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Omsk to Call International Space Station First Time

Omsk people will contact the cosmonauts on the ISS as part of the TV Space Lesson. The region will be connected to the station with the help of a live broadcast on October 27 at 2:30 pm Omsk time.  The students of Quantorium, Polytechnic University, and companies producing products and equipment for the space industry

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Russian Action ‘Total Dictation’ Takes Place Worldwide

Today, on October 17, the annual educational campaign “Total Dictation” has started. This year, residents of Russia and almost 70 other countries take part in the event. The theme is the life and fate of the scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. The author of the text is the writer Andrey Gelasimov.  The first online marathon took place

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Perfume Dedicated to Creativity to Be Released in Russia

The perfume with the scent of the theatrical dressing room and the sculptor’s workshop will be released in Russia for the “Night of the Arts” action, which is scheduled for November 3, 2020. There will be seven fragrances in the collection, TASS reports.  “Working on this line of fragrances, we wanted not only to tell

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International Inclusive Festival Invites Participants to Pushkin Museum

The international inclusive festival invites participants to discussions, performances, and masterclasses at the Pushkin Museum from today and until October 25, TASS reports. The events will be broadcast on the project’s account on Facebook.  It is noted that the central theme of the festival will be the experience of social exclusion, the lack of emotional

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Youth Forum ‘Heritage’ to Be Held in Moscow Online

A youth forum “Heritage” has started in Moscow and will be held online in 2020. About 100 students from leading universities in the city will take part in it. Within a month and a half, they will develop projects for the restoration of the ensemble of the state wine warehouse, the official website of the

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Moscow Press Festival to Be Held Online

The Moscow Press Festival will be held online from October 15 to October 17, 2020. As part of the festival, a business programme is planned for the main areas of development of the publishing business.  Over the course of three days, #PressFestOnline will host a public talk, meetings with writers, educational quests, as well as

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Siberians Reached All-Russian Tourism Competition Final

The semi-final “Transsib” of the All-Russian professional competition “Masters of Hospitality” was held on October 7. On that day, 64 authors of tourism development ideas from 25 regions of Russia proved to the jury why their projects should be supported, reports.   The project is designed to unleash the potential of professionals, form new traditions

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Siberian Climber Made Marriage Proposal on Elbrus

The ascent to the highest point in Europe, Mount Elbrus, was made by Dmitry Churbakov from the city of Cherepanovo, Novosibirsk region. At the peak of the mountain, at an altitude of 5,642 metres, he made a marriage proposal to his beloved one. After Elbrus, he would like to visit Belukha (Altai) and Kilimanjaro (Africa),

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Muscovites Invited to Online Meetings With Writers

Moscow libraries are launching a series of virtual meetings with Russian poets, translators, journalists, writers, and critics. In total, there will be 13 meetings in October 2020, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports. The meetings will be broadcast live on Instagram pages and on YouTube channels of the libraries.  The first meeting will

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Railway Museum Appeared in South Urals 

The Historical Heritage Centre of the South Urals Railway was opened in Chelyabinsk. It contains thousands of the rarest exhibits, as well as huge multimedia screens and interior panoramas, chelTV reports.  This is the reconstruction of the operation of the station of the South Urals railway in 1934. In total, more than 20,000 exhibits are

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Russian Civil Defence Staff Training Held in Tatarstan

The all-Russian civil defence staff training has started in Tatarstan. During the training it is planned to work out the issues of warning and informing the population about the plan of actions in case of various threats of the air raid, chemical alarm, radiation hazard, threat of catastrophic flooding, and others, KazanFirst reports.   According to

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Young Muscovites Learn About Getting Job in City Government

Moscow students are invited to participate in the “Intern-Picnic” event, where they will talk about the ways of employment in the Moscow government. The event will take place online on October 18, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports.   The speakers of the event will be the heads of major city projects. They will