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Business |  Technology |  28.02.21

Russia and UAE to Explore Space Together

Russia will sign an agreement with the United Arab Emirates on cooperation in the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes. The corresponding order of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Mishustin, was published on the official portal of legal information, TASS reports.  According to the order, the state corporation for

Business |  Technology |  27.02.21

Russia Created First Virtual System for Training Troops

The Russian state organization for the export of military products “Rosoboronexport” which is a part of the “Rostec” corporation, at the IDEX-2021 International Arms Exhibition in Abu Dhabi, UAE, presented the “Spectrum-7E” the first virtual training system for the integrated training of troops, TASS reports.  It is noted that the new system includes a training

Business |  Technology |  26.02.21

Russian Scientists Created Magnetic Nanomaterial for Securities Protection

Developing new methods for growing nanostructures of iron, cobalt, and nickel, Russian National University of Science and Technology (MISIS) associate professor, Yuri Konyukhov, and his colleagues have created nanoparticles with programmable magnetic properties that can be used to protect securities from counterfeiting, and people from electromagnetic radiation, TASS reports.   It is noted that the authors

Business |  Technology |  25.02.21

Astrakhan Students Created Smart Wheelchair

Students of the Astrakhan State University (ASU) received 500 thousand rubles for testing a prototype wheelchair with remote control and smart wheels that can climb stairs, TASS reports.  The developed chair has special “smart” wheels that allow changing direction quickly and is controlled by a smartphone. The chair can be rolled up to you or

Insight |  Rostov |  24.02.21

Best Russian Teacher Presented With New Flat

The best teacher in Russia, Mikhail Gurov, was given a flat. The certificate confirming the right to receive it was presented by the Governor of the Rostov Region Vasily Golubev, the press service of the regional government reports.   It is noted that Mikhail Gurov’s teaching experience has already exceeded 10 years. He graduated from the

Insight |  Around Russia |  24.02.21

New Russian Aircraft Named After Magnitogorsk

The plane, named after the city of Magnitogorsk, made its first flight to the city of the same name. Later, a grand presentation of the Superjet 100 (SSJ-100) airliner took place in Moscow, chelTV reports.  Rossiya Airlines named its plane in honour of the City of Labour Valour of Magnitogorsk, whose name was inscribed on

Insight |  Around Russia |  23.02.21

Russian Women Described Perfect Man

Russian experts conducted a survey among women living in the country and identified the type of ideal man, chelTV reports.  It is noted that 4.5 thousand women of different ages took part in the study. They answered questions about their favourite features of a man’s appearance. So the main feature that the majority of respondents

Business |  Economics |  22.02.21

‘Sber’ Recognized Best Bank in 2020

The “Sber” Russian bank won the “Bank of the Year” award, the main nomination of the portal which is being awarded already for the 14th time. The jury noted the transformation of Sberbank into Sber, the launch of high-tech products on the market, and the improvement in the quality of customer service.   “At the

Business |  Trading |  22.02.21

LADA Increased Sales in 2021

In January 2021, 21,857 LADA passenger cars and light commercial vehicles were sold in Russia, which is 0.3 per cent more than in January 2020, the press service of the car manufacturer reports.  Traditionally, the most popular among buyers were LADA Granta and LADA Vesta, of which 7,720 and 6,347 cars were sold, respectively. Also,

Business |  Trading |  21.02.21

New LADA to Appear on Russian Car Market

AVTOVAZ began accepting pre-orders for the new LADA Largus which includes three models: a passenger station wagon (from 690.9 thousand rubles in a 5-seater version and from 817.9 thousand rubles in a 7-seater version), Cross-version (from 865.9 thousand rubles in a 5-seater version) and a van (from 685.9 thousand rubles), according to the press service

Insight |  Technology |  20.02.21

Innovative Trains to Appear in St. Petersburg Metro

The innovative Smart carriage was developed for the St. Petersburg metro. It is planned that trains with such carriages will go to the red metro line in early 2022, according to the vice-governor of the city, Maxim Sokolov, on his VK-Page.    The designers of ‘Transmashholding’ were working on the creation of a technologically advanced

Visit |  Events |  19.02.21

Almost 100 Soviet Posters About Space Shown in Moscow

In the Moscow ‘Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre’ at VDNKh, the exhibition “The First in the World” will be opened, the press service of the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy (VDNKh) reported.  According to the Deputy Mayor of Moscow, Natalya Sergunina, the exhibition has been prepared on the basis of stock materials from the

Business |  Economics |  18.02.21

‘Gazprom’ Became Most Mentioned Russian Company in Foreign Media

‘Gazprom’, ‘Rosneft’, and ‘Lukoil’ topped the list of the most mentioned largest Russian companies in foreign media in 2020. The rating was prepared by the “LexisNexis” provider of legal business research, especially for TASS.   The experts analyzed the number of references in the press of the first hundred of the RAEX-600 rating of the largest