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Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  29.03.20

Exhibition Online: Top 10 Cars from Retrotechnics Museum

The Museum of Retrotechnics named after Vladimir Mikhailov opened in Tyumen almost two years ago. For over 20 years, a local businessman has been collecting antique cars. Zaporozhets was completely repainted, and the interior was restored. The car age has exceeded 50 but it still can go on a trip at any time. This car

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  14.03.20

House With Lounge-Halls Expected to Be Built Soon in Yekaterinburg

Ural developer PRINZIP created a concept of the Newton Park residential quarter designed in the Art Deco style which was popular in New York in the 1920s. The townspeople call the quarter “the Ural Manhattan”, reports.   It is being built at the intersection of Krasnolesya and Mikheev streets. Within 10 minutes there are shopping

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  12.03.20

10 Minutes Check for Basic Information About Your Eyes

Every year by March 6, the Eye Clinic in Yekaterinburg supports a charity event for the rapid diagnosis of glaucoma and other eye diseases, reports.  From March 10 to 16, the clinic invites people to pass a check for the prevention and early detection of the pathology. In a week of fighting glaucoma, anyone

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  11.03.20

Yekaterinburg Bus Garages to Become Architectural Monument

Experts approved the inclusion of garages in Yekaterinburg in the register of cultural heritage sites of Russia, reports. They are located next to another architectural monument, the Museum of the History of Architecture named after S. Balandin, built in the 19th century. The garages were built in the 1920s and are reconstructed utility rooms. 

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  01.03.20

Young Woman from Yekaterinburg Cycled 4,000 Km Across Europe

On November 1, Anna Neza left Kaliningrad on a bicycle and three months later finished in Morocco, reports. For three months she overcame four thousand kilometres to Morocco, where she is now gaining strength for a new trip.  “Now I am in Morocco, renting an apartment for the money that is left. I lost

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  29.02.20

Free Treatment of Serious Illness to Be Introduced in Yekaterinburg

The Sverdlovsk Ministry of Health plans to participate in a program that will allow Ural children with the spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) to receive the Swiss Risdiplam medicine for free, reports.  In the Sverdlovsk region, children with SMA, in the presence of clinical indications, are provided with respiratory medical equipment, that is devices for

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  27.02.20

Centre for Joints Treatment Opened in Yekaterinburg

At the end of February, a new medical centre, Doctor GOST, appeared in Yekaterinburg. Specialists of the centre are primarily engaged in all kinds of diseases of the spine and joints, reports.  The medical centre uses hardware methods of laser and shock wave therapy. In combination, these methods work better; they relieve inflammation, pain,

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  21.02.20

Winter Masterpieces: Huge Pictures on Ice Rink of Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg resident, Leonid Valitov, creates huge drawings using a scraper and a scoop, clearing fresh snow on the courtyard, e1.RU reports.  The ice rink is 56 meters in length and 26 in width. The author of pictures told that the view from above inspired him with new ideas that he embodied in late evenings. When

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  12.02.20

Free Cancer Screening for Yekaterinburg Men

In February, the oncological testing will be dedicated to Defender of the Fatherland Day. In honour of the holiday, a visit to a urologist will be added to the receptions of a therapist, surgeon, dermatologist. The event will be held on February 15 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in 11 hospitals of Yekaterinburg.  In

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  10.02.20

Moon and Venus Expected to Meet in Night Sky of Urals

The conjunction of the Moon and Venus can be seen in the night sky on February 27, reports This was told by the engineer of the training observatory of Ural Federal University Vladilen Sanakoev.  People will be able to observe Venus in the sky for several months, but in most cases, at least binoculars

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  09.02.20

20 Thousand Yekaterinburg Residents Took Part in Ski Track

On February 8, Yekaterinburg residents joined the all-Russian action “Russian Ski Track”. More than 20 thousand citizens competed in the run, reports  Professionals ran 10 kilometres, and amateurs during the mass race overcame 2.5 kilometres,  for which 13 sites were organized. The event took place on a ski base in Uralmash. At the venue