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Today Russian Orthodox Church Celebrates New Year

Today, Orthodox Christians in Russia celebrate the New Year, or the beginning of the year according to the church calendar, RIA Novosti reports. On this day, a special prayer service is held in the churches of the Russian Orthodox Church, in which they thank God for the past year and ask him to bless the

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Russian Military Cinema Festival Started in China

The Russian Military Cinema Festival has started on Monday, September 6, in Beijing. The opening ceremony was held in a cinema on the territory of the Museum of the Communist Party of China, TASS reports.  According to the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, Olga Lyubimova, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation fully supports

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Russians Boycott Sushi Restaurants to Protect Traditional Values

Recently, a large scandal has happened in Russia. After two sushi restaurant chains posted photos with a black man in Instagram advertising posts, the founder of the “Men’s State” movement, Vladislav Pozdnyakov, called on the country’s residents to boycott the networks, RIA Novosti reports.  The restaurant “Yobidoyobi” eventually had to delete a post with a

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Miners’ Day in Russia: Celebration All Around the Country and Beyond [Video]

Russia rightfully retains the status of one of the largest mining powers in the world, and the coal industry remains the leading one in the country’s production complex, the Federal News Agency reports. According to the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, last year the country produced more than 400 million tonnes of coal,

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Historical Reconstruction Festival Started in Kaluga

The two-day festival of historical reconstruction dedicated to the 650th anniversary of Kaluga has started in the city, TASS reports. Historical scenes, masterclasses, and photo zones were arranged on different city sites.  It is noted that the festival of historical reconstruction “Kaluga Through the Centuries” has opened in the central part of the regional centre.

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Sergey Lavrov Sees Nothing Bad in Foreigners’ Associations With Russia

Recently, a study was published that said that, in the opinions of Russians, foreigners associate Russia primarily with bears, vodka, and the country’s President Vladimir Putin. Also on the list of associations were cold and hospitality.  Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, commented on the results of this study, saying that “there is nothing wrong with

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Victory Train Has Arrived in Omsk

On August 9, the ‘Victory Train’ mobile museum arrived at the Omsk railway station. In eight carriages of the train, expositions on the theme of the Great Patriotic War reflecting different periods of the 40s are presented, om1 reports.   It is noted that all the tickets for the expositions in Omsk were sold immediately, in

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Russian Orthodox Christians to Celebrate 3 Important Church Holidays Soon

Spas (the Feast of the Saviour) is a traditional holiday in the folk calendar of the Slavs. Traditional Spas has three dates to celebrate: Saviour of the Honey Feast Day, Apple Feast of the Saviour, and Saviour of the Bread Feast Day, reports.   1. Saviour of the Honey Feast Day is celebrated on August 14,

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Russia Celebrates Airborne Forces Day [Video]

On August 2, Russian paratroopers traditionally celebrate their professional holiday, Airborne Forces Day, also known as Paratroopers’ Day, RIA Tomsk reports.   The history of the holiday begins on August 2, 1930, when, at the exercises of the Air Force of the Moscow Military District near Voronezh, for the first time a landing unit of

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Petroglyphs of Lake Onega Included in UNESCO World Heritage List [Video]

On July 28, 2021, the UNESCO Committee included five sites in the World Heritage List, among which were the Petroglyphs of Lake Onega and the White Sea, located in the Republic of Karelia in the Russian Federation. The rest four sites are located in Italy, Slovenia, Great Britain, and Gabon.  #VisitRussia #VisitKarelia 🌲 ⛰️Today @UNESCO

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Russians Keep Negative Attitude to Same-Sex Marriage

Specialists from the All-Russian  Research Centre (VTsIOM) conducted a survey of Russians about how the country’s residents treat representatives of sexual minorities in general, and whether they recognize the right to marriage for the minorities.  The experts found out that over 17 years of monitoring, the opinion of Russians about representatives of sexual minorities has

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Russians Celebrate Ivan Kupala Holiday

The Slavic folk holiday of Ivan Kupala is celebrated on July 7. It is dedicated to the flowering of nature and the summer solstice. The holiday coincides with the Nativity of John the Baptist who predicted the birth of Jesus Christ and then baptized him in the waters of the Jordan, vtomske reports.  The culmination

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Over Half Russians Honour Second World War Victims Memory

On the Day of Memory and Sorrow which was yesterday, on June 22, more than half of Russians in one way or another were going to honour the memory of the victims of the Great Patriotic War, according to experts from the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM).    On the Day of Memory and