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NATO Sending Additional Troops to Eastern Europe Due to Alleged “Russian Threat”

A statement appeared on the NATO website about the decision to bring the forces into readiness and send additional ships and military aircraft to their locations in Eastern Europe.  The report notes that in this way the alliance strengthens deterrence and defence “against the background of Russia’s continued buildup of forces in and around Ukraine.”


Russian State Duma Council to Consider DPR and LPR Recognition

Russian State Duma Speaker, Vyacheslav Volodin, on Friday, January 21, announced the consultations with the heads of factions next week on the draft appeal to the Russian President on the recognition of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR) submitted by deputies from the Communist Party.  In his Telegram channel, the politician wrote


Russian Delegation Started ‘Countdown’ in Wait for Security Proposals Adoption  

The West faces the moment of truth, which has started the countdown in wait for the adoption of Russian proposals on security guarantees addressed to the US and NATO, according to the Head of the Russian delegation at the Vienna Negotiations on Military Security and Arms Control, Konstantin Gavrilov, at the meeting of the OSCE


American Outlet Spread Fake News About Russian Diplomats Leaving Ukraine

Yesterday, on January 17, The New York Times (NYT) claimed that Russia has removed almost 50 people from its consulates in Ukrainian Kiev and Lviv, referring to a senior official of the security service of the country. However, the Russian Foreign Ministry refuted the statements calling them empty and groundless.    According to a NYT


NATO-Russia Relations Getting Closer to Red Line, President’s Spokesman Says

NATO’s “gradual invasion” into Ukraine has brought the bloc right up to Moscow’s “red line,” according to the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, who also noted that the situation poses an imminent threat to European security.  Peskov said in the interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria that relations between Russia and NATO are nearing the red line


Russia Has No Right to Lose in Information War, Defence Minister Says

Russian Defence Minister, Sergei Shoigu, spoke on the air of the Zvezda TV channel about the importance of the information agenda. He pointed out that there is a fierce confrontation in this area in the world nowadays.  “Today it is not just the presentation of information in one form or another. This is a big,


Today: Russia to Hold Talks With USA on Security Guarantees

The preliminary part of the Russia-US strategic talks in the format of a working dinner took place in Geneva on Sunday evening, January 9, and lasted more than two hours. The Russian delegation is led by the Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei Ryabkov, and his US counterpart Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman leads the US

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Ru-Main Team Congratulates Readers on New Year

   Dear readers, This year is coming to an end and the new year is already preparing to step in. The whole Ru-Main team wishes the coming year to bring you only good news and positive thoughts! We hope that all your dreams can turn into goals and those goals you successfully achieve! Note! We


Nord Stream 2: Ready for Operation

Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller told Russian President Vladimir Putin that Nord Stream-2 is fully ready for commissioning. Prior to that, Miller said that the second line of the pipeline was filled with gas.  “Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline is ready to work,” Miller said. The operator Nord Stream 2 AG clarified that

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Russian Chess Player Won World Champion Title in Rapid Chess

Russian chess player, Alexandra Kostenyuk, became the world champion in rapid chess. Kostenyuk won this title for the first time. Before that, she became the second three times: in 2012, 2014. and 2016.  The twelfth women’s world chess champion, 37-year-old grandmaster Alexandra Kostenyuk, played a draw with Humpy Koneru from India, Bibisara Assaubayeva from Kazakhstan,


Russia Revealed NATO’s True Mission

NATO’s goal is to fill a void left over from the fall of the USSR, as stated by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. He noted that “NATO is now a purely geopolitical project to develop the territory which was left abandoned after the disappearance of the Warsaw Pact and after the collapse of the