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Videos |  Moscow |  12.07.20

Dancing Traffic Light Appeared in Moscow City Centre [Video]

As part of the celebration of Moscow Transport Day, a “dancing” traffic light was installed in the city. It appeared at a pedestrian crossing on Tsvetnoy Boulevard near the Nikulin Circus building, TASS reported.    Any passerby can go in a special cabin and start dancing. His movements will be broadcast in real-time at the

Videos |  Sports |  11.07.20

Russian Ballerina Showed Gym Training [Video]

Russian ballerina, Anastasia Volochkova, posted a video on her Instagram-Page to show her followers how the ballerina’s training differs from the exercises of the others in the gym.  View this post on Instagram Каждый использует тренажеры по своему💃😂 #анастасияволочкова #волочкова #балет #россия #я #любовь #радость #цветы #счастье #мы #солнце #лето #спорт #enjoy #театр #выходные #love

Videos |  Omsk |  06.07.20

Omsk Received ‘City of Labour Valour’ Title [Video]

On July 4, Omsk received the title of a City of Labour Valour. A stage was erected at the government building, and chairs for spectators were placed following the restrictions and keeping a social distance.  When the official part ended, the audience was entertained by musicians, dancers, and artists. At the end of the event,

Videos |  Funny Russia |  04.07.20

Omsk Ostrich Farm Raises Little Birds [Video]

Little emu ostriches appeared on the Omsk ostrich farm only two months ago but they are already free to walk around the aviary, om1 reports.   Visitors will not be able to see the little ostriches this season, as the birds are afraid of noise. However, the employees of the farm are happy to talk

Videos |  Movies |  29.06.20

Russian Singer Became Prototype of New Eurovision Film Character [Video]

Netflix made a film about the Eurovision international music contest. One of the roles was played by the 37-year-old British actor, Dan Stevens, who said that it is a Russian singer, Filipp Kirkorov, who helped him transform into a film character.   View this post on Instagram Вчера посмотрел новинку от @netflixfilm Eurovision Song Contest. The

Videos |  Events |  28.06.20

Scarlet Sails: All-Russian Prom Held in St. Petersburg [Video]

The Scarlet Sails 2020 was broadcast online. Despite the format change, the show was great and absolutely unforgettable, KP reported.     The performance included light, pyrotechnic, water shows, and the passage of the Russia brig along the waves of the Gulf of Finland. The concert programme was broadcast only on Channel 5 and on

Videos |  Kazan |  27.06.20

Test Drive: Russia’s Largest Extreme Park Opened in Kazan [Video]

In Kazan, on Youth Day, a test drive of the new extreme park “Uram” took place, Tatarstan Da reported.    The area of ​​one of the largest extreme parks in Russia is almost 2 hectares. All sports facilities (training zones, skate and streetball parks, a parkour park, workouts, and others) fully comply with the standards

Videos |  Novosibirsk |  22.06.20

Unusual House for Sound Therapy Appeared in Novosibirsk [Video]

A unique object “The House of Sound” is located in the “Mira Park” (“Park of Peace”) which belongs to the “Mira Village” (“Village of Peace”) in Novosibirsk, which is a conceptual project, a suburban village in which people live with an original approach to life.  View this post on Instagram От проекта до объекта. Дом

Videos |  Funny Russia |  21.06.20

Novosibirsk Zoo Showed Funny Monkeys Getting Food [Video]

The Novosibirsk Zoo posted a funny video about the life of monkeys, the official VK-Group of the institution reports. The De Brazza’s monkeys are named after the French traveller, Pierre de Brazza, and usually live in Central Africa. In the Novosibirsk Zoo, there are 9 monkeys of this species.     The monkeys eat mostly

Videos |  Events |  21.06.20

Moscow Planetarium Broadcast Ring-Shaped Solar Eclipse [Video]

The Moscow Planetarium conducted an online broadcast of a ring-shaped solar eclipse on June 21. The broadcast was commented by the Russian astronomer, a senior researcher at the astronomical institute Vladimir Surdin.   In Russia, it was possible to observe the eclipse only in certain regions. The border, to the north of which this phenomenon

Videos |  Around Russia |  13.06.20

15 Couples Married in Nizhnekamsk on Russia Day [Video]

On Russia Day, Nizhnekamsk registry office specialists registered 15 couples. In recent years, more and more newlyweds create families on this holiday, the official Instagram-Page of the registry office reports.    View this post on Instagram #нижнекамскийзагс#окнароссии🇷🇺#нижнекамскиемолодожены#деньроссии🇷🇺🇷🇺 A post shared by ЗАГС Нижнекамского района (@nkzags) on Jun 12, 2020 at 8:22am PDT The newlyweds also

Videos |  Events |  13.06.20

Russian Flag Decorated World’s Tallest Building [Video]

The skyscraper of Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which is the tallest building in the world, was decorated with the Russian flag on Russia Day.  نضيء #برج_خليفة اليوم احتفالاً بيوم روسيا. نتمنى لأصدقائنا في روسياً يوماً مليئاً بالسعادة والبهجة! 🇷🇺 Burj Khalifa lights up in honour of Russia Day. We wish our Russian community a celebratory