Chelyabinsk Resident Created Unique T-Shirt for Sports Training

Chelyabinsk athlete has developed clothing that helps to get in shape and allows lifting a load several times heavier than without it. The T-shirt helps to lift more weight, pumping up the muscles intensively, chelTV reports. The next idea of the designer is to develop trousers for squats.  

Picture: Chelyabinsk Regional Website

The creator of the T-shirt is a powerlifting coach, director of the fitness club Vladimir Fil, who has been involved in sports for 15 years. According to him, the idea to create such a T-shirt came after he noticed that his students come with injuries that they had already received in the course of independent training. Vladimir wanted to find a solution to this problem and create clothing that would reduce injuries and increase the strength of athletes.

Vladimir said that the fabric is the main advantage of his invention. Unlike other T-shirts used by powerlifters, it does not squeeze or injure the muscles of athletes, because it is more elastic. In the course of testing the T-shirt, it turned out that it prevents bruising on the body and does not injure the capillaries. This result is achieved due to the fact that the T-shirt is compression.

Ru-Main, 01.03.2021 

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