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Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  12.02.20

Free Cancer Screening for Yekaterinburg Men

In February, the oncological testing will be dedicated to Defender of the Fatherland Day. In honour of the holiday, a visit to a urologist will be added to the receptions of a therapist, surgeon, dermatologist. The event will be held on February 15 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in 11 hospitals of Yekaterinburg.  In

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  10.02.20

Moon and Venus Expected to Meet in Night Sky of Urals

The conjunction of the Moon and Venus can be seen in the night sky on February 27, reports This was told by the engineer of the training observatory of Ural Federal University Vladilen Sanakoev.  People will be able to observe Venus in the sky for several months, but in most cases, at least binoculars

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  09.02.20

20 Thousand Yekaterinburg Residents Took Part in Ski Track

On February 8, Yekaterinburg residents joined the all-Russian action “Russian Ski Track”. More than 20 thousand citizens competed in the run, reports  Professionals ran 10 kilometres, and amateurs during the mass race overcame 2.5 kilometres,  for which 13 sites were organized. The event took place on a ski base in Uralmash. At the venue

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  29.01.20

Volunteers Build Big Shelter for Dogs and Cats

A large shelter for cats and dogs is expected to appear on the outskirts of Yekaterinburg, reports It will open its doors with the help of the “Happiness to Home” fund, which united the centres for helping dogs of northern sled breeds (“HuskyEkb”), dogs of service breeds (“Rotvodom”) and cats (“CatsEkb”).  To implement this

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  05.01.20

Ice Sculptures for ‘Star of Bethlehem’ Festival in Yekaterinburg

At the Church on Blood, ice sculptors are finishing their work for Christmas. They create their masterpieces for the XIV International Christmas Festival of Ice Sculpture “Star of Bethlehem”.  The ice sculpture festival has traditionally several themes, they are “Christmas Holiday”, “St. Catherine – the Patroness of Yekaterinburg”, “the Great Victory” (dedicated to the 75th

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  03.01.20

Cirque du Soleil Show in Yekaterinburg: Story of Girl Named Crystal

Cirque du Soleil came to Yekaterinburg on tour. The visiting troupe of the famous Canadian circus presented the story of the girl Crystal in the program on the Ekaterinburg-Expo venue.  A real skating rink with the scenery of the park was deployed on the stage. Skating artists, aerial acrobats and masters of light and sound showed

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  02.01.20

Created by Nature: Amazing Pictures Drawn by Frost

Yekaterinburg amateur photographer Igor Zaikov made a beautiful New Year’s series of photos made by frost on his windows.  “Before the New Year, we had a severe frost on Lake Chusovskoye, where I work, up to -35. I accidentally noticed that this created interesting pictures on the window,” Igor told E1.RU. In the end, Igor

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  01.01.20

Super Traffic Lights Installed in Yekaterinburg City Centre

Attentive drivers could notice that opposite the “white house” were established unusual traffic lights. Their main difference is that they are noticeably thinner than standard ones.  “These experimental traffic lights were provided by the Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant for testing. They have a completely different construct in comparison with the standard ones. In particular,

Insight |  Yekaterinburg |  31.12.19

New Year Signs Help to Create Holiday Atmosphere in Yekaterinburg

The signs appeared on Lenin Avenue and congratulate citizens on the upcoming holiday. Signs were set by the Hot Singles in Your Area team.  On New Year’s Eve the city is in full swing: snowploughs, choking, digest freshly fallen snow, electricians add festive garlands on poles, entrepreneurs push snowdrifts from the doors of their coffee