Chelyabinsk Hockey Team Defeated Moscow ‘Dynamo’ [Video]

The match between ‘Dynamo’ Moscow and ‘Traktor’ Chelyabinsk took place on October 1. The away game in the capital of Russia ended for the team of Chelyabinsk with a victory, with a score of 4:2, cheltv reports. 

It is noted that the first period ended in favour of the ‘Traktor’ team with a score of 1:0. However, on the 27th minute, the Moscow ‘Dynamo’ almost managed to keep up with the rivals, and the score turned 2:1 in favour of ‘Traktor’.

In the third game segment ‘Dynamo’ managed to equalize the score in the first seconds. But the Chelyabinsk team almost immediately responded and turned the score into 3:2 in their favour. On the 36th minute, the score was already 4:2 in favour of ‘Traktor’.

It is specified that the excellent play of the goalkeeper and field players allowed the Chelyabinsk team to win the second game in a row. The goalkeeper, Roman Will, was declared the best player of the team.

Ru-Main, 03.10.2020 

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