Chelyabinsk Resident Created Exclusive Car [Video]

South Ural resident created his own version of the Tesla Cybertruck car, reports Southern Ural TV-program

The creator has not yet been able to drive his CyberVAZ at high speed. Literally everyone stops him, takes pictures and shakes hands. 26-year-old Alexander Rodionov is already used to such attention.

As the basis of the car was taken the Lada, seventh model. The entire creation process, which took 8 days, was filmed on video. The lack of an engineering education did not stop Alexander from making his creation look like the original one. The creator assures that the materials withstand heavy loads. He even climbed onto the roof, and nothing was damaged.

In the spring, Alexander plans to change the design and return the car its original look. By the way, this car didn’t look ordinary before: it was pasted over with five thousandth bills.

Ru-Main, 05.01.2020

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