Chechen Leader: Putin Should Reject Foreign Countries Dictating Conditions to Moscow

Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, thinks that Ukraine should be annexed by Moscow if the country’s president, Vladimir Zelensky, does not change his course from his anti-Russian policy. This statement came at Kadyrov’s annual press conference. The leader said that Ukrainians are also Russian people.  

“My deep conviction is that if Zelensky and his team behave this way, Ukraine should be annexed to our country. The Ukrainians are our people. It is our territory. This is my opinion,” Kadyrov said, “if I had been entrusted with it, I would have solved it long ago.”

Kadyrov’s comments come as Western media outlets have alleged that the Kremlin is building up its troop presence on the frontier and planning an invasion. Moscow has denied all such accusations, and the Kremlin has repeatedly said it poses no threat to any other country.

However, Kadyrov has absolutely another opinion and wants Russia to solve the issue with Ukraine militarily. According to him, Russian President Vladimir Putin must reject foreign countries dictating conditions to Moscow because the “security of the state and people” is the most important thing.

“If Kiev exists, there will be a place for the West to put its military bases there and dictate its conditions to our state. I am sure our President will not allow it. And we, the infantry, are ready to leave and carry out the order, absolutely without problems,” Kadyrov said.

He noted that the Ukrainian problematic issue is “not even the level of the President, it is my level,” TASS reports. Kadyrov said, if he had been assigned for this task, he would have solved it long ago, including the possibility of the annexation of Ukraine to the Chechen Republic.

“But still there are state regulatory and legal agreements that do not allow making such decisions. But my strong opinion is that if Mr Zelensky and his team behave like this, then Ukraine should have been annexed to our country for a long time,” Kadyrov added, stressing that he was expressing his personal opinion.

Ru-Main, 28.12.2021
Source: RT 

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