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Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  04.03.21

Experts Found Out What Names Uralians Give Children

The most popular names that the residents of the Sverdlovsk region gave to their children in 2020 were Alexander, Anastasia, Artem, and Sofia, reported with reference to the Deputy Head of the regional registry office Natalya Khramova.   It is noted that the top names for boys last year also included Mikhail, Dmitry, Maksim, Ivan,

Insight |  Culture |  29.01.21

Huge Graffiti Appeared in Yekaterinburg

Huge graffiti dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the nuclear industry appeared in the centre of Yekaterinburg. It was created by representatives of the ‘Stenografiya’ festival and the Beloyarsk NPS, reports.   On the wall of the five-story building, three workers of the nuclear power plant are depicted looking in the same direction. The art

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  08.01.21

Yekaterinburg Officials Delighted Local Children With Gifts

Children from Yekaterinburg received gifts thanks to the “Christmas Tree of Wishes” action. As part of the campaign, a 12-year-old Maxim Kharisov received a new game console, reports. The Vice-Governor, Sergey Bidonko, made the boy’s dream come true.  It is noted that children from orphanages, children in difficult life situations, children with disabilities, as

Insight |  Trip Advisory |  18.12.20

New Flights to Be Launched From Yekaterinburg in January

Two new direct flights from the ‘Koltsovo’ international airport of Yekaterinburg to other Russian cities will be launched in January 2021 by the Red Wings company, reports.    It is noted that from January 2021, Red Wings aircraft will fly non-stop to Izhevsk and Barnaul, which previously could only be reached from Yekaterinburg with

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  22.11.20

Yekaterinburg Programmers Developed Moscow Metro Map

Yekaterinburg programmers won an international hackathon for the development of an interactive map module for the Moscow metro, e1 reports. For this, they received an award of 1,000,000 rubles from the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.   For 48 hours, Yekaterinburg residents from the YetiCrab team proposed solutions to the problem for the Moscow Transport

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  21.10.20

Yekaterinburg Plant to Produce High-Speed Trains

At the Ural Locomotives plant on October 20, the construction of an industrial complex for the production of high-speed electric trains was solemnly started. The first train will be manufactured in 2023, e1 reports. In total, about 10-12 billion rubles will be invested in the new project.  It is noted that new trains will be

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  09.10.20

Yekaterinburg Received First Batch of New Buses

The first batch of new NEFAZ gas buses for Yekaterinburg was delivered to the Urals. Twelve vehicles are currently at the dealer’s site; pre-sale preparation is underway. New buses will serve the busiest main routes in the city, reports.   It is specified that the full batch of buses will consist of 57 cars of

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  06.10.20

Yekaterinburg Resident Changed Patronymic to Matronymic

A resident of Yekaterinburg, Alla Chikinda, changed her patronymic to matronymic, RIA News reports. The girl changed her patronymic Vasilievna (derived from the father’s name Vasily) and became Irinovna (derived from the mother’s name Irina). She added that the registry office employees did not even ask her about the reasons, as “it became a usual

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New Hammam Appeared in Yekaterinburg

The thermal complex “Baden-Baden” is famous for its luxurious hammam which appeared there recently. The complex is the largest thermal pool in the Urals with the largest hammam in terms of area, reports.   It is noted that in the construction of the Turkish bath, high-quality materials were used, and the decoration was made of

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  07.09.20

Urals Gardeners Put on Stream Giant Watermelons Cultivation

The extremely warm summer this year in the Urals gave local residents an unusual harvest. Giant watermelons have grown in the greenhouse of the Sysertsky district of the Sverdlovsk region, reports.   Local gardeners found out that it is very important to plant the seeds at the beginning of May and protect them from frost.

Insight |  Sports |  10.08.20

Yekaterinburg Former City Mayor Showed Perfect Body Shapes

The former mayor of Yekaterinburg, Evgeniy Roizman, has started the preparation for the triathlon. He shared this news with his followers on his official Instagram-Account.  View this post on Instagram Начал готовиться к триатлону. Первая задача выйти из 100 кг. Неделю тренировался. Вышел легко, но не в ту сторону – 102 кг Хорошо начал. Смеюсь.

Insight |  Technology |  05.08.20

Over 150 Smart Stops to Be Installed in Yekaterinburg

New bus stops will hide city residents from the wind and tell when a bus will come. The installation of a smart control system takes place due to the receipt of the federal grant,  It is noted that stops should be assembled next year. These are those that are not blown by the wind

Insight |  Events |  24.06.20

Yekaterinburg Victory Parade Gathered City’s Most Beautiful Girls

Today, on June 24, thousands of people came to the Yekaterinburg square to see the Great Victory parade with their own eyes, reported.   It is noted that in Yekaterinburg the festive fireworks will be held at 11 pm and will last 15 minutes. On the sports complex Dinamo will be launched artillery fireworks, and