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Warships Parade Gathered Petersburgers on Neva Embankments

The Navy Day in Russia is traditionally celebrated on the last Sunday of July not only by the servicemen of these troops but also by all those who stand guard over the sea borders of Russia and ensure the combat readiness of the Navy ships, as well as their family members and war veterans. This

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Omsk Fighter Portraits Decorate Russian Streets

The portraits of the Omsk fighter, Petr Yan, appeared on the buildings in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Petr is a Russian professional mixed martial artist competing in the bantamweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC), where he is the current Champion. The fighter shared the picture with the graffiti on his Instagram-Page and thank

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Russian Credit Agency Chose Top Regions for Living

The Russian Business Consulting media holding together with the National Credit Ratings agency compiled the list of the best regions of Russia in terms of quality of life. The first place took St. Petersburg with a score of 7 out of 10 points. Moscow occupies the second place (6.10 points), and the Belgorod region is

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Moscow and St. Petersburg Recognised Most Comfortable Russian Regions

According to the Ministry of Construction, Housing, and Communal Services of the Russian Federation, Moscow and St. Petersburg recognized the most ennobled regions of Russia, reported.  According to the Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Russia, Maxim Egorov, a comfortable urban environment gives impetus to the development of the city and

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Over 120 Monuments Presented to Leningrad Region for Victory Day

More than 120 monuments were presented to St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region for the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, the Nevskiye Novosti reports. In general, there were installed and renovated more than 200 monuments in a year. At the moment, work is underway to create a bronze bust for the Admiral of the

Insight |  St. Petersburg |  19.04.20

St. Petersburg Hospital Gave Patients 600 Cakes for Easter

According to the press service of the medical institution, 600 cakes prepared in compliance with all sanitary standards were prepared by the cooks of the food department of the Elizavetinskaya hospital for those undergoing treatment.  Currently, there are no patients with COVID-19 in this hospital. A reception department, a trauma centre, a vascular centre, surgical

Insight |  St. Petersburg |  20.03.20

St. Petersburg Park Occupied by Seagulls

The invasion of common gulls in the St. Petersburg park was noticed by the townspeople on March 20 in the “Lakhta Online.Primorsky District” VK-Group. According to the candidate of biological sciences, Pavel Glazkov, it is spring migration, Fontanka reports.  The flocks of common gulls are rarely seen in St. Petersburg. Now they have just arrived

Insight |  St. Petersburg |  11.03.20

Over 5 Thousand St. Petersburg Apartments Rented in February

Almost 265 thousand square meters of housing put into operation in St. Petersburg in February, that is 5049 apartments and 122 houses.   The Kalininsky district took the first place in the housing commission in February. One house for 1,455 apartments was commissioned there, the total amount of square metres of housing amounted to 79.9 thousand.

Insight |  St. Petersburg |  08.03.20

Yandex Lavka Service Offers Flowers Delivery for Free

By March 8, Yandex.Lavka added to its list of services order for bouquets that couriers will deliver for free in 15 minutes. Three variants of compositions from 15 spring tulips will be available in St. Petersburg, they are pink, yellow and orange. All of them are grown in Russia, Fontanka reports.  All addresses of the

Insight |  St. Petersburg |  03.03.20

St. Petersburg Library Gives Books in Exchange for Animal Feed

In the library ‘On Stremyannaya’ on March 2 started the charity event “Book for Feed“. Petersburgers are offered to support one of the city shelters for homeless animals and bring food, medicine, household supplies and other necessities; in exchange, they can get a book.  The promotion will last until March 7. It is dedicated to

Insight |  St. Petersburg |  11.01.20

Thick Fog Covered St. Petersburg Before Weekend

The forecasts of the Ministry of Emergency Situations were right – St. Petersburg was hidden in the fog on the last working day of the week. The city collided with an anticyclone, which brought a thick fog. The natural phenomenon of January 10 is observed due to a temperature rising above zero. Earlier, the Ministry