Chelyabinsk Pensioner Opened Fitness Club [Video]

A Chelyabinsk pensioner has opened her own fitness club where she conducts training herself and develops the author’s training methods for her peers. All her life she was engaged in athletics, won cups and awards, competed in the USSR and Europe, ran a marathon in Greece, chelTV reports. 

Nadezhda Medvedeva starts her day with exercises. In her 70s, she does 40 times abs, trains her legs and arms. After that, she goes to the kitchen. She claims that her morning menu includes only light breakfast.

Nadezhda is the owner, director, and trainer of a fitness club. The woman has a busy schedule: first, business negotiations, then yoga, gymnastics, and swimming pool. She is quite happy, as all her family including her husband, three children (all masters of sports), and six grandchildren support her in all her activities.

Ru-Main, 22.10.2020, Chelyabinsk Regional Website  

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