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Experts Analysed Russians’ Preferences in Foreign Wine

The Federal Quality Control Service (Roskachestvo) experts conducted a study of the Russian wine market and found out which countries’ wines are preferred by the country’s residents. The experts named the top 10 popular countries among Russians supplying still wine with protected geographical indicators, RIA News reported.   According to the experts, Russians most often choose

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Montenegro Opened Borders to Russian Citizens

Montenegrin authorities have allowed Russia to be included in the list of countries whose citizens are allowed to enter the country without additional conditions against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, RIA News reported.  This decision was made at a meeting of the National Coordination Council under the Government of Montenegro. It is noted that

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Russian Tourists to Get Insurance Against COVID-19 Risks

A number of insurance companies in Russia have developed special policies for tourists that cover the risks associated with the spread of coronavirus infection, Izvestia reported.    As noted in the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, this measure will help Russians who decide to go on vacation abroad to reduce the risks of additional

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Russia to Resume Flights With Switzerland in August

From August 15, Russia will resume flights with Switzerland, which was announced by the federal operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus. The flights Moscow – Geneva – Moscow will be operated once a week, RadioSputnik RIA reported.  It is noted that the decision to resume flights between Russia and Switzerland was made on a

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Self-Isolation Cancelled for Russians on Export Flights

The mandatory 14-day self-isolation for Russians returning to the country on export flights has been cancelled, according to the decree signed by the head of Rospotrebnadzor, the chief state sanitary doctor of Russia Anna Popova, the official portal of legal information reported.  It is indicated that within 3 days from the date of arrival in

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Vapes and Hookahs Equated to Cigarettes in Russia

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, signed a federal law extending anti-smoking legislation to vapes, hookahs, and snus, the official portal of legal information reported.   According to the document, the administrative responsibility will apply to electronic cigarettes and hookahs, which also concerns the involvement of minors in the use of these products, violation of the prohibition of

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Bookcrossing Shelves Appear in Moscow Parks

Bookcrossing shelves appeared in 9 city parks and a summer reading room in the Muzeon Arts Park. The reading spaces are equipped in park pavilions, open verandas, and tents, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reported.  In the parks Kuzminki, Fili, Vorontsovo, and others you can take works for every taste. Detective stories, novelties

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Rostovites Can Take Part in Interactive Tours Around City

The Tele2 telecommunications operator, in partnership with the “Voice of the City” project, launched free tours in the city of Rostov. Online virtual guides invited for participation not only the Tele2 subscribers but also the customers of other operators, 1rnd reported.  The Tele2 subscribers can take an interactive tour at any time suitable for them.

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Consumer Rights Protection Experts Advise on Watermelons Choice

Choosing a safe and tasty watermelon or melon requires a number of rules, the Federal Consumer Rights Protection Service (Rospotrebnadzor) experts reported. They emphasized that people are not recommended to buy melons at retail outlets located along the roads, as then they can absorb heavy metals contained in the exhaust gases of cars.   It is

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Russian Quality Experts Compiled Top Headphones Rating

The Russian Quality Control (Roskachestvo) experts compiled the rating of the best headphones and told which of them are worth special attention. Several well-known manufacturers have released a continuation of their popular headphone lines, and a number of improvements let them ensure maximum listening comfort thanks to the wireless controls and active noise cancelling.  It

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Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes: Experts Named Most Popular Russian Book

According to the analysts of the MyBook book service, Guzel Yakhina’s novel “Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes” topped the rating of the most popular books among Russians, written after 1992, RIA News reported. Experts analyzed the data for the entire existence of the service and found out which fiction and non-fiction books by domestic authors, written

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Experts Named Top Bike Rental Stations in Moscow

Muscovites most often use the service of renting bicycles at the entrance to VDNKh (16.2 thousand times) and in Gorky Park (9.5 thousand times), the official Telegram-Channel of the Moscow Department of Transport reported.  In the places mentioned above, bicycles are rented not only by those who came to walk in the park but also by

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European Countries Invite Russian Tourists

Malta and Croatia announced their readiness to receive Russian tourists, ATOR reported on July 29. Due to the situation with the coronavirus, other member countries of the European Union decided not to open borders for travelers from the Russian Federation until at least the second half of August.   It is noted that those states for