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Videos |  25.01.22

Russian-Chinese Naval Exercise Takes Place in Arabian Sea [Video]

Russian and Chinese sailors practised search and liberation of a captured cargo ship during the ‘Peaceful Sea 2022’ naval exercise in the Arabian Sea, as reported by the Russian Defence Ministry on Tuesday, January 25.  During the exercise, Russian ships in cooperation with the Chinese Navy performed tactical manoeuvring and search operations of a captured

Videos |  24.01.22

Russian and Syrian Military Pilots Conducted First Joint Patrol [Video]

Military pilots from Russia and Syria conducted their first joint air patrol over the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. The Russian Aerospace Forces were represented by Su-34, Su-35 fighters, and A-50 long-range radar detection aircraft; Mig-23 and Mig-29 participated from the Syrian side.   As specified, the Russians took off from the Khmeimim airbase,

Videos |  Around Russia |  21.01.22

Polar Bears Evacuated Into Tundra Came Back to People [Video]

Two polar bear cubs returned to the shift workers in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (Yamal) from where they were taken several hundred kilometres into the tundra more than two weeks ago.  “These polar bears came to visit the shift workers, but for safety reasons, they had to be taken away from the base by helicopter.

Videos |  Funny Russia |  21.01.22

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed – Russian Style [Video]

A bus in the Krasnodar Krai of Russia experienced not the best times this winter. The driver could hardly manage the vehicle and apparently asked his friend or one of the passengers for help – another case showing Russians do not leave people in the trouble.   “How many people do you need to drive a

Videos |  Events |  19.01.22

Russian Cosmonauts on ISS Began First Spacewalk in 2022 [Video]

Roscosmos cosmonauts, Anton Shkaplerov and Pyotr Dubrov, opened the exit hatch of the Poisk module of the International Space Station (ISS) and began the first spacewalk in 2022 as part of the work on the integration of the Prichal node module.   The commander and flight engineer of the 66th long-term expedition to the ISS

Videos |  Funny Russia |  29.12.21

Father Frosts Caught Dancing at Moscow Airport [Video]

Twenty-two Father Frosts staged a dance flash mob at Domodedovo airport, Moscow, and got on video.    Посмотреть эту публикацию в Instagram   Публикация от Московские новости (@themoscowdailynews) Netizens like the idea and started to make jokes, “Admit it, who missed their flight?” The airport’s press service gave its official comment noting that “Moscow Domodedovo

Videos |  Economics |  29.12.21

Lakhta Centre 3 Skyscraper Design Presented to St. Petersburg Authorities [Video]

The Russian multinational energy corporation Gazprom is discussing with the authorities of St. Petersburg the construction of the 555-metre-high Lakhta Centre 3 skyscraper.   “In order to further develop the public and business district around the Lakhta Centre, the concept of the third skyscraper is presented. With its appearance on the coast of the Gulf of

Videos |  Events |  27.12.21

Today Russians Express Gratitude and Pay Tribute to Emergency Rescuers [Video]

Today, on December 27, Russians have the Day of the Rescuer or Emergency Rescuer’s Day. On this special occasion, they congratulate the country’s rescuers, express gratitude to them and pay tribute to those who passed away fulfilling their duties.    This was what happened to the main chief of the Russian EMERCOM. On the morning

Videos |  Events |  17.12.21

Main Christmas Tree in Russia Brought to Kremlin [Video]

Russian main Christmas tree was brought to the Moscow Kremlin from the Shchelkovo city district in the Moscow region. This year, the tree arrived more than an hour late, as traffic jams formed in Moscow in the evening.   “The Christmas tree was delivered to the Kremlin at its destination. The road was good, there

Videos |  Sports |  16.12.21

Russian National Ice Hockey Team Beat Canada in EHT First Match [Video]

The Russian national ice hockey team beat the Canadian national team in the opening match of the Channel One Cup. The meeting ended with a score of 4:3. The Russians played in a uniform with the inscription “USSR”. Egor Koreshkov, Alexander Yelesin, Nikita Nesterov, and Vadim Shipachev scored goals for the Russian team.   The Channel

Videos |  14.12.21

Monument to Fyodor Dostoevsky Opened in Florence [Video]

Today, on December 14, a monument to the great Russian writer, Fyodor Dostoevsky, who lived in this city in August 1862 and from December 1868 to August 1869, was unveiled in Florence. There, the writer finished one of his most famous novels, The Idiot.  The monument appeared in the historical Cascine Park (Parco Delle Cascine).

Videos |  Technology |  13.12.21

Russian Suicide Drone Tested in Operation From Boat [Video]

The Russian company Zala Aero, which is a part of the Kalashnikov Group of companies, has published a video of tests of Lancet loitering ammunition from a marine carrier. The video shows the launch of the Lancet drone using a mechanical catapult from the board of the BK-16E high-speed assault boat.   The launch of

Videos |  09.12.21

Space Tourists Met Russian Cosmonauts on ISS [Video]

Yesterday, on December 8, it was reported that the Soyuz MS-20 manned spacecraft with the crew of the 20th expedition to the ISS at 4.40 pm Moscow time docked to the Small Research Module “Poisk” of the Russian segment. First time in 12 years space tourists arrived at the station.   The meeting was carried out