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Videos |  Music |  01.04.20

Russian Blogger Supports Anti-Coronavirus Campaign With Songs [Video]

A blogger, Johnny Z, posted videos on his YouTube channel, which are covers on the well-known Russian songs. He changed the texts to a self-isolation issue and called his songs the musical series “Anticorona”. He changed the song of Vladimir Vysotsky “Morning Gymnastics” and told how people wake up at 10 am, eat dinner, and

Videos |  Music |  31.03.20

China Fights Against Coronavirus With Russian Song [Video]

The Russian song “I Want to Live So Much” by the Rozhdestvo group has become an unofficial anthem for the fight against coronavirus infection in China.  Chinese citizens understand the meaning of the text, as it has been repeatedly translated into Chinese and is broadcast with subtitles on the country’s resources. The translation in some

Videos |  Funny Russia |  29.03.20

Russian Bear Relaxing in Self-Isolation [Video]

The Omsk bear, Foma, stole hearts of the Omsk residents with his amazing ability to relax during self-isolation.  View this post on Instagram Когда вокруг коронавирус, а ты — медведь Фома из Большеречья 😁 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #ngs55 #ngsnews #ngsomsk #omsk #news #newsomsk #Омск A post shared by НГС.ОМСК (@ngs_omsk) on Mar 24, 2020 at 1:10am PDT

Videos |  Celebrities |  29.03.20

‘Little Big’ Music Band Support Russians During Quarantine [Video]

The head of the music band “Little Big”, Iliya Prusikin, posted a video for the song “I’m ok” on his Instagram-Page.  View this post on Instagram Little Big – I’m ok (quarantine version) @littlebigband feat. @sibrininv @bimkalu A post shared by Ilia Prusikin / Илья Прусикин (@iliyaprusikin) on Mar 25, 2020 at 8:49am PDT “Quarantine

Videos |  Omsk |  29.03.20

Omsk Circus Showed Newly Born Tiger Cubs [Video]

The tiger trainer, Rostislav Gavryliv, two weeks ago shared with the Omsk circus the good news that the tiger Magda gave birth to four babies. According to the trainer, the mom feels good, the babies have a good appetite, have already opened their eyes, and even try to growl, because tigers do not know how

Videos |  Funny Russia |  28.03.20

Dancer from Russian Band for Eurovision Surprised Subscribers With New Dance [Video]

Dmitry Krasilov decided to cheer up the Russians. He posted on his Instagram-Page a new dance to the song of Yulianna Karaulova.  View this post on Instagram Лёгкие градусы! @yulianna_karaulova спасибо за классный трек! #танцы #новыйтрек #градусы #ЮлианаКараулова #легкиеградусы #меняуносятподдипхаусы A post shared by Dima Krasilov (@dimakrasilove) on Mar 26, 2020 at 11:42pm PDT Dancer’s

Videos |  Kazan |  28.03.20

Tatarstan Residents Sing Together During Self-Isolation [Video]

Residents of the Republic of Tatarstan know well the songs of the famous Russian rock band ‘Lyube’, headed by Nikolai Rastorguev, and sing them together to support each other during the period of self-isolation. Tatarstan Yes posted a video in which residents of a Kazan house immediately supported a man singing right from the

Videos |  Celebrities |  19.03.20

Singer Sergey Lazarev Shared Video With Children [Video]

Russian singer, Sergey Lazarev, shared a video on his Instagram-page. In the video, he was captured with his son and daughter, Nikita and Anna, at home.  View this post on Instagram Надо стараться искать плюсы во всем! Такая вынужденная временная остановка в концертном графике из-за угрозы распространения вируса – прекрасная возможность побыть больше с семьей!

Videos |  Funny Russia |  15.03.20

Ostriches Blocked Novosibirsk Road [Video]

Residents of the village of Prokudskoye in the Novosibirsk Region saw ostriches which blocked their way on a snowy road.  View this post on Instagram Какие-то странные нынче куры в Чике! 🐓 A post shared by АСТ-54 (@instact54) on Mar 14, 2020 at 12:01am PDT Local drivers began to swear when saw the birds, as

Videos |  Music |  14.03.20

First Channel Showed Russian Song for Eurovision [Video]

A music band Little Big showed a video clip for a song “Uno” with which they will represent Russia at the Eurovision 2020 song contest. The official video for the song called “Uno” was shown on the TV show “Evening Urgant”. Ru-Main, 14.03.2020

Videos |  Music |  08.03.20

Niletto Singer Arranged Flash Mob and Made Celebrities Dance [Video]

Niletto’s new song “You Are So Beautiful” is becoming really popular. A singer launched a dance flash mob for girls, which was joined by celebrities.  Among those who joined the singer’s flash mob are the former host of Heads and Tails TV Show Anastasia Ivleeva, and the former Comedy Woman participant Elena Borshcheva. To

Videos |  Around Russia |  03.03.20

Lonely Dog Rescued on Iskitim Highway [Video]

A freezing dog with a broken paw lay on the road without movement. It was taken to a shelter and called Shaman. The people who saved the dog are trying to find its owners through social networks.   “It’s already frozen, it is shaking,” the author of the video comments. The dog took from the hands

Videos |  Funny Russia |  24.02.20

Bony Calf Obeys Orders and Guards House [Video]

A video with a trained calf from the Chelyabinsk region appeared on social networks. The calf’s nickname is Bonaparte or Bony.  Bony has a white heart in his forehead and dog-like skills, as he is able to perform all the commands, such as “Walk”, “To me”, or “Go Home”. A video with a trained calf