Chelyabinsk Roofers Took Dangerous Photos on Radio Mast

Chelyabinsk roofers climbed onto one of the tallest buildings in the city, the radio mast RV-72. Its height is about 205 metres, and it is located on the site of an old merchant house which now is already over 85 years old, chelTV reported. 

It is noted that since about 2015, the RV-72 radio-mast has been disabled and does not transmit radio signals anymore. It is specified that the ruffers who conquered the height seriously risked their health, as in case of falling, it is almost impossible to survive; without special insurance, such climbs are life-threatening. It was also reminded to the city residents that the conquest of such high-altitude objects in a fenced area refers to the penetration of a protected object and may be punishable by law.

Ru-Main, 04.07.2020, Pictures: Chelyabinsk Regional Website 

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