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Videos |  Technology |  26.02.21

Mercedes-Benz Spoke About New C-Class for Russia [Video]

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled a new generation C-Class sedan and station wagon W206. In Russia, it will be possible to order a new product in Q2 of 2021 only as a sedan, Autonews reports. At the start of sales, they will offer two versions: C180 with rear-wheel drive and C200 4M with all-wheel drive.   It

Videos |  Sports |  16.02.21

Don Football Player Repeated Ronaldo’s Famous Goal [Video]

The player of the FC “Chaika”, Idris Umaev, repeated the goal of the Portuguese footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, and scored a goal from 30 metres.   Umaev said that if the coach allows him, after training, he shoots free throws. This practice helped him to repeat exactly the goal of the Portuguese footballer. On the video,

Videos |  Funny Russia |  12.02.21

Russian EMERCOM Opened Official Pages on TikTok and Likee [Video]

Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) has its own accounts in 11 social networks and messengers. For improvement of safety culture among population, the Ministry has also opened pages on TikTok and Likee.  @mchs.russiaВы только посмотрите, что могут наши сотрудники! Отправляйте свою реакцию в комментариях!Спасибо за предоставленное видео @@anatoly.doletsky♬ оригинальный звук – МЧС России The

Videos |  Omsk |  11.02.21

Omsk Firefighters’ Routine [Video]

The correspondent of the Omsk regional news portal, Daria Komenda, dressed in a firefighter’s outfit and showed the residents of the city how the day of the courageous workers, who is popularly called “firefighter special forces”, passes.  It is noted that the peculiarity of the specialized fire and rescue unit is that employees are not

Videos |  Sports |  09.02.21

Angry Snowman Danced Twerk With Siberian Beauties [Video]

The first stage of the competition for the title of the best KHL mascot started on February 7, 2021. The first task from the choreographer Egor Druzhinin was a dance. At the mascot competition, the symbol of HC ‘Siberia’, Angry Snowman, danced twerk.   Accompanied by two beauties, the Snowman performed a dance, for which

Videos |  Rostov |  30.01.21

Don Rescuers Pulled Dog Out of Cold Water [Video]

Don rescuers took part in an unusual special operation, which was started by two dogs on the ice of the Don River, in the village of Vyoshenskaya, 1rnd reports.    According to the Rostov Regional Water Rescue Service, on the morning of January 28, 2021, its employees saw two dogs trying to help a third

Videos |  Around Russia |  15.01.21

Elk Migration Filmed from Quadcopter [Video]

Elks living in the “Taganay” National Park in the Chelyabinsk Region decided to change their habitat. The migration of animals was filmed from the quadcopter, chelTV reports.   As it turned out, when there is too much snow in the Park, elks move from mountainous areas to river and stream valleys. This happens due to

Videos |  Technology |  15.01.21

South Ural Students Create Mechanical Animals [Video]

Unusual inventions were presented by students of Zlatoust College at the regional competition of social student projects. Students bring animals from the construction set to life and make them make sounds similar to real ones. All students’ inventions are part of a project that won first place in the Regional Competition.    It is noted

Videos |  Funny Russia |  15.01.21

Rostovites Supported Snow Burning Flash Mob [Video]

Residents of Krasnodar decided to try to burn the snow with a lighter and were surprised that it did not melt. After that, the network was flooded with videos, where people burn snowballs and prove that something is wrong with it. The experiment was repeated in Donetsk, Rostov region.    The “experimenters” joke about their

Videos |  Chelyabinsk |  10.01.21

Chelyabinsk Tourist Found Cave With Huge Icicles [Video]

The South Ural tourist managed to find a unique place, almost untouched by people. The excavation of the old mine is dotted with a huge number of unusual icicles, each of which is as tall as an adult, chelTV reports.    Chelyabinsk tourist, Alexander Grekhov, hides the location of the unique place since such a

Videos |  Events |  08.01.21

Christmas Fire Festival Held in St. Petersburg [Video]

The international Petrovsky fire festival “Christmas Star”, which was held online for the first time this year, was watched by spectators from 140 countries, TASS reports with a reference to the press service of the city Committee for Tourism Development.   It is noted that the event was attended by recognized specialists in light and

Videos |  Events |  05.01.21

Sevastopol Military Museum Showed New Exposition [Video]

The Sevastopol Military History Museum-Reserve showed military equipment from the exposition located at the Sapun-Gora memorial complex, the press service of the museum reports. It is planned that the T-34 tank will be involved in the winter, and after the warming in the spring, other military equipment will be launched too.    “Today there was

Videos |  Culture |  01.01.21

Russian Cosmonauts Sent New Year Congratulations from ISS [Video]

Russian cosmonauts, Sergey Ryzhikov and Sergey Kud-Sverchkov, who are now on board the International Space Station, congratulated all the inhabitants of the planet on the upcoming holidays, TASS reports.    Russian cosmonauts wished all the residents of their multinational country and the world take care of themselves and their loved ones, be healthy, attentive to