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Videos |  Funny Russia |  19.02.20

Lonely Ostrich on Voronezh Fields [Video]

A video showing a lonely ostrich running along the road just in front of a car in the Voronezh region appeared on social networks. The author of the video posted it in the VK-Group with a funny comment. “He is looking for a way to Africa,” the author joked. Emu ostriches belong to the group

Videos |  Rostov |  15.02.20

Another Rostov Liberator Presented With Personal Parade [Video]

In Rostov-on-Don, a personal parade was arranged for the veteran of World War II Fedor Serov, reports 1rnd. The Liberator of Rostov reached Berlin and took part in its assault.  Before the veteran, the company of the guard of honour of the Southern Military District and cadets of the military training centre passed a solemn

Videos |  Funny Russia |  08.02.20

City Streets Cleaned by Janitor on Gyroscooter [Video]

Unusual snow removal happened in Russia recently. A janitor on a gyroscooter cleans the park, reports.   A janitor adapted an electric vehicle to clean snow. This significantly reduced the time for cleaning the territory and did not leave eyewitnesses indifferent. Such a modern janitor is quite capable of competing with the classic snow removal

Videos |  Funny Russia |  08.02.20

Chelyabinsk Dog Rides on Snowboard [Video]

Sonya, the French bulldog mastered a skateboard and became a favourite of skateparks visitors. This winter she began to master the snowboard.  The first platform for training was her owner Dmitry‘s apartment. According to him, in public places, the dog began to take away boards from everyone, jump and interfere with people, as well as

Videos |  Funny Russia |  06.02.20

Urals Resident Caught Huge River Tiger [Video]

The South Urals fishermen caught a huge fish. He turned it back into the water almost immediately. This species is listed in the Red Book, reports.  A man caught a very large fish, taimen, from an ice hole. Instead of taking it home, he turned it back to the hole after a couple of

Videos |  Funny Russia |  02.02.20

Communal Worker Drew “Angels” in Snow [Video]

In Nizhny Novgorod, a communal worker was drawing “angels” in the snow during work. The video was published in the Telegram channel “Mash“.  The video shows two men cleaning the sidewalk with the equipment. Then, one of them lay in the snow to make an angel figure. Ru-Main, 02.02.2020

Videos |  Around Russia |  01.02.20

Bright Bolide Seen in Urals Sky [Video]

A rare space phenomenon got into the lenses of the meteor patrol cameras. Specialists were able to observe a bolide in the Urals and Western Siberia.  Cosmic interplanetary bodies of a certain size and brightness, periodically flying into the atmosphere of our planet, are called fireballs. A video of a rare phenomenon depicting a bolide

Videos |  Funny Russia |  01.02.20

Samara Resident Used Snowboard to Move Along Snowy Streets [Video]

Samara residents finally got a lot of snow on the city streets. One of them, Mikhail, immediately took the opportunity and conquered the streets of Victory, Gagarin, Dybenko and Liberty on a snowboard, reports 63.RU.  “The idea came a long time ago, to make a video for channel subscribers. Since December 1, 2019, I have

Videos |  Funny Russia |  19.01.20

Large Flock of White Owls in Urals [Video]

In the Chelyabinsk neighbourhood, a great amount of polar owls is observed. Huge white birds sit motionless on electric poles, reports regional TV-channel.  White or polar owls are large predators. The body length of birds can reach half a meter, and the wingspan – one and a half meters. They live in the Arctic deserts

Videos |  Funny Russia |  18.01.20

Lonely Ostrich Was Noticed in St. Petersburg Suburbs [Video]

An ostrich, walking alone along a country road in Pavlovsk, was shot by a driver passing by. The video was posted on January 18 in the VK-group “Unreleased. Accident and Emergency. St. Petersburg“.  The bird belongs to a local resident from the Zverinets district, according to subscribers of the VK-Group “AUTO Pushkin“. Previously, a woman

Videos |  Music |  12.01.20

Americans Listen to Russian Songs in Los Angeles Taxi [Video]

On the youtube channel GlebaTV (647 thousand subscribers), a new show was released, where Americans are given the opportunity to listen to Russian music.  The author of the channel is a taxi driver, who works in America. He showed videos for songs of Russian artists that are in the top 10 of 2019 to local

Videos |  Music |  12.01.20

Monetochka Singer Performed in Yekaterinburg [Video]

Yesterday in Yekaterinburg, Tochka Bank celebrated its fifth anniversary with the songs of Lisa Monetochka singer, in Tele-club (Yekaterinburg musical club).  The Ekaterinburg singer flew home and performed on the Tele-club stage in front of bank employees. At the beginning of the year, Monetochka fulfilled her promise and sent everything earned on her song about