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Samara Scientists Found Out What Men Value Most in Women

Scientists from the S. P. Korolev Samara University conducted a study on how city residents perceive female beauty. For this, they interviewed residents of Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, and Moscow aged 20 to 34. The results are published in the EurAsian Journal of BioSciences. It turned out that most men, when communicating with a woman, first of

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Russians Started Buying Coronavirus Costumes for Halloween

Russians have started their preparations for Halloween 2020 even during the coronavirus pandemic 1prime reports with reference to the press service of the Avito advertisement portal.    It is noted that in October 2020, the demand for goods for Halloween increased by 18 per cent, and citizens are buying not only traditional costumes of witches

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Omsk Water Utilities Congratulates Citizens on Motorist Day

On Sunday, October 25, Russia will celebrate Motorist Day which is met with an excellent performance by employees of the motor transport department of Omsk Water Utilities. Over the past 5 years, the vehicle fleet of the enterprise has been renewed by more than 50 per cent and now there are 240 vehicles.  It is

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Russians Named Main National Ideas

According to a survey by the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM), 92 per cent of Russians called the main national idea “population preservation”, as well as “health and family well-being”. The residents of the country placed “decent effective work” on the second line, and “comfort and safety” on the third line.  It is specified

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Expert’s Statement: Tatar People Realize Peaceful Life Value

Russian ethnosociologist, Leokadia Drobizheva, presented a report in which she compared the experience of constructing an interethnic world in the TASSR and modern Tatarstan, KazanFirst reports.    Leokadia congratulated Tatar scientists on the 100th anniversary of the Tatarstan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. She noted that the first ethnosociological study in Tatarstan was carried out exactly

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New Tourist Quests Through Russian Regions Appeared on Russpass Platform

New tourist routes have appeared on the Russpass platform in six regions of the Russian Federation, namely, the Bryansk, Ivanovo, Moscow, Oryol, and Tyumen regions, as well as the Stavropol Territory. Specialists of the platform have prepared various tours, individual excursions, and quests, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports.   For example, the Bryansk

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Tatarstan Activist Shot Video About Strong Women Changing World After Pandemic [Video]

The Chairman of the youth parliament of the Republic of Tatarstan, the holder of the title “Woman of the Year 2019”, Nina Shimina, implemented her idea and shot an inspiring video about the importance of women in changing the world after the coronavirus pandemic.  View this post on Instagram Каждый день женщины принимают много решений

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Historical Quest About War Took Place in Novosibirsk

A large-scale quest-performance “The Map of Our Victory” took place on September 5 in Novosibirsk. The project participants completed a walking route, as well as a car and a bike ride through the significant places of Novosibirsk and the Novosibirsk region associated with the events of the Great Patriotic War, reports.   Participation in this

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Ancient Gospel Exhibited at Public Library for Science and Technology

The State Public Library for Science and Technology is preparing a new exhibition of rare books. A special exhibit is the Gospel of the mid-17th century, reports. It was found in one of the modern communities of Old Believers. The book is from the Trans-Baikal collection, its cover is made of wood, leather, and

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Victory Dictation: Russian Speaking People Test History Knowledge Online

On September 3, 2020, the All-Russian historical dictation on the events of the Great Patriotic War “Victory Dictation” will be held in 85 regions of the country at 7,500 sites, together with 75 foreign countries that will join the action, the official website of the event reports.   The main task of the dictation is to

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Russian Teacher Named Best Presents for New Academic Year

In Moscow, the ceremonies dedicated to the beginning of the new academic year, in 2020 will be held only for first graders. In other cities, local authorities will decide for themselves whether to arrange ceremonies or not. An Honoured Teacher of Russia, Aleksander Snegurov, told which presents would be acceptable to school teachers on September

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Public Opinion: Russians Believe in National Character and Inborn Kindness

The All-Russian Centre for the Study of Public Opinion found out that 70% of Russians who participated in the survey are sure that the “Russian character”, that is, features characteristic of the majority, really exists, WCIOM reported.    It is noted that 32% of respondents who think that the national character of Russians exists, consider

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Russians Celebrate Apple Feast of Saviour

The Transfiguration of the Lord, or the Apple Feast of the Saviour, is celebrated this year today, on August 19. This is the most famous of a series of great festivals during which believers consecrate the fruits of the new harvest, RIA News reports.   The first such feast is dedicated to honey and is celebrated