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Experts Record Russians Growing Interest in Green Products

The experts of the Yandex.Market service examined the demand for environmentally friendly products and told how it has changed over the past two years. They recorded positive dynamics and the growing interest of Russians in green goods, RIA News reports.    Since the beginning of last year, the demand for reusable shopping bags has grown

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Russia is My History: Opened Access to Archival Materials

The project of the historical park “Russia is My History” will start publishing exclusive materials from multimedia displays, Moscow city news agency reports.  It is noted that from March 2020, the publication in the official Instagram account of unique materials that are part of multimedia historical parks will begin. Among the planned publications are premieres

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Russians Told Why They Respect Colleagues

Sociologists found out why Russians respect and value their colleagues. People called professionalism the most valuable quality (51 per cent) for those with whom they are working together, and patience turned out to be the least respected (3 per cent), Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.   Each respondent could give no more than three answers. As a result,

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Men With Tattoos and Beards Prone to Adultery

Experts found out that men who have beards and tattoos are prone to betrayal, chelTV reports. British experts conducted a study in which they found out how to identify a partner who likes to flirt with others.    According to the results of a sociological survey of more than 1000 men, it turned out that

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Moscow Librarian Named Best Books for Reading With Children

The head of the Moscow Children’s Library, Elena Kononova, shared her list of the most interesting books for children, the Moscow Mayor official website reported.  For children, she recommended “About the Mice” by the poet Vladislav Khodasevich and “Fairy Tale Alphabet” by Tatiana Mavrina. She notes that the poems dedicated to the mice are deep,

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Doctors Found Advantages in Sleeping in Transport

Sleeping in public transport can affect a person’s mode in different ways, said senior research associate of the somnology Research Centre Mikhail Bochkarev.  He emphasized that residents of megalopolises often have trouble with sleep. In order to eliminate them, people should go to bed at the same time. Sleep disorders can also be associated with

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Experts Give Advice: Which Names to Give to Children Born in Spring

Russian experts gave advice on how to choose the best spring name for a newborn baby in such a way that children will get good luck and well-being throughout their lives, chelTV reports.  Aurora is a rare name that means “morning dawn”. Alice comes from the ancient Greek “noble girl”. Marta comes from the Hebrew

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Top List of Audiobooks: Most Popular Women Writers in Russia

According to the research data of the Storytel audiobook service, the most popular women writers in Russia are Elizabeth Gilbert, Donna Tartt, Ayn Rand, Max Fry and Jen Sincero.  The most popular history books are works by Svetlana Aleksievich. The most popular woman writer in the Economics and Business category was Irina Khakamada, and the

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Maslenitsa Celebration Gathered 25 Thousand People in Kazan Forest Park

Kazan celebrations of Maslenitsa holiday gathered 25 thousand guests in the Lebyazhye forest park, KazanFirst reports. At the festival, Kazan took part in competitions, feasted on pancakes and heard performances by creative groups. Maslenitsa is also known as Butter Week. Maslenitsa is an Eastern Slavic religious and folk holiday, celebrated during the last week before

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Road of Memory: All-Russian Action Keeps Collecting Information About Veterans

More than 700 thousand stories of Soviet soldiers, officers, and partisans are uploaded to the site “Memory Road”. Residents of different Russian regions can leave information and photographs of their relatives, who were participants in the Great Patriotic War. The data will be included in a single database, by the Great Victory Day. These materials

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Palace Porcelain to Be Presented at Yekaterinburg Exhibition

The Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts will exhibit porcelain from the palaces, which was owned by the youngest daughter of Peter I and Catherine I, Empress Elizaveta, the Museum official website reports.  In February, visitors will be presented with the works of domestic decorative art. More than 100 selected works of Russian porcelain and glass