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Videos |  Funny Russia |  09.02.23

Batman Prevented Robbery in St. Petersburg [Video]

The organizers of the interactive exhibition reported that an animator in a Batman costume saved a girl from a robbery on Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg.  “Yesterday […] our valiant animator Roman in the full-length figure of Batman prevented the theft of 700 thousand rubles! Roma showed fast reaction and knocked down the robber with

Videos |  Culture |  18.01.23

Yakutia Head Plunged Into Baptismal Font When Outside -53 Degrees [Video]

The head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, plunged into the Baptismal font on the Lena River in Yakutsk, where on Wednesday, January 18, the air temperature dropped to minus 53 degrees Celsius.   In recent years, Baptismal bathing has been organized in the republic. The only exception was in 2021, when the Yakut diocese did not consecrate

US Embassy Published Appeal to Russians [Video]

The American Embassy in Russia published a video on its Twitter page pretending to express “solidarity with those who seek to create a more peaceful future.” In the video, there are Soviet and American leaders showed during the meetings of the times of the Cold War, shaking hands and smiling to each other.  На протяжении

Videos |  Funny Russia |  26.12.22

Moscow Corgi Dogs Celebrated New Year With Competitions [Video]

The Corgi Christmas tree was held in Shchyolkovo, Moscow region. The video was published in the Telegram channel “Moscow Speaks and Shows”.  As specified, the dog squad of the Ministry of Emergency Situations participated in the celebration, as well as all interested corgis. Pets competed on the obstacle course, in the race and in search

Russia is Back in Grain Deal [Video]

Russia is returning to participate in the grain deal, having received written guarantees from Ukraine about the non-use of the grain corridor for conducting military operations against Moscow, according to the country’s Defense Ministry on Wednesday. As noted, this happened thanks to the mediation of the UN and Turkey.  “It was possible to obtain the

Videos |  Around Russia |  26.10.22

Russia Conducted Training of Massive Retaliatory Nuclear Strike

Under the leadership of Russian President Vladimir Putin, a training session was held on delivering a nuclear strike in response to an enemy nuclear attack. The Kremlin said that the training with the participation of land, sea and air strategic deterrence forces was completed.   As specified, the Yars mobile ground-based missile system of the Russian

Videos |  Funny Russia |  22.09.22

Twitch Blocked Russian Broadcasting Gas Stove 24/7 [Video]

The US video streaming service Twitch blocked the channel of a Russian who launched a round-the-clock broadcast with a working gas stove.  “This channel is currently unavailable due to a violation of the community rules or Twitch terms of sale,” the message says when trying to watch the stream. A resident of Rostov-on-Don with the