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Videos |  Technology |  18.11.20

Automatic Pill Dispenser Developed at Novosibirsk University [Video]

The automatic dispenser of pills for people suffering from forgetfulness was developed by a student of the Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU). The device allows setting up a schedule for taking medicines and avoid their repeated use.   According to the creator of the device, a fourth-year student Vladimir Shperling, the prototype of the dispenser

Videos |  Sports |  11.11.20

Art-Football 2020: Moscow Celebrates Olympics Anniversary [Video]

The main match of the festival, dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, was held in the Spartak Arena. The team of artists together with the stars of politics, business, and media representatives, played with the team of Olympic champions from different eras in different sports.   At the last minute,

Videos |  Rostov |  09.11.20

Snow Removal Rehearsed in Rostov City Centre [Video]

In the Kirovsky district of Rostov, special training was held to prepare for the winter and exercise the procedure of snow removal, according to the press service of the city administration.   It is specified that the rehearsal took place on Bolshaya Sadovaya Street of Rostov. More than 20 janitors, 5 combined road vehicles, 2

Videos |  Music |  08.11.20

Yekaterinburg Residents Shot Video Clip About Alien on Earth [Video]

The Ekaterinburg team of Red Pepper Film company shot a video for the Mumiy Troll music group. The shooting took place in the Chelyabinsk city of Karabash with ordinary people hired by casting.   The main role in the video for the song “Space Forces” was played by the actor, Yuri Kolokolnikov, who starred in

Videos |  Funny Russia |  07.11.20

Yekaterinburg Residents Dancing on GAZelle [Video]

The residents of Yekaterinburg were shot on video dancing on the roof of the Russian GAZelle car.   As it is seen from the video, a group of young people in several cars decided to arrange a disco party right on the city streets. People from the passenger cars opened the driver’s doors and one

Videos |  Music |  06.11.20

Parodists from Novosibirsk Women’s Colony Amazed Viewers [Video]

Prisoners from the Novosibirsk colony became famous by dancing to the popular song “Uno” by the Little Big music group whose video was watched by millions of viewers, the press service of the regional Penitentiary Service reports.    It is noted that the parody competition is held in the Novosibirsk region for the second year

Videos |  Movies |  04.11.20

Omsk Director Creates Film About Doctors [Video]

The film will contain the material about cardiac surgeons and unique cases of saving patients. Doctors of different generations and former patients who were operated on in Omsk 20-30 years ago will take part in the filming.   The idea of ​​the film came to its author, Yuri Bazhenov, after he underwent an operation to

Videos |  Sports |  02.11.20

Russian Bodybuilding Championship Held in Krasnoyarsk [Video]

About 300 athletes from 50 regions of the country entered the competition. Among them was a two-time absolute champion of Russia Alexey Martynkin, a two-time champion of Russia Vladislav Moshkin, the champion of Russia Vitaly Ugolnikov, and the winner of the Siberian Power Show 2020 Sergey Panchuk.   The winners became Vladimir Khvatov (the Yaroslavl

Videos |  Omsk |  22.10.20

Omsk Eco-Farm Held Virtual Tour [Video]

People’s Company “Open House” which is building a greenhouse capable of producing a year-round harvest, presented a video shot in 3D. Using computers or tablets, one can take a tour online.   Siberian Eco-farm is a project for the cultivation and delivery of environmentally friendly and healthy vegetables, herbs, berries, and fruits. Walking through the

Videos |  Sports |  22.10.20

Chelyabinsk Pensioner Opened Fitness Club [Video]

A Chelyabinsk pensioner has opened her own fitness club where she conducts training herself and develops the author’s training methods for her peers. All her life she was engaged in athletics, won cups and awards, competed in the USSR and Europe, ran a marathon in Greece, chelTV reports.   Nadezhda Medvedeva starts her day with