – St. Petersburg was hidden in the fog on the last working day of the week. The city collided with an anticyclone, which brought a thick fog. The natural phenomenon of January 10 is observed due to a temperature rising above zero. Earlier, the Ministry

Insight |  St. Petersburg |  04.01.20

Quadrantida Meteor Shower to Arrange Space Salute Over Russia

Quadrantida meteor shower will colour the sky on the night of January 4th. Astronomers advised to observe the stellar fall after midnight and look towards the northeastern horizon of the sky, reports The stream’s strength will be about 120 meteors per hour, or one or two celestial bodies per minute, which will fly out

Videos |  St. Petersburg |  31.12.19

US Tip-Off: New Year Terrorist Attack in St. Petersburg Averted [Video]

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) said that two Russian nationals had been detained on December 27 on the basis of information shared by US partners. The two reportedly planned to commit terror attacks in St. Petersburg during the New Year holidays. According to the local media, the young men were selecting places for terror attacks.

Insight |  St. Petersburg |  29.12.19

St. Petersburg Businessman Got to Top Startups of Decade

Ten prominent startups of the decade were published by The Jerusalem Post on December 29th. The list included a reputable businessman from St. Petersburg, Mikhail Mirilashvili.   The Watergen company from Rishon LeZion, Israel,  was able to develop revolutionary technologies to create drinking water of the air. The equipment draws moisture directly from the air, which

Insight |  St. Petersburg |  28.12.19

Pink Snake Caused Panic in St. Petersburg Train

The pink snake appeared in the carriage of the train from St. Petersburg to Volgograd. A reptile peacefully travelled in a compartment. In the hall where passengers made noise, none of them recognized the snake, reports VDV News. “The stowaway turned out to be a corn snake, which is considered a decorative and bred selectively,”

Insight |  St. Petersburg |  20.12.19

Live Broadcast of Hermitage Queues

Queues at the Hermitage Museum can now be seen online. This will help guests to choose the best time of the visit.   The webcam, which broadcasts the queue to the Winter Palace online, has been launched in the Hermitage and can be seen on its official website. Now you can evaluate the influx of visitors

Insight |  St. Petersburg |  16.12.19

Petersburg Actors Brought New Year Mood to Little Patients

The charity marathon “Bright Angel” started in St. Petersburg. During the marathon, the actors of a theatre will bring the New Year’s mood to the little patients of the hospitals.  On December 16, a theatre bus started operating around hospitals where children with serious, especially oncological diseases are being treated. The bus will be driven

Insight |  St. Petersburg |  16.12.19

Free Nannies for Twins and Triplets in St. Petersburg

From the next year St. Petersburg women who gave birth to two or more children at the same time will receive help from the government. According to the head of the committee on social policy, Alexander Rzhanenkov, they will be able to use the services of a free nanny.   According to Rzhanenkov, during the year

Insight |  St. Petersburg |  09.12.19

Due to Storm: Primorsk Port in Baltic Sea Closed

The port of Primorsk on the Baltic Sea involved in oil export shipments has been closed because of a started storm, spokesperson of the national oil pipeline operator Transneft Igor Dyomin told reporters on Monday. “The port has been closed in Primorsk from 24.00 midnight because of the storm. Wind gusts are up to 20

Insight |  St. Petersburg |  03.12.19

Machines for Contactless Payment in St. Petersburg Metro

By the middle of December, 239 vending machines intended for buying and replenishing travel cards for contactless payment will be modernized in the St. Petersburg metro, according to St. Petersburg official government source Petersburg diary.  According to the portal, new devices designed for payment in a contactless manner were placed on ordinary terminals. By mid-December 2019,

Insight |  St. Petersburg |  02.12.19

Tens of Malls and Hospitals Receive Bomb Threats in St. Petersburg

About 30 shopping malls and 35 medical facilities in St. Petersburg have received anonymous bomb calls, TASS reports. “About 30 shopping malls and 35 medical facilities received bomb threat letters,” the source said. Another source told TASS that evacuation is underway in the Akademichesky and Zhemchuzhnaya Plaza shopping malls. Witnesses reported the evacuation of the

Insight |  St. Petersburg |  01.12.19

St. Petersburg Snowfall Cleaning: Follow Online

After the snowfall, snow removal equipment entered the streets of Petersburg on December 1. You can check which special vehicles work in the areas without leaving your home.  An interactive map from the Improvement Committee allows you to see the movement of equipment online. Wet snow will continue to fall on Monday, December 2, according