Centre for Joints Treatment Opened in Yekaterinburg

At the end of February, a new medical centre, Doctor GOST, appeared in Yekaterinburg. Specialists of the centre are primarily engaged in all kinds of diseases of the spine and joints, e1.ru reports. 

Picture: Yekaterinburg Regional Website

The medical centre uses hardware methods of laser and shock wave therapy. In combination, these methods work better; they relieve inflammation, pain, swelling, improve blood circulation and trigger tissue regeneration. The laser is of the highest, fourth, and all equipment is from the British company BTL. The centre will also offer restorative techniques that allow you to keep the achieved treatment result for as long as possible.

The centre is also dealing with overweight. For this, hardware methods of losing weight and anti-cellulite massage are used. The therapy is based on eastern teachings on the movement of energy in the body and biologically active points. The finishing touch in the work is the services of a certified cosmetologist. Doctor GOST offers mesotherapy, biorevitalization, peeling and other care procedures.

Ru-Main, 27.02.2020

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