Chelyabinsk Giant Turtle to Be Sold for 150,000 Rubles

A huge spurred turtle is for sale in Chelyabinsk. The girl who posted an advertisement for the sale of a pet said that the reptile is so big that one person is unable to even lift it, cheltv reported. The male turtle named Kabanka had an initial size of only 6 centimetres, and now it has already reached 55 centimeters.   

Picture: Turtle’s Owner VK-Page

It is noted that Kabanka can even compete with a dog, as he reacts to the voice, distinguishes commands, and guards the house. Therefore, the sale price and conditions of its maintenance are put so high. The current owners will even arrange a casting for new ones. As the girl explained, there is no urgency to sell the pet, it’s just that the conditions of her house no longer allow keeping such a large reptile. However, the breeder says that this is not the first turtle she has raised. There are photographs of other pets on her VK-Page that have been given to prosperous families afterward.

Ru-Main, 16.08.2020 

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