Chelyabinsk Schoolgirl Invited Elon Musk to Talk in Clubhouse

A Chelyabinsk schoolgirl invited a famous billionaire, Elon Musk, to have a chat in the “Clubhouse” new network, chelTV reports. 

Nastya Shcherbakova, a tenth-grade student, an activist of the Russian Schoolchildren’s Movement, published the appeal on Twitter and tagged Elon in the post. It is specified that the full version of the text appeared on the VKontakte social network.

“Hi Elon! I am Nastya, a schoolgirl from Russia. And I, just like you, are infinitely in love with space. No, I’m obsessed with it! You recently invited the President of Russia to the Clubhouse. Maybe, you would like to chat with me and people like me,” the girl wrote.

Nastya noted that April 12 will mark the 60th anniversary of the first manned flight into space, and invited the founder of Tesla to talk to Russian schoolchildren in the new social network Clubhouse that day. It is clarified that it is possible to get into a conversation in the Clubhouse only by invitation and only through an iOS device.

Ru-Main, 17.02.2021 

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