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Forgotten Things from USSR Presented at Novosibirsk Exhibition

Legendary things are presented in the museum of the USSR, VN.RU reports. According to the guide, in the USSR, everything performed not only its function but was also a reliable assistant to the Soviet people, according to the principle “old friends are best”.  Some things were so reliable that it is difficult to replace them

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Gastronomic Project in Urals

Chefs from several regions of Russia announced the launch of the first project in the country to popularize modern local cuisine – Authentic Ural Cuisine. Their goal is to present ten unique views on the region and its traditions, as well as to promote the development of gastronomic tourism.  Restaurateurs shared an old recipe for

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Today Russians Celebrate Students Day

On this day in 1755, the Empress Elizaveta signed a decree “On the Establishment of Moscow University”. In those days the event was called the Foundation Day of Moscow University.  It happened so, that this holiday coincided with Tatyana’s day. Since then, Saint Tatiana is considered the patroness of students. By the way, the ancient

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Unusual Names of Moscow Newborns 2019

Moscow parents keep giving their children unusual names. According to the registry offices, among them are Hermione, Real and even Dante.  Among the names people gave their babies in 2019, there were Rurik, Phoenix, Gagarin, Odin, Zlatotsveta, etc. There are also names that reflect the names of the months of the year, such as Mart

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How to Safely Take Ice Plunge at Epiphany

In order not to get sick after diving into the ice hole at Epiphany, doctors advise people to prepare for the event in advance. A few days before Epiphany, it’s better to start to pour cold water over oneself at home. This way a body will get prepared to bear the extreme load of ice

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Top 5 Signs One Should Pay Attention to on Old New Year

Two weeks after the celebration of the New Year, on the night of January 13-14, another New Year is knocking on the doors of Russians again, and its name is Old New Year.  Old New Year appeared as a result of a change in the calendar. The tradition of celebrating this holiday arose after 1918

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What People Should Not Do During Christmas Time

Christmas time is almost two weeks with a special meaning and unique traditions. There are certain things that are strictly not recommended to be done during Christmas time. For example, sewing, divination, swearing and getting angry, especially at parents.  The period from January 6 to 18 since ancient times is considered mysterious and magical. The

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Greatest Christian Holiday: History of Russian Christmas

Christmas is one of the largest, brightest and most ancient Christian holidays. Most people celebrate Orthodox Christmas according to the Old Style (Julian calendar) on January 7th.  Christmas in Kievan Rus began to be celebrated in the 10th century. In 1918, the religious holiday in the USSR was officially banned. It was restored in 1991,

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Best Chef of Moscow Listed Most Suitable Dishes for Christmas Table

The best chef in the capital, Dmitry Tabakov, shared recipes for three dishes, which are called the most suitable for the Christmas table, reports Moscow Mayor official website.  The most popular is the baked duck. The preparation of this dish must be pre-cooked in a mix with herbs and spices (rosemary, thyme, garlic, oil, salt

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Winter Solstice: Shortest Day of Year

On Sunday, December 22, the winter solstice came together with the shortest day of the year. At this time, the sun rises to the lowest height above the horizon. Now the day will gradually increase, and the night will decrease. The solstice is one of two days of the year when the height of the

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Yakut Tradition – Ceremony of Feeding Fire

This ceremony is carried out in everyday life before a trip to fishing, hunting or travelling, hoping to receive blessings from the spirit of the Bayanaya forest, a successful journey, favourable weather. The rite of feeding the fire is especially large-scale and beautiful on solemn occasions, for example, during the Ysyakh national holiday. Throughout the

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How Many Father Frosts are there in Russia?

The personification and the main symbol of the New Year in Russia for many years has been and still remains Father Frost. In Europe, Christmas presents are delivered to children by his so-called “brother” – Santa Claus. Though these characters have one and the same prototype – Nicholas of Myra.  Saint Nicholas of Myra lived

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Dropped Spoon – Expect Uninvited Guests: Russian Superstitions and Omens

Russian beliefs are usually aimed at attracting good luck and scaring away misfortunes and evil spirits. Of particular horror is the “evil eye” – someone’s envy and desire for evil, which can mystically deprive a person of the good that he has. 1. For example, talking about the upcoming luck or praising someone, you need